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Let the spinning begin so the worst of the worst can win

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“No information” is corporate owned media’s  sin of omission.

Simply ignoring and not reporting news is also a propaganda technique that is often used by corporate sponsored mainstream media to influence public opinion.  In fact, ignoring situations is one of the techniques that has been taught to corporate managers:  Pick your battles.  If you ignore many nuisances they will go away by themselves like gnats.  I remember being told that about 20 years ago when I worked for a corporation and was being trained for a managerial position. As I recall, this advice was in a book written by Ken Blanchard.  My philosophy is different.  The little things and the little people are important.  It’s not the big things that bring you down, it’s the little things–like that mole you didn’t get checked out in time, or like that person on Main Street whose job and life you destroyed .

Part of the process of creating disinformation is to leave out salient facts which are in fact big news.  For example, the recent voter turnout in Iowa for the Republican Primary was 5.4%!  This is huge.  As far as I”m concerned, it puts the victories of Romney and Santorum into the category of “And so what?”  I think the real news in the Iowa story is that so few Republicans showed up to participate in the caucuses in the first place–especially since the weather was so great.

Another  great current example of corporate-owned media’s sin of omission is how they totally ignored the Occupy Movement.  It was over a week six days before any mainstream media even printed one hateful story on the event.  Then they spent at least another full two weeks with hateful articles trying to brush it off  by mocking it as some “rich kids” game.  And look what happened.  Occupy became a global movement.  They will never be able to put that genie back into its bottle–even though they are trying hard by resorting to police brutality.

Spreading disinformation and Spin are corporate media’s sins of commission.

Currently they are pumping up the impression that “the people” in the Republican Party are behind Mitt Romney.  ”The people” in the Republican Party are no more behind Mitt Romney than a goose is.  ”The people” in the Republican Party who are behind Mitt Romney are the fat cats like Rudy Giuliani (who by the way, is likely vying for a VP slot beside Romney).  They are like the same 1% crowd in the Democratic Party who are behind Obama.  It’s the leadership–not the membership who back these multimillionaire Wall Street jerks.

I thought about that this morning as I read a piece quoting Giuliani who criticized Newt Gingrich for his Bain Capital ad–probably the best political ad that has ever been created in the history of our country.  Newt Gingrich, unfortunately, has done so poorly in other regards for the the majority that he would not be a person to elect. However, as for his Bain Ad–He should receive a humanitarian award.  It is an ad that tells the story of how Wall Street criminals like Mitt Romney destroy Main Street in a way that everyone understands.  They are destroying Main Street and the people who live on Main Street.

Now we see headlines pumping up a 34% approval rating of Romney: Why it’s important that 34% of Americans Approve of Romney.  –complete with charts from the Gallup poll.  The wizard of OZ could not have done better.

Other ways to put that that same “news”

66% of Americans will not likely be voting for Mitt Romney in November and if Ron Paul splits the vote, that percentage will even be lower.

and speaking of Ron Paul. . . He is not that different from Mitt Romney.  He has described what Bain Capital does as being “the American way of life.”  A candidate who endorses hedge funds and private equity groups like Bain Capital is not fit to lead this nation.  But it did not come as any surprise to me to hear Ron Paul say this.  As far as I’m concerned, he is a hypocrite’s hypocrite.  He votes against Trade Agreements and rails against the War on Drugs and yet he reaps millions as a result of Trade Agreements and the War on Drugs.

For example, Ron Paul increased his wealth from $3,930,000 in 2008 to $5,064,000 in 2009 – over a million dollars richer.  Yep, Saint Ron Paul made over a million bucks in the Wall Street Casino at a time when millions of Americans were losing their jobs and homes.  Ron Paul is no different from any other greedy millionaire Wall Street shyster that we have “representing” us in Congress. Paul makes his money by investing in foreign mining companies who murder workers who try to establish better working conditions.  Often these miners are murdered by thugs who are hired with funds from the War on Drugs to combat drug trafficking.  They moonlight for the mining companies and other corporations like Chiquita and Coca Cola who want to make sure that they keep labor at slave wages with no margin of safety for workers.  They have proved more than once that they are willing to murder to keep control.


If the Republican Party elect Mitt Romney, it just shows how far out of touch their leadership is with mainstream Americans.  They should all watch the full 28 minutes of the  Gingrich commercial on Bain Capital because that is how the 99% feel and they are waking up.

Oddly enough, Rick Perry’s son, Griffith, delivered one of the most clever one-liners on Twitter yesterday about Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney knows how to lead lead people straight out the door with a pink slip.”

and he is right.  If his father had as much sense as he appears to, Rick should have Griffith writing his ads for him.


Occupy Wall Street–a new way of organizing protests

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More Reports are now being produced on Occupy Wall Street from Corporate Owned Media

Today is the 13th Day of  Occupy Wall Street.  Yes, it does look as if Occupy Wall Street has had one of their first big victories: they forced corporate media into hollering “Uncle.”   While the protest shows no sign of letting up, it appears that more and more of the corporate-run media are breaking down and reporting on the story–only because they know that if they continue to ignore a real story, they will lose what credibility they still have with the people.

TIME has even joined the ranks of those reporting on Occupy Wall Street.  Nate Rawlings wrote a piece titled:  Occupy Wall Street Protest:  12 Days and little Sign of Slowing Down.  [Today is actually the 13th day.]

To quote from the article:  ”. . .But while “Occupy Wall Street” has become more organized, its demands haven’t coalesced into a coherent message. The only thing its various constituent groups appear to have in common is a deep-seated anger at inequality in this country. . . Just as it lacks a single message, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement has been defined by the absence of a clear leader.  . .”

Why aren’t these people better organized!

It must be the influence of our Germanic heritage–this demand/need to be organized and with a leader. (If you don’t have goals, how will you know when you arrive?  Movements without leaders are ships without rudders. etc. Our culture is filled with such platitudesIf you don’t have your daily planner, how can you possibly know who you are?) And God knows, no one does top-down goose-stepping management better than Wall Street corporations unless it is the members of the U.S. Congress.

Not only corporate media, but the Internet as well abounds with the criticism of the protesters as unorganized.  Some of the Occupiers pointed out to Mr. Rawlings the movement’s lack of organization was by design.  Perhaps this is the new way, the better way to organize, a more natural and organic way for movements to develop–organically, in a non-linear flow as opposed to the top-down leadership that we are so accustomed to: the leaders create the plan and then tell the rest of us how to get in line and follow their rules.  So much of the rules of our culture and particularly our educational system and its structure were derived from a rigid Prussian model.  Thus, I guess we should not be so surprised that central to all the criticism of Occupy Wall Street is that it is “disorganized”  or “lacking leadership.”

The organic, leaderless model may work best and “Occupy Wall Street” may evolve into much more than a protest. It may become a paradigm shift.

One of the advantages to following the organic model for the development of any system is that it allows time for the necessary adjustments and corrections to more naturally occur as the system develops. (For example, no leaders, no plan, for their camp at the park, but as the need arose for rules regarding trash and other regulations for keeping the park clean, they were published and distributed. They bubbled up to the surface as needed from various members of  the group as opposed to have been arbitrarily imposed by a written plan.)

The organic development model allows time for evolution whereas the top/down, imperialistic  model comes to the movement with the blueprints tucked under the arm of the appointed “leader.”  Often these plans contain rules that are not needed and also often do not contain some rules that may be necessary. These plans are often fashioned by “experts” much like a battle plan and often in what is called a “war room.”  The problem with such plans is that they are often inflexible and difficult to adjust when unexpected changes crop up when they are enacted in real time.  Another problem with these blueprints is that the majority of the people who will be carrying them out had little to do with their development.

Emotion does suffice as the glue that holds the base together–certainly in the beginning.

Rawling reported in his article: “. . .The only thing its various constituent groups appear to have in common is a deep-seated anger at inequality in this country. . .”   My response to this statement:  Nothing binds a group more solidly than a common emotion regarding a particular, group or institution.  Anger, hatred and fear are very powerful emotions. Eventually these people will move onto solution(s) to alleviate these emotions.  To jump right into the solutions package (which is what the top down “General” leaders do)  diffuses the raw power of emotion and often renders their movement impotent.  This may explain why so many protests die on the vine and so few evolve into political movements that bring change.

Response to yet another corporate media attack on Occupy Wall Street

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Palash R. Ghosh from International Business Times US posted an article today that appears to have lifted copy from an earlier piece written by Jeff Cox. Although Mr. Ghosh has added his own dripping with obvious sarcasm tidbits:

For example,  consider the vile smugness of  this comment:    ” . . .  I have heard that the obligatory “celebrities” – namely Susan Sarandon and Michael Moore – have made their appearances at this protest demonstration. . .”

For some reason, of all his smug rhetoric  to focus on,  I chose his very last sentence:

“. . . Apathy is bad; but unfocused, meaningless “activism” is even worse.”


After creating my response, I questioned the wisdom of my actions. But after thinking about it, I decided that it is good to respond to these tawdry attempts by corporate sponsored media to put down people who are protesting the criminal actions of Wall Street against the people.

For one thing, other visitors to this site can see how many Americans do not agree with the corporate viewpoint.

If you would like to read and respond to this vile example of corporate propaganda, here is the link:

Occupy Wall Street:  An Utterly Pointless, Meaningless, Futile Exercise

Believe me! It is filled with material to respond to. For example: “. . . Another thing that annoys me about these types of protests is that in the United States such demonstrations carry almost no risk whatsoever (as long protesters behave peacefully). Try protesting in Syria or pre-revolution Egypt and see what happens – the security forces there use much deadlier tactics than pepper spray. . .”

So what is Mr. Ghosh saying here?  That it is OK for U.S. police officers to use pepper spay on young girls who are posing no physical threat to them whatsoever?  That perhaps these demonstrations should carry the same risks that citizens face in countries that are ruled by dictators?  That protesters should just count their lucky stars for just a little bit of police abuse?

My favorite comment on this post so far came from Steve Deming:

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
–John F. Kennedy


Become an Activist Educator on the Topic of Corporate Propaganda

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Note: Here is an excerpt from a new [free] PDF featured from the main menu of iflizwerequeen. Resources for Media Activists.

Media Reform Advocacy Groups:

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)

Media Channel

Media Access Project

Media Alliance

Center for Creative Voices in Media

Take Back the Media

Reclaim the Media

Free Press

Media Matters

Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME)

Media Watch

Media Transparency: The Money Behind the Media

Rocky Mountain Media Watch

Media Geek

Media Transparency

Media Tenor

And there are many many more Links to these sources–9 pages of them to be exact. This document provides URLs that will hook you up to many groups and information regarding citizen efforts to raise public awareness of the degree to which we are influenced by corporate-owned mainstream media.


Please, at least once a week publish an article that calls attention to the influence of propaganda in the media. We must tell the public how they can combat corporate sponsored propaganda.  We must provide them with tools. It’s not enough to rant, those who know must also educate. Become one who knows and then grow the ranks of the truth-tellers by becoming one yourself. A lot of Americans are getting on the bandwagon to stop media manipulation and more are joining every day. Until people are trained how to recognize poisoned Kool-Aid, they will continue to drink it.

Billions of dollars are spent every year to influence the minds of Americans–from 2 year olds to 100+ year olds. One of the most pathetic things about propaganda is that a lot of it comes directly from our elected officials.

“Propaganda” is the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist. In addition, it is characterized by strategies such as slander, whisper campaigns (such as the Goldman Sachs campaign to trash Bear Stearns), repetition of misinformation, and outright lies. And finally, propaganda, while furthering the desired intent of the propagandists [carnies], more often than not harms the citizens [rubes] who are the targets of this manipulation.

The PDF is free–yours for the taking and also for passing it on to your friends as well.


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