We DO have a Third Choice for President–but not if you listen to Wall Street sponsored media.

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Jill Stein for President:  She represents First Amendment Rights!

Right Now: The First Amendment is on the line and we know what BOTH the Democrats and the Republican Tea Party in Washington think about the First Amendment

How do we know that elected officials from both parties AND the White House don’t give a damn about First Amendment Rights?  They proved it to us with their votes for The National Defense Authorization Act.

Only 13 members of the Senate stood up and voted against this heinous bill.Yesterday, December 14, The Senate on Thursday sent a defense policy bill to President Barack Obama, who has said he would reluctantly sign it after months of fighting over the handling of suspected terrorists, especially those who are U.S. citizens.

It is a sign of the times that the Jill Stein for President campaign has become a bullhorn speaking out against police repression of pro-democracy protests. In defending Occupy Wall Street protests across country, speaking out against the National Defense Authorization Act, and with plans this Friday to join protests against the closure of the Wisconsin State Capitol, Dr. Stein has begun to attract credible support from those who identify with the 99% message.

One sign of that support is the over 2,000 individuals who have since Thursday signed the “First Amendment Pledge,” a statement initiated by Dr. Stein which concludes, “I pledge non-cooperation with police repression and will not vote for or support those responsible for it.”

The pledge, along with prominent initial signers, can be seen here http://www.FirstAmendmentPledge.org

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Note:    To those who are fooled about the recent changes to this act:

The bill still includes a narrower provision, drafted by the Senate, authorizing the government to detain, without trial, suspected members of Al Qaeda or its allies — or those who “substantially supported” them — bolstering the authorization it enacted a decade ago against the perpetrators of the Sept. 11 attacks.


ILWQ COMMENTS:  We do have a Third Choice.  We do have a chance to tell both parties what we think of them.

We need to remind Americans because you won’t be seeing much of her name in the Wall Street sponsored corporate media.  And  you won’t be seeing much of most Independent candidates advertised because most of them don’t have the unlimited corporate sponsored campaign funds that the “two” parties do.  Make it a point to learn about all candidates.

The best place you can go to learn about your choices for an Independent candidate is your local or state League of Women Voters. They publish  statements of what all candidates stand for.  These are statements written by the candidates themselves.  In addition, in the state of Texas, the League of Women Voters often sponsor forums and invite ALL registered candidates to speak, even Independents.  Note:  If you are an Independent candidate, be sure to contact your local League of Women Voters and tell them that you would like to send them a written copy of where you stand on the important issues.

2012 could be the the year that we replace all incumbents up for re-election in Washington with non-millionaire Independent  members from the 99%.  It really is possible.  Believe it!  As the majority, we can have our way.  We can.  Turn away from the 1% and their propaganda.  Stop watching their televised propaganda machine–just for a week and see what happens.

Results from a new national survey from the Pew Research Center should strike fear into the hearts of incumbents in Congress, especially those who are members of the Republican Party. A record number of respondents want to vote sitting lawmakers out of office, and Republicans take more of the blame than Democrats for perceptions of a do-nothing Congress.

According to the Pew Research report, two-thirds (67 percent) of registered voters nationwide say “most members of Congress” should be voted out of office in 2012, while only 20 percent want most members reelected. This desire to fire all incumbents marks a record level of discontent


Forget about what they say about “throwing your vote away.”  The only way that the 99% can “throw their vote away” is by voting for a Democrat or a Republican/Tea Party Candidate because then you are voting for more of the same.  Sure, some of the Independents may turn out to be duds, but I’m betting that, unlike a Democrat or a Republican, the majority of them won’t be duds.

Don’t even bother to participate  in their primaries.  Save your vote to sign the ballot petition of an Independent candidate.  In many states, such as Texas, if you vote in a Democrat or a Republican primary in March, that disqualifies  you from signing the ballot petition of an Independent candidate.  Independents cannot begin gathering their qualifying signatures (500+) until after the primaries have been held in March.

Show your disgust for both parties by not even participating in their primaries in 2012.  We do have other choices.  For the first time in over 100 years 2012 represents the best chance that the majority have had to take control of Congress and even the White House.