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Saint Ron Paul is a greedy Wall Street multimillionaire hypocrite just like the rest of them.

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To listen to some Ron Paul fans, one would think that he is in line right after Jesus and  the Virgin Mary.

“Taint so” folks.  Ron Paul is no different from the 44% of our Congress who are Wall Street multimillionaires.  Like them, he too has gotten rich off the lives of workers from the 99%–not only in the USA, but the world.

But don’t take my word for it.  Look up Ron Paul and his Wall Street investments in Open Secrets. Figure it out for yourself.  It will have more meaning if you do.

Ron Paul increased his wealth from $3,930,000 in 2008 to $5,064,000 in 2009 – over a million dollars richer.  Yep, Saint Ron Paul made over a million bucks in the Wall Street Casino at a time when millions of Americans were losing their jobs and homes.  Ron Paul is no different from any other greedy millionaire Wall Street shyster that we have “representing” us in Congress.

You think Ron Paul cares about people?  Think again.  If he did, he would not invest in corporations known for murdering their workers.

Mr. Paul, a millionaire five times over, has several million of his assets invested in numerous mining corporations including three of the worst mining corporations in the world: Anglogold Ashanti Ltd $250,001 to $500,000 According to Forbes AngloGold Ashanti was accused in 2007 in Colombia for “murders of trade union and community leaders who opposed the company’s activities in the region”. Barrick Gold $100,001 to $250,000 Barrick Gold is known for its tactics in “suppressing dissident voices, dividing communities, and manipulating local and national politics”. And speaking of “Freedom”, Barrick Gold is famous for their lack of free, prior and informed consent for local people”. Newmont Mining $250,001 to $500,000 -In August 2004, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment filed a US $133.6 million civil lawsuit against Newmont, claiming the company’s Minahasa Raya mine contaminated local fish stocks, causing serious illness and death for nearby villagers.

Those from the 99% who think that Ron Paul represents them are at least as big of a fool as those who still buy into the myth of a two-party system.

We have a one-party Wall Street System in Washington DC today and Ron Paul is a player in that system–just like the majority in Washington DC.

Montana has the right idea. They are recalling their fakes.  They are not waiting until November of 2012 to toss them out.

File this latest example from Congress under “Any Legislation but Job Creation”

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No Time-Wasting Legislation is too Ridiculous for This Congress!

Congress, and the Republicans in particular, continue to tell us is so many ways that they think that ANY RIDICULOUS LEGISLATION is their business as long as it is not Job Creation.

Now this:  House Republicans push bill to ban abortions based on the race of sex of the fetus!

Think Progress reports that:  ”For House Republicans, this year has been the year of outlandish answers to non-existent problems. And tomorrow, they will offer the magnum opus of their 2011 campaign against a woman’s right to choose: the Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA). The bill seeks to somehow protect the “civil rights” of fetuses by banning physicians from performing abortions based on the fetus’s race or sex. While the woman would be exempt from prosecution, physicians who perform the procedure can be sued for damages. . .”

And who is the “brain child” who dreamed up this one?  None other than GOP Rep. Trent Franks (AZ). His chief motivation, he told the Daily Caller, is to solely to end discrimination, or as his chief proponents argue, the genocide of minority fetuses.”  Do you believe it!  An estimated 40 million Americans are out of work and we are paying these jackasses $174,000 a year plus benefits to pull stunts like this?  They are mocking the American people.  If you can’t see that, then you need to open your eyes a little wider.  These Wall Street multimillionaires in Congress are mocking the American people.


ILWQ Interpretation:  Why do they mock the American People in our time of severe need?

And why do members of Congress continue to push ridiculous legislation that does absolutely nothing to address the severe economic crisis that the American people are facing and have been facing for three full years?  They do it, folks, because job creation translates less money in their pockets from their Wall Street investments.

Yes, unfortunately, it is just as simple as that.  Jobs mean labor costs and “cost” is a word that Wall Street millionaires do not want to hear.  Cost translates into reduced dividend payments to them on their Wall Street investments.In other words, Congress has a conflict of interest when it comes to job creation because job creation quite literally takes money out of their pockets. As long as we have a 44% showing of millionaires in Congress, you can just suck it up if  you are a member of the 99%.

Trent Franks creator of this ridiculous time-wasting bill.
If you go to Open Secrets, you will learn why Mr. Franks pushes such distracting, unproductive legislation that will do little to help the 99%. There you will learn that Mr. Franks has a net worth of  $56,250,000.00

Mr. Trent Franks has $5million invested in Commercial Banks and $5 million invested in oil and gas.


What can the 99% do about it?  They can start using their brain and stop buying into their political cliches and worthless campaign slogans.  They can start standing up to these crooks by not voting for them in 2012.

In 2012, the 99% can vote for Independents like me instead of Wall Street millionaires like Pete Sessions.

Yes, it is as simple as that.  In addition, the 99% and their friends can run for office as Independents too.  Yes, it most certainly is a class war and I’ve been saying that for five years. And no, I don’t have anything against millionaires–only those who made their millions on the backs of the American workers.  It just happens that number includes the majority of them.  But the ones that are particularly despicable to me are the millionaires in Congress who take their salaries and health care benefits from the American taxpayers while they continue to do nothing but represent their own personal Wall Street stock portfolios to the detriment of the  99%.

What can we expect from Wall Street? More of the same.

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” The market has become more of an exclusive gambling club for the very rich than a level playing field open to the ordinary investor.” -George Packer, A Dirty Business


Will another meltdown happen again?  You betcha! Because little has changed.

  • “. . .It is a remarkable failure of our system that we’ve not addressed the fundamental problems that brought us into the financial crisis. And it is cynical or naïve to imagine it won’t happen again.” [Neil Barofsky, the former inspector general of TARP]
  • “Implementation of the Dodd-Frank regulatory reform law has been slowed, if not yet sabotaged, by lobbying on the part of the big banks and a general ebbing of will among politicians.” [Neil Barofsky]

The following is the concluding paragraph from George Packer’s article titled “A Dirty Business” that appeared in the June 27, 2011 issue of the New Yorker. It speaks to the underlying arrogance of these Wall Street millionaires.

“. . . .Two weeks after Rajaratnam was found guilty, an annual conference of hedge funds, which doubled as a fundraiser for pediatric cancer, was held in midtown Manhattan. Investors paid up to four thousand dollars to hear the views of some of the country’s most famous fund managers. The outlook was upbeat; no one mentioned the recent events downtown at the federal courthouse. The speakers took turns touting their favorite stocks: Zhongpin, the Chinese pork processor; the Home Shopping Network; Tiffany’s. A well-known fund manager, Michael Price, spoke up for financial stocks. “We like the big banks,” Price said. “Goldman Sachs, if you have the stomach. The risk/rewards today in financials in particular are very attractive.” Goldman stock, he said, is undervalued by at least a hundred dollars.“These are tremendous businesses, honest people,” he said. “These are not people who are trying to rip people off. . . . They have a long track record of doing extremely well for their clients as well as themselves.” He went on, “In 2008, all of a sudden they didn’t turn into criminals. There were some in the business who are no longer in the business, but it’s not Goldman Sachs.”


IFLWQ Comments regarding:  “These are tremendous businesses, honest people,” he said. “These are not people who are trying to rip people off. . . . They have a long track record of doing extremely well for their clients as well as themselves.”

According to my ethical standards, Goldman Sachs is not honest.  Specifically,  they borrowed $10 billion dollars from the American Tax payers.  AIG borrowed much more from the American taxpayers.  They owed Goldman Sachs $12.9 billion so AIG used the taxpayer money to pay back Goldman.  Goldman then “repaid” the American people the $10 billion they owed with the taxpayer money that AIG gave to them.  Goldman kept the $2.9 billion and then in 2009 reported increased revenues of $3 billion.  According to my math, Goldman Sachs repaid the American people with our own money and still has $2.9 billion that belongs to the American people and for the year 2009 their earnings were only $100 million–not $3billion as they reported.

Thus according to my ethics Goldman Sachs are both crooks and liars.

But they are much worse, according to my ethics, than mere crooks and liars, they are murderers just like most of the corporations on Wall Street.  Thus, since “corporations are people”, I suggest they be executed–following a fair trial of course.

Every year Wall Street traders and investors murder millions of people and get away with it.  Oh they don’t murder with guns or knives.  They murder people with their ledgers, with their computers, with their trades.  What people do on Wall Street chasing their bottom line every day results in the deaths of hundreds of people all over the world every single day.  Health Insurance corporations murder people like 18 year old Chanel Bunce with insurance denials for medication that she needed to live.  In 2008 the traders at the Goldman Sachs commodity index drove up the price of wheat by buying and buying and not selling. This put the price of a basic commodity out of reach of millions of people in countries like Africa.  In 2008, coincidentally the largest wheat production year in 100 years, when wheat should have been the cheapest, millions more than normal that year starved to death.  At the end of the year, the surplus wheat was sold to corporate agribusinesses for animal feed.


This inhuman institution we call “Wall Street” is a system that needs to be razed to the ground.  We need to replace it with a financial system that works for the majority, not just the upper 5%.

Cosmetic changes and tinkering done by a Congress of 44% millionaires who profit from this corruption cannot be trusted to do what is necessary.  It’s called “conflict of interest.”

Remove them in 2012 by voting non millionaire, non Wall Street stock holders to Congress.  No Republicans and No Democrats.

Eric Cantor agrees to agree on things from the Jobs Bill that Republicans want

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It appears that Republicans are all for it as usual–a one-sided compromise:  Plenty of room for agreement–as long as you agree with the part that they want.

The problem with many in the current Republican leadership is that they don’t understand the meaning of compromise.  They only seem to understand what it means to be in full agreement with them.  Eric Cantor briefly appeared on CNN this morning for perhaps five minutes.  His approach was to say there there were many things in the President’s jobs plan that Republicans could agree with.  Of course these things were payroll cuts for employers, and deregulation measures.  But when the commentator pointed out that these were things that the Republicans agreed with in the first place, and asked about agreeing on some of the inclusions in the the bill that Republicans don’t like, Cantor pulled the same Republican stonewalling act we have seen over the last three years from the Republicans in the House.  Furthermore, many of them did not even attend President Obama’s speech last night.

And speaking of the Republican stonewalling over the past three years, perhaps you will get a better picture of it when you see that life has been good for members of the Republican leadership over the past three years.  Mr. Cantor is not suffering from the effects of a recession that has put millions of Americans out of work and hundred of thousands on the street.  Mr. Cantor does not have a clue as to how 77% of Americans who live from paycheck to paycheck feel.

In 2008 Mr. Cantor’s net worth was $6,707,999

In 2009 Mr. Cantor’s net worth was $7,533,999

An increase of $826,000 from his Wall Street investments.  Mr. Cantor, along with at least 44% of members of Congress who are multimillionaires have been increasing their own personal net worth by hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases by millions.  All this while the only bills they are willing to pass are ones that in fact will make them even richer and the rest of us poorer.

They talk of sacrifice while making none.



And what is the solution?  Kick their asses out in 2012.  All millionaires in Congress need to go and take their Milton Friedman multilevel marketing scheme we call the “free Market” U.S. economy with them.  The Milton Friedman neo-liberal economics that is supported not only by the Republicans, but also Obama and the White House is broken for the majority (80% of Americans who earn less than $100,000 a year).  It works exactly the same way that a multilevel or pyramid marketing scheme works:  only those at the top benefit from this ideology that encourages privatization of public institutions; deregulation of corporations; destruction of concepts of the common good; and adherence to the magical beliefs that corporations are people and that markets adjust themselves instead of people like Lloyd Blankfein manipulating markets.

Once again, here is a diagram of the multilevel marketing scheme that we call the US economy.  If you belong to those in the 80% portion of this diagram, your chances of succeeding in this scam are about as likely as they are for someone who is joining Amway or any other established multilevel marketing scheme.

But as I’ve said, most of the Democrats in Congress today are as bad as they Republicans.  The only solution I see is to kick them all out and replace them with Americans from the 80% who do give a damn and who will reprsent the majority.  Until we drastically alter the Milton Friedman economic ideology for the rich that is driving the bus of our economy into the ditch–nothing of any significance will change for the majority of the people in our nation.

NOTE: President Obama is scheduled to be in Richmond Virginia, Cantor’s home state this morning to push his jobs bill.  It will be interesting to know what he says and does.  If he is smart and aggressive, Obama will stand in front of many of the crumbling bridges in Virginia and say:  ”Millions of people drive over this bridge every day to work.  Like the I-35W Mississippi bridge in Minneapolis that collapsed in 2007 killing 13 people and injuring 135 this bridge could too collapse any day.  If Eric Cantor has his way, money will not be allocated to make you  and your families safer.”

“Sacrifices” made by members of Congress are nonexistent

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“The Nerve of Them” – IfLizWereQueen Graphic

The nerve and audacity of the rich never ceases to amaze me.   From time to time over the past 2.5 years
some millionaire elected officials in Washington D.C. actually had the nerve to stand up in front of the nation and call on Americans to “make sacrifices.”

Here they are talking to a nation where the majority of us (77%) are living paycheck to paycheck.  Here they are talking to a nation where millions of citizens who have lost their jobs and have no prospects for income thanks to continued Congressional non-action.

And what has happened to these elected officials, the ones that are paid $174,000 a year by the taxpayers?  What has been THEIR sacrifice for the past 2.5 years?  ZIP!  That is correct, ZIP!

In fact, while the majority of Americans have been losing our jobs and homes over the past 2.5 years, members of Congress have been raking in the dough from their Wall Street investments.



Rep. Pete Sessions, 32 District Texas increased his wealth from $3,376,000 in 2008 to $4,904,000
in 2009 — over a million dollars.

Sen. Harry Reid increased his wealth from $6,307,999 in 2008 to $6,707,000 in 2009– a gain of approximately half a million dollars.

Rep. James Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin, increased his wealth from $15,106,585  in 2008 to  $20,923,567  in 2009 –over $5 million

Michele Bachmann increased her wealth from $1,289,998 in 2008 to $1,704,998 in 2009–a modest increase of $410,000, but clearly no sacrifice and more than double her annual salary of $174,000 from the taxpayers.

Nancy Pelosi increased her wealth from $95,980,989  in 2008 to $124,229,990 in 2009–a whooping $30 million

Ron Paul increased his wealth from $3,930,000 in 2008 to $5,064,000 in 2009 – over a million dollars richer.

Barack  Obama increased his wealth from $5,925,000  in 2008 to $7,670,000  in 2009 over $1.5 million

John Kerry increased his wealth from $258,959,049  in 2008 to $294,869,059  in 2009 — a mere $36 million

Mitch McConnell increased his wealth from $31,955,998  in 2008 to $32,756,000 –approximately $600,000



Give these people the opportunity to learn the meaning of the word “sacrifice”

If you think that a Congress consisting of 44% millionaires is going to put the brakes on the Wall Street money grab by the rich, you are mistaken.  Congress is part of the problem.  These people belong to the same club of aristocrats.

Get Angry and run for office in 2012 as an Independent!

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A Post for those who have decided that the millionaires club in Washington does not represent the majority of Americans

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Here is an email that I sent to a friend this morning.  He is a friend and a Democrat who is running in another District here in Texas.I had sent him an email with some statistics regarding how much Pete Sessions and the candidate that he is running against have taken from the Koch brothers.

He wrote me back telling me that a “good” Democrat is running in my district.  Here is my response:


re your comment about a  ”good” democrat might be running against Pete Sessions:

Even so, if I turn out to be in Sessions district when the dust settles on redistricting, I’m running as an Independent and I will be running against that Democrat just like I will run against Sessions.

Frankly from what I see, I think in just about any House race in the USA if there is an Independent candidate who gets out there they will beat a Republican/Tea Party or a Democrat because people are so fed up with BOTH parties.  There is so little difference between the leadership of the two parties, John.  They are all greedy millionaire liars and Obama is just as big a liar as Perry. He had the majority of BOTH houses for two years and he peed on it. Obama has just about single handedly destroyed what was left of the Democratic brand after the Clintons finished with it.

Here is my platform:  []


In a few days I plan to develop my 30 second talking points for 10 key issues.  In October, I’m beginning my walk of  the district door to door and talking with people.

The First Part of my Strategy is to Make people Angry enough to vote, angry enough to participate, angry enough to vote for me.

Anger is a strong motivator for human action.  I prefer anger to fear–particularly anger over the injustice that has been done to the majority.  Fear is a point of weakness.  I prefer to come from a point of strength.  I will encourage people to stand up and fight with the power of their votes.

The anger of the people on Main Street runs far deeper than anyone in Washington seems to realize.  And furthermore, thanks to the Internet, I think that people are getting much wiser to the cliches of the Republicans and Corporate Centrist Democrats regarding what they really mean when they talk of “sacrifice”.  They don’t mean THEIR sacrifice. They mean the sacrifice of the majority.

Washington tells us that we need lots of money from special interests to win. I say they are wrong.  In fact, I think they tell this story to discourage ordinary Americans like me from running for Congress.  If you are tired of Wall Street millionaires voting for their own stock portfolios, then I am your candidate.  Unlike multimillionaire Pete Sessions, I don’t have a dime invested in Wall Street and that is by choice.  Wall Street is a carnival run by the rich and it needs serious overhaul as the greed of many is out of control and the majority of Americans are suffering from it.

Wall Street and its investors have been taking their half out of the USA for at least the past 30 years and that is one of our Nation’s biggest problems. They are allowed to shut down plants that are making a profit,  fire Americans and sell off assets to pad the dividends for their wealthy investors.  By doing this, they make America poor and the few who are already rich, richer. These people don’t give a hoot about the majority and they show it with their votes every day. If they are not stopped they will destroy what is left of our nation.

Do you really think there will be Wall Street reform when 44% of our Congress are multimillionaire Wall Street investors?  Do you really think that the majority of Americans are represented when 1% of us are millionaires and 44% of our Congress are multimillionaires?  Please!  Wake up to the scam.  The majority are not being represented and we haven’t been for at least 20 years if not 30 years.

If you want the will of the majority, elect candidates who are from the majority and who show that they represent the democratic process by the way that they run their campaigns.

I represent the rule of the MAJORITY because I belong to the 80% of Americans who earn less than $100,000 a year.  I am running against Pete Sessions on less than $5,000 and with the help of the majority from my district, we can win and send a real representative from the majority to Congress.  Unlike Pete Sessions who has taken thousands of dollars from the Koch brothers, I won’t have taken a cent.  Unlike Pete Sessions who had taken millions of dollars from polluters like the Koch brothers or Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons with his nuclear waste dump out in Andrews county who don’t care about what happens to the water our children and our children’s children drink or air that they breathe, I won’t have taken a cent from these destroyers of our nation in the name of the rich because instead of representing the 20%, I represent the 80%.  I represent what is good for the majority and not necessarily what is good for the stock portfolios of multimillionaires like Pete Sessions.

Supporting me means that you will send one of the strongest messages to Congress for people who work for a living and those who own small businesses on Wall Street:  That their game of telling us that it takes millions or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to win a campaign is over.  Furthermore, if I win, my example today will encourage more Americans in 2014  to do what I have done–get out there and run on the Independent ticket.

I will be taking money from individuals only and from all over the USA.  When and if my coffers exceed $4,999 my funds will be diverted to other Independent candidates who represent platforms that are similar to mine all over the USA.  I pledge to not use more than $4,999 for my campaign.  No one on my staff will be paid.  All those who work for me will be volunteers.  We won’t have a headquarters.  Instead we will use our homes and public places for meetings when necessary.

I plan to take the “business” out of running a campaign and  the “business” out of  running Washington and put “business”  back on Main Street where it belongs.  That’s the problem with Washington–there is far too much “business as usual” being conducted by people like Pete Sessions who are supposed to be representing us and not their stock portfolios.

We don’t have two parties.  We have one party of the rich by the rich and for the rich.   And Pete Sessions is part of that problem.  And there are just as many Democrats as Republican/Tea Party officials who belong to that club–in fact, the majority of our elected officials in DC belong to that club and need to be returned to the reality of Main Street in 2012.

In the last three years millions of Americans lost their jobs and their personal net worths lost value–most of them to the point of being negative.  That didn’t happen to Congressional multimillionaires  like Pete Sessions.  While we were losing money, he was growing his.  In 2008, Pete Sessions net worth was estimated by Open Secrets at between $1,438,039 to $3,376,000.  In 2009, Pete Sessions net worth grew over a million dollars to  $2,085,046 to $4,904,000.

In other words, folks, the recession isn’t happening for the millionaires in Congress like Pete Sessions.  There is no “sacrifice” for these people.  In fact, a recession never existed for them. Unless your net worth increased by a million dollars from 2008 to 2009, you don’t belong to Pete Session’s club and you are a fool if you support him.  Compare Session’s percentage of growth to your own net worth.  How much more money did you earn in 2009 than in 2008?   If  you are part of the 77% of Americans who are living from paycheck to paycheck I doubt that your net worth has gone anywhere but south.  Are you going to continue to allow a multimillionaire like Pete Sessions to rob you blind, or are you going to vote for a candidates who knows first hand the pain of main street America?

Were you invited to either of these Pete Sessions fund raising events? I doubt it, unless you are an American who can afford a ski vacation to Park City, or unless you play golf.  Ski and Golf vacations are the turf of the rich–not the millions of out-of-work Americans.  You don’t have to worry about not being invited to my fund raising events because I won’t be having any.

When: Feb 23 2012
What: Park City Ski Weekend
Beneficiaries: Jeb Hensarling, Pete Sessions, Greg Walden

When: Sep 11 2011
What: Caves Valley Golf Weekend
Beneficiaries: People for Enterprise/Trade/Econ Growth  [for Pete Sessions]


Re. Caves Valley Golf Weekend
Privately owned and managed, Caves Valley Golf Club is a Member-owned
not-for-profit corporation.  Membership in Caves Valley Golf Club is limited to 600 members, and is
by invitation only.    Designed by nationally acclaimed golf course architect Tom Fazio as
“a golfer’s club,” Caves Valley is one of a few clubs in America focused solely on golf and the golfer’s need.The Club dining room  is ranked among the top restaurants in the area. The Chef prepares all food on-premises and uses only the finest and freshest seasonal ingredients. The  facilities include 32 overnight rooms in both the Clubhouse and five on-site  Golf Cottages to accommodate overnight guests. Caves Valley is one of the finest  private golf clubs in the country solely on golf and golfer’s needs.

Welcome to the United States of America, Inc.

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Where only the rich are represented

It isn’t elite enough for the Wall Street crooks in Washington that 44% of the elected officials in Congress are millionaires. They must elect an even more filthy rich exclusive Wall Street investor elite club, the Super Congress, to make decisions for 80% of us in America–those of us who earn less than $100,000 a year.  75% of this elite decision making group are millionaires.

Now do you think they will be representing 80% of Americans or will they be representing their Wall Street stock portfolios and those of their pals?  Why don’t you ask Max Baucus and John Kerry? If they told the truth, they would tell us that John Kerry has a lot more in common with people like Rep.  James Sensenbrenner [millionaire and Kimberly Clark heir] and Fred Upton than he does with the 80% of Americans who earn less than $100,000 a year.  You see, in 2010 when Max Baucus suggested that healthcare manufacturers of devices be taxed to help defray the cost of the healthcare bill, Kerry and Sensenbrenner both pitched a huge fit.  Why?  Because each of their families own hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stock in such corporations. Someone needs to tell these a-holes that 77% of all Americans are now living from paycheck to paycheck.

75% of the SUPER CONGRESS are millionaires

Fred Upton  $7,000,000 to $25,700,000

Rob Portman $5,500,000 to $17,400,000

Dave Camp $3,000,000 to $10,515,000

Pat Toomey $1,770,000 to $4,900,000

Jeb Hensarling $928,000 to $2,270,000

Jon Kyl $519,000 to $746,000

Patty Murray  $449,017 to $1,185,000

John Kerry $182,755,534 to $294,869,059

Max Baucus  $13,013 to $204,000

James Clyburn  $212,010 to $582,000

Chris Van Hollen $148,007 to $445,000

Xavier Becerra $100,054 to $1,424,999


Here, Let me help you steer that boat [in my direction]

[illustration of JP Morgan at turn of 19th century - Wiki Commons]

But apparently this is not leverage enough for the rich

I read tonight in the Huffington Post the top staffers for these jerks will be lobbyists.

Looks like business for the rich as usual in Washington.



THE FIRST-EVER open presidential nominating process. No special interests. No agendas. No partisanship.


1.747,557 signatures and counting
When people vote in our convention next June, they will Choose America’s first directly nominated presidential ticket.

  • you choose the issues
  • you choose the candidates
  • you nominate the ticket
  • and the winner wll be on the 2012 ballot in every state.


How dare the millionaires in Congress speak of “shared sacrifice”

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Here’s a pie for Obama and Congress and their pseudo debt ceiling “sacrifices”.  No, that brown stuff is not chocolate.

Harry Reid in a statement to the press yesterday said that “We asked Republicans to consider a balanced approach that would have required shared sacrifice, but they would not.”

First of all let’s get one thing straight. When Senator Reid and others from BOTH parties of the 44% Wall Street millionaire dominated Congress speak of “shared sacrifice”, they are not speaking of any sacrifice on their part or on the part of any member of Congress.  All members of Congress, even those few who are not multimillionaires, belong to the upper 5% of the wealthiest people in our nation.  [Any American who earns in excess of $180,000 a year is in the upper 5% bracket.]

They will not be the ones making the sacrifices for the pseudo “debt ceiling” sideshow.  It will be the people in our society who can least afford it.  It won’t be people who are paid salaries by the taxpayers of $174,000 a year plus extras and benefits in excess of $20,000.  It will be people, many of whom get by on $1,000 a month.  The “sacrifices” that these people make won’t be skipping a golf game (one out of 10 a month).  The “sacrifices” that these people make won’t be buying that $100 bottle of wine instead of the $350 bottle of wine.  The sacrifices that these people make will be sacrifices like going hungry, going without needed medicine.  And it won’t just be Seniors.  Children are included in this assault by the rich as well.  Our Congress consists of hideous monsters who have lost touch with their humanity.  Few, if any of them, deserve re-election.

The 261 millionaire pigs and the rest of Congress who want to cut social security and medicare and dip their greedy Wall Street tainted fingers into the coffers of the people won’t be giving up a damn thing.  They will be given the opportunity to enrich themselves even more at the expense of those in our society who can least afford it.

For people like Reid to even suggest that is is a “shared sacrifice” is beyond insult to the majority of the American people–the 80% of us who earn less than $100,000 a year.

Hell yes this is a class war.  I hope that the people in the USA wake up to the fact that we are the majority.  We can turn our backs on BOTH parties and elect Independents in 2012.  We control 80% of the vote.

That’s right. 20% of Americans earn more than $100,000 a year.  80% of us don’t and we are the ones  in control of the votes.  Let’s start working now to put candidates in office who will represent the majority.  Let’s start putting candidates in office who are less concerned with their own personal wealth and more concerned with the well-being of the majority of the American people.

My God!  We have 13 members of Congress who place bets against the country they were elected to support.  What more proof do the American people need before they realize that Congress does NOT represent the majority?

Debt Ceiling–another pseudo issue from Congressional millionaires

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Debt Ceiling Tempest in a Teacup  -  iflizwerequeen

Obama Is Leading the Five Month Long Congressional Wall Street Millionaire Show of “Debt Ceiling Tempest in a Teacup”

The “Debt Ceiling” is another pseudo issue sponsored by the Washington Congressional kleptocrats that is as fake as the “Balloon Boy” or any number of other Wall Street mainstream media-hyped issues.

This sideshow of raising the Debt Ceiling has been ongoing at least since February 11, 2011.

We are nearing the deadline of August and what solutions for the past five months other than raising taxes on the rich have been offered for funding by the Obama administration and the Democrats? None.  The Democratic leadership know damn well that the Republicans will object and fight such solutions and furthermore most of the leadership of the Democratic Party object to such measures as well (as evidenced by the fact that when the Congressional Democrats were still a majority in December of 2010, they agreed with Obama’s extension of Bush’s tax cuts for the rich).

Now as we enter into the last days of this sideshow, not unlike the chicken-little-sky-is-falling hype that we saw from Hank Paulson in 2008 over the “too-big-to-fail banks”, we can expect a similar song and dance from Obama and the Democratic leadership on Sunday (July 10).  “We must do something!  We can’t default on our debts!  Our hands are tied.  We will have to do what the Republicans want and cut Social Security and Medicare.”


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My hope is that at least a few more Americans realize that the “Debt Ceiling Tempest in a Teacup”  is nothing more than another good cop/bad cop game that the leadership of the Democratic and Republican Parties have been playing on the American people for at least the past 23 years.

There are many solutions to the Debt Ceiling that do not involve raising taxes and many of these solutions have been sent to the White House and to the Senators and Representatives in Congress.  For example, I know that I have sent the following suggestions to both my Senators, my U.S. Representative, and to the White House.  And have I gotten a reply from any of them?  No.



1. End the $2 billion dollar a week war in Afghanistan:  $104 billion in one year

2. End all but the $500 million in farm subsidies paid to small farmers who still live on their land:  $19 billion in one year.

3. Collect taxes that are owed but not paid:  In the USA tax evasion added $3 trillion to the deficit over the past decade alone, an average of $300 billion a year, according to IRS data. This isn’t revenue lost from legal tax write-offs, like the mortgage interest deduction. It’s not even, as the IRS notes, “taxes that should have been paid on income from the illegal sector of the economy.” That $300 billion represents the amount of revenue lost from people deliberately cheating on their taxes every year. This includes underreporting income, hidden offshore bank accounts, sham trusts, and other ways to illegally stiff the IRS.

4.Take back what’s left of that $100 billion the American Taxpayers forked over to IMF in 2009 and use it to create jobs to repair the crumbling infrastructure of the USA.

TOTAL:  $423 billion ongoing year after year and as for #4–who knows?  It would take a financial detective to get at that amount.  I would guess at no less than $20 billion a year.

Let’s declare our independence from the plutocrats who run Washington

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Not all that much has changed over the past 200+ years of rule by plutocrats.  Even though millionaires make up only 1% of our nation’s population, for the past 30 years millionaires have comprised between 40 and 50% of Congress. And they do vote to protect and grow their own personal wealth and against the best interests of the majority of Americans.  It’s time to declare our independence.

How much has really changed in over 200 years?

Note:  Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and he did not release his 150 slaves until 50 years later in 1826 when he was on his death bed.

On the upcoming day of National Celebration, let’s look at those 56 signers of our Declaration of Independence and compare them to today’s plutocrats in Washington DC. Like today’s plutocrats, our forefathers were rich men. Like today’s plutocrats, many of them were graduates from Harvard or Yale (slightly more than 20% of them had graduated from Harvard or Yale). Less than half of them (17) fought in the Revolutionary War that they signed the citizens up for.

About one third of them were slave owners including 2 out of the three writers of the declaration: Thomas Jefferson owned over 150 slaves and Ben Franklin who owned two house servants.  [However, while Jefferson didn't liberate his slaves until he was on his death bed, Franklin soon liberated his and became one of the fervid founding members of the Pennsylvania Abolition movement.]

It is also of some interest to note that the forefathers’ notion of “independence” was not extended to women or even to white men who did not own property.

For more detail on each of the signers, here are links for you:

Button Gwinnett
Lyman Hall
George WaltonNorth Carolina:
William Hooper
John Penn
Joseph Hewes 

South Carolina:
Edward Rutledge
Arthur Middleton

Thomas Lynch, Jr.

Thomas Heyward, Jr.

John Adams
Samuel Adams
John Hancock
Robert Treat Paine
Elbridge Gerry

Charles Carroll
Samuel Chase
Thomas Stone
William Paca

Richard Henry Lee
Francis Lightfoot Lee
Carter Braxton
Benjamin Harrison

Thomas Jefferson

George Wythe

Thomas Nelson, Jr.

Robert Morris
Benjamin Rush
Benjamin Franklin
John Morton
George Clymer
James Smith
George Taylor
James Wilson
George Ross

Caesar Rodney
George Read
Thomas McKeanNew York:
Lewis Morris
Philip Livingston
Francis Lewis
William Floyd

New Jersey:
Abraham Clark
John Hart
Francis Hopkinson
Richard Stockton
John Witherspoon

New Hampshire:
Joshiah Bartlett
Wiliam Whipple

Matthew Thornton
Rhode Island:
Stephen Hopkins
William Ellery

Samuel Huntington
Roger Sherman
William Williams
Oliver Wolcott

New Hampshire:
Joshiah Bartlett
Wiliam Whipple

Matthew Thornton