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Put Wall Street Media hype in perspective! Only 5.4% of Iowa Voters participated on Tuesday.

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To listen to the hype flowing like foul lava from the mouths of Wall Street owned media about the Iowa primary on Tuesday, one would think all of Iowa was at their local caucus.

The truth is that only 147,255  of the 2,250,423 voters in Iowa came out Tuesday night. And of those, only 122,255 voted in the Republican contest, for a whopping turnout percentage of 5.4 percent. [Source Huffington Post]

So when will the majority turn off their TV and start living in the real world?  The TV, the modern version of “reality” is no more real than the shadows on the walls of the cave in Plato’s allegory.  But as long as we continue to mistake its shadows for the real thing, we will remain captives of the shadow puppeteers.

Freedom?  You can have it, but not before you turn them off and stop listening to what they feed you over their propaganda box.

[Photo is a still from a film titled "The Twonky "(1953) - a cautionary parable concerning the dangers of the then "new-fangled" TV set.]   Yes, it is true.  Life imitates art and Henry Kuttner who first published the story of Twonky in 1942 was right about TV.


Then ye shall drive out all the inhabitants of the land from before you and destroy all their pictures and destroy all their molten images . . . .  Numbers 33:52

Perhaps those who are unable to turn off the propaganda machines, will at least be able, like Winston, to dull its impact by turning their backs  to it.

Winston turned a switch and the voice sank somewhat, though the words were still distinguishable. The instrument (the telescreen, it was called) could be dimmed, but there was no way of shutting it off completely . . . Winston kept his back turned to the telescreen.” – from 1984 by George Orwell.

The difference between Journalism and Propaganda: Someone needs to tell Howley and O’Keefe

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Patrick Howley                         James O’Keefe

Another Discovery of  ”Twins Separated at Birth”

One of my favorite American heroes, Charlie Grapski* posted a news item in Firedoglake titled American Spectator Editor Admits to being Agent Provacateur at D.C. Museum.

In the “journalistic” style of his twin, James O’Keefe, Patrick Howley infiltrated an Occupy Group with the intent to do want he could to discredit the group.

Now we learn who was really responsible for the chaos in DC over the weekend:

From Charlie’s article:  ” . . . Immediately after the incident began hitting the newswires Howley published a “Breaking News” story with The American Spectator online in which he reveals that he had consciously infiltrated the group on Friday with the intent to discredit the movement.  He states that “as far as anyone knew I was part of this cause — a cause that I had infiltrated the day before in order to mock and undermine in the pages of The American Spectator — and I wasn’t giving up before I had my story. . . . . .”


Unlike Charlie, I would have referred to Mr. Howley as an “Agent Propagandist” because I find that more descriptive of what Howley and his “twin” James O’Keefe actually do:  They manipulate situations and then report on them.  Both of them need to return to Journalism 101 [if indeed they ever attended a journalism class] and learn the difference between reporting the news and creating the news.  Reporting the news is journalism.  Creating the news by misrepresenting yourself in order to manipulate situations to reinforce your own preconceived political agenda is called “propaganda” and this is what both Mr. Howley and Mr. O’Keefe do.


Should we ignore such actions by people like Howley and O’Keefe?

No, not in my opinion.  Not if we are responsible citizens.  In regard to Mr. Howley, I have taken the following actions: 1) recommended and tweeted the FDL article by Mr. Grapski.  2) Posted a comment in the online American Spectator. and 3) sent a short letter to Occupy Together giving them a heads up and suggesting that protesters be on the lookout for people like Mr. Howley and 4) As my final act for taking responsibility to report this incident, I  am writing this post which I will then cross-post to FDL.


What happens when we ignore propagandists like Howley and O’Keefe?

We, the majority lose and plutocrats like Bloomberg, David Koch and their stock monkeys like Howley and O’Keefe win. Historically, silence has never been a winning strategy for the oppressed. Look what happened because no one questioned James O’Keefe and his amateurishly edited fake pimp videos which left the impression that ACORN offices were offering illegal advice to pimps.  What these videos did not reveal was the truth that Mr. O’Keefe never once entered an ACORN office wearing his outlandish pimp costume.  Those scenes were shot elsewhere and edited to make it look like he was inside an ACORN office.  O’Keefe went inside ACORN offices dressed in normal street clothes.  Furthermore Mr. O’Keefe was escorted out of many ACORN offices and that story was not told either.

But the truth didn’t matter because no one spoke up. No one bothered to investigate. No one questioned that a KNOWN right-wing provocateur propagandist James O’Keefe might have ulterior motives in his attempts to discredit ACORN, an organization whose greatest “crime” was to empower the poor by registering them to vote.

But the most pathetic, shameful and telling aspect of the ACORN story is what our US Representatives and Senators did and with a Congress that had a Democratic majority in both houses.  Based on only the flimsy testimony and video created by a known right-wing operative, they defunded ACORN.  Eventually, about a year later, ACORN cleared its name, but it was too late.  They were bankrupt.  Only 7 Senators stood up against this travesty and only 75 in the House of Representatives.  As far as I’m concerned, these are the ONLY members of Congress who are salvageable.  All the rest should go.  Liberals?  What does that mean any more?  Barbara Boxer and Russ Feingold both voted to defund ACORN.

There is no daylight between either party.  It is to both their advantages to maintain the status quo and the best way to do that is to silence the voices of the majority.  That is why they voted to defund ACORN.  The last thing they want is for the majority to be registered to vote because then the voice of the majority would be  heard.


If we allow people like Patrick Howley, James O’Keefe, Mayor Bloomberg, David Koch, plutocrats in Congress like Eric Cantor, and the corporate run media to divide us (the majority) against each other, then we (the majority) lose.  We must stay united and stop falling for their tricks to sabotage our efforts or we will never be able to 1)remove them from power and 2) replace the Wall Street multilevel marketing scheme for the rich with a business system such as cooperatives that work for the majority.


* Charlie Grapski, the author of the FDL article cited above  is a hero:

In April 2006 Charlie Grapski, a University of Florida instructor and doctoral candidate, took time off from his academic career to run for the Florida State House. While campaigning in the city of Alachua (next door to Gainesville, home of the UF) Charlie witnessed a city commission election and joined with others in filing a court challenge to what many considered to be a stolen election.

When Charlie and Michael Canney went to Alachua City Hall to inspect election records on May 1, Charlie was handcuffed and arrested by City Manager/Police Commissioner Clovis Watson (a named defendant in the election lawsuit)on a felony wiretapping charge while seated at a table inspecting absentee ballots.

Read the whole story here:


Purposeful Obfuscation is the Congressional propaganda tool of choice

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As long as they can’t see it, they don’t know – Iflizwerequeen graphic

We don’t know the half of it and that’s exactly the way the Congress of the rich, for the rich and by the rich like it.  They put a lot of effort into seeing that we know as little as possible about what they are really doing.

They hide what they do in attachments to other bills.  For example, in 2009 the Obama Administration slipped in a $100 billion appropriation to IMF in a military appropriations  bill for Iraq and Afghanistan.  They give bills names that belie what the bills really are about.  For example,  “Patriot Act”  would better be named “Traitor Act as it shreds many of our rights as guaranteed by the Constitutions and enables criminals from foreign countries to take advantage of our nation’s wealth.

JUST ONE EXAMPLE FROM THE PATRIOT ACT:  Due to the Treasury’s Patriot Act loopholes, US realtors and escrow agents aren’t required to ask who is sending funds to them or to scrutinize or disclose whether the sender is on an international list of “politically exposed persons” (PEP) who have been red-flagged for dubious activities. That exemption, the report shows, allowed Teodoro Obiang, the high-flying son of the despotic president of Equatorial Guinea, to use realtors and escrow agents as conduits to dodge US law—ultimately enabling Obiang to buy a $38.5 million jet and a $30 million house in Malibu. MORE


It is not easy to find out how your Congressperson voted on a particular bill.  For example, Congress stuck the renewal of the Patriot Act into H.R. 3961, a bill titled Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act.

The only way to be absolutely certain as to what your representative voted for is to follow this torturous process.  At the end of this one example, you will find proof from the Congressional Record  that US Representative Sam Johnson voted to continue to suspend your Constitutional Rights by extending the nonsense in the Patriot Act instead of allowing it to expire and die the death it deserved.

For example, H.R. 3961 titled Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act was about a lot more than Medicare payment reform.  It was about selling out some of the rights guaranteed to you by the Constitution.

1.  Go to the Library of Congress []

2.  Select the current session (or the session where you think the bill was passed) 111th 2nd session []

3. Read the list in the table and find the bill that you want more detail on.  Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act. (Note the title of this bill is innocuous. You could never intuit from the title that it included a clause to extend the Patriot Act and its infringements on your Constitutional rights, could you?

4. Select the Number of the bill [HR 3961]

5. Select Text of Legislation that appears in the table on this page.  []

6.  Mercifully at the very beginning of the text of the legislation they list all the versions of the bill.  Please pay attention to item 6.

Yes, that is correct.  In this bill, titled “Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act” we have a provision to continue the violation of American’s Constitutional Rights by extending the provisions of the Patriot Act.

Now, you may be interested to know that Sam Johnson voted to have the suspension of your constitutional rights as a citizen extended.

But don’t take my word for it.  Return to the table listing all the bills for the 111th Congress, 2nd session and select the first column in the row for this bill with the number 67 in it.

Then you can see for yourself on that page with your own eyes that Sam Johnson voted to support the further suspension of your constitutional rights.



You can take off your blinders of trust for the 261 multimillionaires in Washington DC. and stop with  the foolishness that any thing less than kicking their asses out of office will change anything.  You can stop believing that these people have your best interests at heart because they don’t–not unless you are a member of the 10% club.  What they do is NO accident.  It is by design.

You can make the tedious effort to read every bill or at least search on key words to find hidden legislation.  When you find it,  then check to see how your elected officials voted on the bill.  If they voted against the people, write them a note and tell them that you know what they did.  Then post the truth about this bill on as many blogs on the internet as you can, providing people with links to the proof–especially in your state and U.S. Congressional District.  This is ammunition for their challengers.

Understanding Origins of Myth May be Critical to World Peace

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The Myths We Hold About those We Designate as “The Other” Circumscribe and Limit Our Own Potential for Self- Actualization

In the process of writing my book on propaganda, “Backstage with the Hidden Persuaders”, I’ve taken and continue to take many side-trips of related explorations.   Perhaps these essays may have more value than my primary work.   Regardless, this body of work now rivals my book in terms of page count.  In its ultimate form, some propaganda is elevated to the level of myth and then installed as a cornerstone of the culture.  The pinnacle of this activity then happens when the myth is further elevated to the level of sacred.  Once there, and provided that a critical number of people embrace it as “the truth”, the myth becomes almost impossible to dislodge. What follows are my preliminary notes for an essay on the topic of Orientalism and Occidentalism.


Years ago I read a self-help book titled “What Others Think about Me is None of My Business” by Terry Cole Whittaker.  It is an good book for those who are overly concerned with what others think about them as it emphasizes a very good point: We cannot take responsibility for the thoughts of others as such as task would consume our lives and leave us with no time to develop our own unique human potential.  We would be forever tethered to the thoughts of others (or what we erroneously believe to be the thoughts of others). We would be like a monkey tied to the organ grinder man endlessly dancing to what we perceive to be the music or noise in the minds of others.

Keeping that caution in mind, I’ve decided that there may be some value in learning not only what others think of us, but why.  I’ve been exploring various books and essays regarding the myths that people in the West hold in regard to those from the East and conversely, those that the people in the East hold in regard to those from the West. What are they?  How did they begin?  “Orientalism” is a whole field of study that has developed to analyze and interpret the denigrating fantasies of the exotic “East”.  On the other side of the coin we have “Occidentalism” which is a field of study devoted to understanding anti-Western thought.


On the topic of Orientalism, we have a dearth of writers and information.  In case you would like to join me in this learning experience, some of the more renowned include: Michel_Foucault, Jacques Derrida, A.L. Tibawi, Maxine Rodinson, Anouar and Abdel-Malek.  However, the best-known writer on the topic is Edward Said (1935-2003).

Said has been defined by many as the Palestinians’ most powerful voice.  He grew up in a Palestinian Christian family in the Middle East at the time of the creation of Israel, and argued for the creation of a Palestinian state, equal rights for Palestinians in Israel, including the right of return, and for increased pressure on Israel, especially by the United States. He also criticized several Arab and Muslim regimes

In his most famous book, Orientalism (1978), Said claimed a “subtle and persistent Eurocentric prejudice against Arabo-Islamic peoples and their culture.”  Said contended that Orientalist scholarship was and continues to be inextricably tied to the imperialist societies that produced it, making much of the work inherently politicized, servile to power, and therefore suspect.

“So far as the United States seems to be concerned, it is only a slight overstatement to say that Moslems and Arabs are essentially seen as either oil suppliers or potential terrorists. Very little of the detail, the human density, the passion of Arab-Moslem life has entered the awareness of even those people whose profession it is to report the Arab world. What we have instead is a series of crude, essentialized caricatures of the Islamic world presented in such a way as to make that world vulnerable to military aggression.”


And in the other corner, representing the writings regarding the prejudices and myths of the East against the West   (Occidentalism), we have Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit who co-authored a pioneering investigation of anti-western stereotypes that traces their source back to the West itself. [Occidentalism – The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies – Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit -  Penguin Press, New York 2004].  This is a beautiful and yet slim volume (a scant but rich 150 pages on the topic) that I highly recommend.  It is fascinating to read and I guarantee you that however smart and well educated you may be, you will learn much by reading this book.  It is absolutely brilliant and even prophetic.  If you consider that the authors crafted this text in 2004–seven years before the current Arab Spring of revolutions– you might be amazed at their insight when you read this passage from their book:

“Although Christian fundamentalists speak of a crusade, the West is not at war against Islam. Indeed, the fiercest battles will be fought inside the Muslim world.  That is where the revolution is taking place . . .The war of ideas is in some respects the same as the one that was fought several generations ago against various versions of fascism . . .The idea that organized religion is the main problem might come naturally to the newly secularized, disenchanted Western intellectual, but that too is off the mark. . .A distaste for, or even hatred of the West is in itself not a serious issue.  Occidentalism becomes dangerous when it is harnessed to political power.  When the ideology of that dictatorship is hatred of the West, ideas become deadly.  In the Muslim world today, religion might be harnessed to the struggle for political freedom in the shape of contending political parties . . .”

We are manipulated by Shark Bait Propaganda

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An excerpt from Backstage with the Hidden Persuaders – E. Berry ©  2011

A propaganda strategy, traditionally labeled “red herring”, uses a technique that focuses on an insignificant story as a way to distract the public from a larger and more important story. Mainstream media megaphones and Sideshow Bob Sock Monkeys launch into overtime mode, pounding the BJ out of the fake news story. They flood the air waves with their hyped nonsense day and night thereby overshadowing and even crowding out the chance for real stories to surface. This section on propaganda strategies covers the red herring strategy revisited as the “shark bait” strategy.  I find it more descriptive to label this strategy “shark bait.”  The public response upon receipt of this “news” (even that of many Internet bloggers  and left-leaning pundits such as Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz ) is to focus on the fake story  with a ferocity that can only be matched to that of a shark feeding frenzy.

The following information examines three examples of Shark Bait Propaganda with an overview of each story in all its silly and ridiculous glory which is then followed by a list of some of the real news stories that were happening simultaneously while most of the world focused on the inane, ridiculous distractions of mainstream media and cable news channels.

It is my hope that this section will help remind people to think about where the “real food”, the real news, is the next time the air waves of every media outlet throw out their shark bait propaganda focused on yet another non-News event.

The Balloon Boy Hoax Oct 15-19, 2009

On October 15, 2009, Richard and Mayumi Heene in Fort Collins, Colorado, allowed a gas balloon filled with helium to float away into the atmosphere, and then claimed that their six-year-old son Falcon was inside it. At the time, it was reported by the mass media that the boy was apparently traveling at altitudes reaching 7,000 feet in a homemade balloon colored and shaped to resemble a silver flying saucer-type of UFO.  [Oh be very afraid, so afraid, so filled with fear that you don’t stop to think and see that the story is missing many qualities of verisimilitude.]   .    .   .  October 19, 2009, charges were filed and the parents of Balloon Boy,  Richard and Mayumi Heene, surrendered.  The Shark Feeding frenzy ended.


The Real News Happening Simultaneously in the Parallel Universe to the Balloon Boy Hoax


Al Franken, a Freshman Democratic Senator, Wins Bipartisan Support for Legislation Reining in KBR’s Treatment of Rape and Abuse of the U.S. Court System–not to mention citizens’ access to our court system.

On October 6, 2009 just about a week before the Balloon Boy hoax, things heated  up in the U.S Senate  in regard to a piece of legislation that was introduced by Sen. Al Franken (D-MN). Senator Franken .proposed an amendment to the 2010 Defense Appropriations bill that would withhold defense contracts from companies like KBR “if they restrict their employees from taking workplace sexual assault, battery and discrimination cases to court.”

In 2005, Jamie Leigh Jones was gang-raped by her co-workers while she was working for Halliburton/KBR in Baghdad. She was detained in a shipping container for at least 24 hours without food, water, or a bed, and “warned her that if she left Iraq for medical treatment, she’d be out of a job.” (Jones was not an isolated case.) Jones was prevented from bringing charges in court against KBR because her employment contract stipulated that sexual assault allegations would only be heard in private arbitration.

Thirty male Republican Senators voted on the right for corporate America to take authority over US courts in deciding outcome of their employees—even in criminal matters.  Five male Republican Senators (Grassley, Hatch, Lugar, Voinovich and Lemieux) and all the female Republican Senators voted with the Democrats to pass Senator Franken’s amendment and uphold the authority of our courts to protect the people instead of forking over the power to Wall Street corporations like KBR..

It was a big deal on the Internet—a huge backlash  rose up against these 30 male Senators.  People were mad as hell and they were telling their Republican Senators what they thought about their votes.  Al Franken was beginning to emerge as the real hero of the people that he is. The Balloon Boy hoax came along just in time to cool that controversy down and deflect the righteous anger that was being directed at these Republican Senators who were trying to carve up more of our Constitutional rights—yes, the same ones who pretend to be supporters of the Constitution.

Additional Under-Reported News from the Balloon Boy Hoax Week

[MUCH MORE SOON TO COME - During the four days that Americans were glued to the nonsense of Balloon Boy, I found no less than 30 under-reported stories, all of which directly affected the lives of Americans.  These stories were reported by bloggers on sites such as Firedoglake, Democracy Now, The Nation, Iflizwerequeen and more.]



“Backstage with the Hidden Persuaders” a 400 page text on propaganda written by Elizabeth Berry to be released by LuLu Publications and available for digital download for $5.00 and also as a paperback  (Price not yet determined.)

Thought, Symbolism, Biblioclasm, Related Mob Violence & Subsequent Human Misery

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Not only Thought, but mere Symbols of Thought Have the Potential to Elicit Human Action and Resulting Events

Elizabeth Berry – June 1, 2011  [Note: the illustration is from Rene Descartes 1664.  It illustrates Cartesian dualism--the idea that mind and body are two fundamentally different types of things, but that they can interact in the brain. Physical events can cause mental events, and conversely, mental events can cause physical events .]


Biblioclasm is a politically motivated form of propaganda this is designed to incite and provoke violence, murder and mayhem. Ironically, its victims are often people who are totally innocent. Count me among those who consider biblioclasm as a weapon of mass destruction and its use as a crime against humanity—not as an action of “freedom of speech.”.

Human beings tend to have a propensity for destroying not only people, but even representations of ideas and viewpoints that they disagree with..  As a species, many of us seem to have a desire to destroy almost anything that we identify as belonging to “the other”—whether “the other” is identified by the color of  their skin, the geographical location of their home, or their religious belief. Along with war, biblioclasm is one of the human actions stemming from this propensity to destroy that which we disagree with. Biblioclasm is defined as book burning or libricide.  It is the practice of destroying, often ceremoniously, books or other written material and media.  Today, in addition to books,  it may include other forms of media such as video taps, CDs.  Along with books, these items have been ceremoniously burned, torches or shredded.

I was thinking this morning about the old common wisdom many of us with active imaginations as children heard from our parents:  “Don’t worry, it’s not real.  It is just in our mind.  More and more I’m thinking that we should start paying much closer attention to what is in our minds as well as how others attempt to manipulate  what is in our minds. There is no human action that did not first begin with a thought, however rudimentary the location of its origin in our brain—even the decision to take a step. Because of the book on propaganda that I’m finishing up,“Backstage with the Hidden Persuaders”, thought and how it can be manipulated is a topic forefront to my own recent thinking—on the “front burner” as one might say—thus another side trip with this essay on thought.

It is my hope that more people will become aware of propaganda, how to recognize it, and how to resist it by thinking more rationally.  It is my hope that people’s consciousness of it will be raised by discussions and writings on the topic by others all over the world as well.

Just last night we had the 30th anniversary of one of the most violent examples of ethnic biblioclasm of the twentieth century—the burning of the Jaffna public library located in Sri Lanka.  Over 97,000 different books and manuscripts were burned by an organized mob that went on  a rampage on the nights of May 31 to June 2, 1981.


Become an Activist Educator on the Topic of Corporate Propaganda

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Note: Here is an excerpt from a new [free] PDF featured from the main menu of iflizwerequeen. Resources for Media Activists.

Media Reform Advocacy Groups:

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)

Media Channel

Media Access Project

Media Alliance

Center for Creative Voices in Media

Take Back the Media

Reclaim the Media

Free Press

Media Matters

Action Coalition for Media Education (ACME)

Media Watch

Media Transparency: The Money Behind the Media

Rocky Mountain Media Watch

Media Geek

Media Transparency

Media Tenor

And there are many many more Links to these sources–9 pages of them to be exact. This document provides URLs that will hook you up to many groups and information regarding citizen efforts to raise public awareness of the degree to which we are influenced by corporate-owned mainstream media.


Please, at least once a week publish an article that calls attention to the influence of propaganda in the media. We must tell the public how they can combat corporate sponsored propaganda.  We must provide them with tools. It’s not enough to rant, those who know must also educate. Become one who knows and then grow the ranks of the truth-tellers by becoming one yourself. A lot of Americans are getting on the bandwagon to stop media manipulation and more are joining every day. Until people are trained how to recognize poisoned Kool-Aid, they will continue to drink it.

Billions of dollars are spent every year to influence the minds of Americans–from 2 year olds to 100+ year olds. One of the most pathetic things about propaganda is that a lot of it comes directly from our elected officials.

“Propaganda” is the deliberate, systematic attempt to shape perceptions, manipulate cognitions, and direct behavior to achieve a response that furthers the desired intent of the propagandist. In addition, it is characterized by strategies such as slander, whisper campaigns (such as the Goldman Sachs campaign to trash Bear Stearns), repetition of misinformation, and outright lies. And finally, propaganda, while furthering the desired intent of the propagandists [carnies], more often than not harms the citizens [rubes] who are the targets of this manipulation.

The PDF is free–yours for the taking and also for passing it on to your friends as well.


Iflizwerequeen – Heads would roll and the people would have more to eat than questionable table scraps tossed to them from the banquet table of the rich.

The Mohawk Valley Formula–a corporate plan for strike-breaking

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May 25, 1937 The Remington Rand Strike

This strike by a federal union affiliated with the American Federation of Labor (AFL) against the Remington Rand Company spawned the Mohawk Valley formula, a corporate plan for strikebreaking to discredit union leaders, frighten the public with the threat of violence, use local police and vigilantes to intimidate strikers, form puppet associations of “loyal employees” to influence public debate, fortify workplaces, employ large numbers of replacement workers and threaten to close the plant if work is not resumed.

The Mohawk Valley formula was described in an article by company president James Rand, Jr. and published in the National Association of Manufacturers Labor Relations Bulletin in the fourth month of the strike.  Later that year the article was published in a pamphlet form and distributed by the National Association of Manufacturers.

The Remington Rand strike was a particularly violent strike. Although no one died during the strike, both sides engaged in beatings with fists and clubs, rock and brick throwing, vandalism, threats and physical intimidation. But historians and federal officials point out that the company went out of its way to antagonize workers and use private security personnel (sometimes disguised as workers) to instigate violence and riots. The record before the National Labor Relations Board  (NLRB) and the scholarly literature show that the level of violence in the strike was deliberately manipulated by Remington Rand, and several orders of magnitude higher than it would have been had the company not taken the actions it did.

Outcome of the Strike

On March 13, 1937, the NLRB issued a decision finding Remington Rand guilty of violating federal labor law. The decision, Remington Rand, Inc., 2 NLRB 626, was an astonishing 120-page decision in which the Board recounted nearly every anti-union tactic the company had undertaken in the last year. The Board accused Rand of putting himself above the law and wantonly violating the National Labor Relations Act.

But did Remington Rand Stop? No.

Remington Rand, however, continued to resist the NLRB’s order. But on February 14, 1938, Judge Learned Hand, writing for a unanimous court, ruled in National Labor Relations Board v. Remington Rand, Inc. 94 F.2d 862 (1938), that the company must obey the terms of the NLRB’s decision. Remington Rand appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which refused to grant certiorai, thereby upholding the appellate court’s ruling.

Remington Rand began slowly furloughing replacement workers after the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear its case.


Misinformation – The Propaganda Tool of Choice Used by Rand

This propaganda technique was at the heart of the corporate manipulations of the Rand corporation.  Remington Rand made a significant number of false and misleading statements designed to mislead the media, demoralize strikers and reassure investors.

Sixteen days into the strike, for example, company president James Rand announced an end to the strike at all six plants, a statement which roiled the union and led hundreds of workers to mistakenly accuse elected union leaders of selling out. In fact, no agreement had been reached.

Two weeks later, Remington Rand announced that workers in Ohio had returned to work under a new collective bargaining agreement which offered highly favorable terms. The announcement demoralized workers in New York and Connecticut, and raised suspicions about the competence and reliability of union leaders. The truth was that only 21 of the 911 workers at the plant had accepted these terms, and they had not supported the strike.

A few days later, Remington Rand officials falsely claimed that 5,300 of the company’s workers had crossed picket lines and were back at work.


The June 1936 issue of the NAM’s Labor Relations Bulletin immortalized the “Mohawk Valley formula” as a classic blueprint for union busting. The nine-point formula, as devised by James Rand, Jr., is as follows:

-When a strike is threatened, label the union leaders as “agitators” to discredit them with the public and their own followers. Conduct balloting under the foremen to ascertain the strength of the union and to make possible misrepresentation of the strikers as a small minority. Exert economic pressure through threats to move the plant, align bankers, real estate owners and businessmen into a “Citizens’ Committee.”

-Raise high the banner of “law and order”, thereby causing the community to mass legal and police weapons against imagined violence and to forget that employees have equal right with others in the community.

-Call a “mass meeting” to coordinate public sentiment against the strike and strengthen the Citizens’ Committee.

-Form a large police force to intimidate the strikers and exert a psychological effect. Utilize local police, state police, vigilantes and special deputies chosen, if possible, from other neighborhoods.

-Convince the strikers their cause is hopeless with a “back-to-work” movement by a puppet association of so-called “loyal employees” secretly organized by the employer.

-When enough applications are on hand, set a date for opening the plant by having such opening requested by the puppet “back-to-work” association.

-Stage the “opening” theatrically by throwing open the gates and having the employees march in a mass protected by squads of armed police so as to dramatize and exaggerate the opening and heighten the demoralizing effect.

-Demoralize the strikers with a continuing show of force. If necessary turn the locality into a warlike camp and barricade it from the outside world.

-Close the publicity barrage on the theme that the plant is in full operation and the strikers are merely a minority attempting to interfere with the “right to work”. With this, the campaign is over—the employer has broken the strike.



NOTE:  As I”ve mentioned, I am writing a book on propaganda which I hope to publish on Lulu Publications in a week where it will be available as a 400 paperback and as a digital download for a nominal fee of $5.00. Voter education is our greatest weapon–especially in regard to the various propaganda techniques that are used to influence our thinking and opinion.

For example, no greater weapon than to point out the tactics of an opponent in the midst of their deployment of these tactics.  Few things make the American public angrier than to realize that they are being manipulated with misinformation and lies.

I’m hoping my book will raise awareness of all Americans to the extent to which we are manipulated by special interest groups and provide them with tools to combat the BS.

It’s time to help the people to stop being suckers for the rich.

Myths that the Plutocrats use to keep us in a tailspin

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If we accept the false premise of a myth [or "lie" as they are sometimes called in less polite circles]  that is perpetuated by the plutocrats, it’s downhill from there.  We become as erratic and vulnerable as Chicken Little running around frantically grabbing at any solution the plutocrats hand to us on one of their special silver platters.

Just listen to two of their more recent and famous myths from the past and consider all the trouble and expense that believing these myths have gotten us into:  1) “Saddam has weapons of mass destruction.”  and 2) “These banks are too big to fail.”

Our beliefs form the basis of our actions.  Our beliefs are the foundation of our thought and subsequent assumptions about a given problem. If they are faulty or incorrect, then all our assumptions and proposed solutions going forward are also incorrect and will never resolve the real problem at hand because we will forever be addressing symptoms of the problem and not its true underlying root cause.

To offset the impact of myths on our thinking, I’m advocating a PASS IT FORWARD systemwhich I’ve explained previously.  I hope you’ll join me in setting our nation on the path to real solutions for real problems.


Here are a few of the current myths that have us pursing pseudo solutions that will never address the root cause and solve the problem:

1. THE BOOGEYMAN OF “BIG GOVERNMENT” SPENDING – There is no big government spending.  That is a myth.  If anything the trend over the past 30 years has been toward less, not more government spending.

2. SCHOOL VOUCHERS WILL SOLVE OUR EDUCATION ISSUES – The truth is that school vouchers will dismantle our public education system and that is the stated intention of people like Betsy DeVos and David Koch and the Mellon Scaife families:  to dismantle public education.  These people have actually signed pledges to that effect.  Too bad that David Koch does not care as much about the school children of the USA as he does about the ballet.

3. WE MUST CONTINUE TO USE FOSSIL FUELS AS A SOURCE FOR ENERGY – Perhaps this is true in the very short term of five to ten years.  But it is entirely feasible to be free of 90% of fossil fuel use and nuclear power within five to ten years.

4. THE “FREE” MARKET WILL ADJUST ITSELF AND TAX BREAKS FOR THE WEALTHY TRICKLE DOWN – I think that many Americans are beginning to see this myth for what it really is.  Markets do not adjust themselves.  People adjust markets and the people who are currently adjusting Wall Street markets are doing so strictly for the advancement and accumulation of their own personal wealth.  Furthermore they apparently don’t give a damn if their greed results in millions of people losing their home–or in the case of food commodity manipulation, starve to death.  We need more regulation and laws to protect us from the greed of the rich–not less.

5. SOCIAL SECURITY MUST BE DISMANTLED AS IT IS UNSUSTAINABLE--First of all many economists argue with good evidence that Social Security, even if nothing is done is sustainable at 100% through 2035 and then after that, even if Congress does nothing, it will still be able to fund at 75%.  Show me any Wall Street stock with that guarantee.  Furthermore, Social Security could be fixed with one sentence of legislation:  ”All Americans will now pay Social Security tax on 100% of their income.”  Note:  Currently only the majority of Americans, those of us who earn less than $107,000 a year must pay Social Security tax on 100% of our income.  After $107,00 earned each year, the rich, including all 525 members of our Congress don’t pay a dime.

The majority of Americans are fed up with the Tea Party/Republican AND the Democrat Parties

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The poll above is one that I’ve been keeping since March 2011.  The percentages have varied little from day one.  At one point “undecided” was 4% and “Yes” was 70% so I guess you could say that the trend is toward:  YES LET’S CREATE A REAL DEMOCRACY.

Those who say that the USA are polarized are correct, but it is NOT the 50/50 polarization that is implied to us via the propaganda of mainstream media.  If you were to believe them you would think that American opinion is split right down the middle.  This is a perfect example of the propaganda technique of telling half the truth and not the whole truth.  American is polarized all right–but it is damn sure not “down the middle.”

We are polarized 70/26 with 3% on the fence.  THE MAJORITY FAVOR DUMPING BOTH PARTIES.

The only question remaining is how do we organize to create a real democracy.  AND NO, fake Koch Tea Party Movements are not invited.

Go f yourselves, you 26%.  We know who you are and that includes most of the 261 millionaire elected officials currently in the House and Senate.



Here are a few of the questions that Americans should be asking candidates for the House and Senate in 2012:

1.  Are you a millionaire? (if they are, proceed with caution in regard to supporting this person.  If they evade the answer or dismiss it as unimportant, then run like hell because this person is most likely not only a millionaire, but of the common variety–greedy secretive entitled plutocrat.

2. What is the dollar value of the Wall Street stock that  you own? ( The higher the value, the more the caution to be applied by the voters.  If they refuse to tell  you then run like hell.)

3.  Are you willing to recuse yourself from voting on issues that impact the value of your stock portfolio?  (It is doubtful that they will be honest, but you can tell if they are lying or not.  Go with your instincts on this one.)

4. What are your specific plans for job creation? (If they say “tax cuts”, turn and run. This person is a rich greedy pig sucking plutocrat. If they propose any plan that you cannot understand, turn and run.  This is not rocket science.  They just want to make you think that it is. )

5. How specifically do you plan to repair our crumbling infrastructure? (Again, If this person replies:  ”tax cuts”, turn and run. This person is a rich greedy pig sucking plutocrat.  (If they propose any plan that you cannot understand, turn and run.  This is not rocket science.  They just want to make you think that it is. )

6.  What is your stance on supporting the public school system? ( If the answer is  ”school vouchers” or “privatization”, then run like hell.  The only people who benefit from this deal are multi-level Amway billionaires like the DeVos family or the USA polluting Koch family and other members of the upper 1% class.)

7. Look up their voting record if this is not their first time in office. (This may take a little research since you cannot merely decide on the title of the bills that they have voted for or against.  The best way is to read the bill or at least read the response of progressive blogs to this bill.)  Example regarding titles of legislation:  HR 471:  Scholarships for Opportunity and Results Act sounds like a bill we should all support, but its content is about dismantling public education via school vouchers–vouchers which will be worth about as much as confederate money when it comes to covering the cost for private school tuition.)

8. What do you plan to do to correct the following taxation inequities in the USA:

a) The fact that the majority of Americans pay between 25% and 30% of their income in taxes and the wealthy and Wall Street corporations pay on average between 17% and nothing?  (If they argue with these statistics, run like hell.)

b) The fact that many of the wealthiest people in this nation commit income tax evasion by putting their money in offshore banking and tax havens. Do you believe that these people are cheating the majority of our nation?  (If they in anyway  suggest that this is OK, run like hell. If this person has no competition, then run for office yourself.  The people are mad enough that in 2012 you stand a good chance of winning.)