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With each debate, public esteem for both parties sinks deeper

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OOPS!   There goes another Republican myth! They don’t balance the budget.  They just claim they balance the budget!  They rob social security and the working class to make it appear as if they balance the budget.

Last night we learned what the Republicans REALLY mean when they say they “balanced” the budget.  They mean they took money out of Social Security–a fully funded entitlement by the American workers that should be hands off.   Anything but making the investor class pay a fair percentage of income tax–that the way of the investor class, Democrats and Republicans alike who are currently in Washington DC.

In spite of his other short-comings, the American people owe Ron Paul a cheer for calling the public’s attention to what Gingrich really meant when he said he “balanced” the budget.

Newt has been claiming that he “balanced the budget four times when he was Speaker.  Ron Paul pointed out last night that Gingrich didn’t balance the budget.  What the Republicans did was to take money out of Social Security.  Borrowing money is not balancing a budget.  Ron Paul even attacked the party’s sacred cow–Ronald Reagan whose administration did the same thing.

Ron Paul pointed out that the national debt during those four years Newt brags about actually went up about a trillion dollars. He pointed out that Gingrich doesn’t count the money he took out of Social Security.  Paul said. “So neither Reagan nor you had a truly balanced budget, because the national debt goes up and that’s what we pay the interest on.”

Gingrich responded: “Under the system that was used, we were $405 billion in balance.”  [What a lying weasel.]

At this point, the audience booed Gingrich.   I’m glad the point of Gingrich’s dishonest wasn’t missed on them.


It’s not just the Republican brand that’s coming apart at the seams!

THEY ALL MUST GO!   WASHINGTON ENTRENCHED DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS ALIKE! Vote for anyone but a Democrat or a Republican in 2012.

If you are thinking that this is all about the Republicans, it is not.  The Washington leadership of BOTH parties are to blame!  Many of the same jackasses who were in Congress when Gingrich was in Congress and robbing Social Security are still there today.  In case you have forgotten, Bill Clinton, the president who turned the American people over to the Wall Street financial institutions was the guy in charge of balancing the budget.  Clinton worked hand in glove with Gingrich on that one.

If you will remember the ‘bipartisan’ Deficit Commission that President Obama appointed to reduce the deficit, you will remember that the first thing those jackasses went after was Social Security. You will realize that the more things “change” with the entrenched investor class, the more things remain the same.

Deficits are created by budget items–things that we purchase like war munitions for example.  Social Security is not a budget item because it is a totally funded and self-sustaining program.  But that didn’t stop the investor class a-holes who were hand-selected by President Obama from going after Social Security the first thing.  Social Security as a fully funded program was not even in the scope of this group’s discussions.  If  Obama were a leader, he would have pointed that out to the committee instead of giving them free reign to ride rough shod over the American people with his silence.

BUT FOR NOW FLORIDIANS:  VOTE FOR GINGRICH TO KEEP THE CONVERSATION GOING FOR AMERICA!  This is the best education the American people have ever had regarding the criminal behavior of BOTH parties.


Note on Social Security and the investor class:  Since they robbed the coffers of the working class, they should be required to return that money and here is how:

ALL Americans should pay Social Security tax on all of their income.  Currently, only the majority of Americans, those of us who earn less than $106,000 a year, are required to pay Social Security on 100% of our income.  Any American earning more than $106,000 doesn’t pay a cent of social security tax on amounts earned above that.

In other words, the members of the US Congress don’t pay Social Security taxes on at least half of their annual income.

“Viscous Attack on the Press”? Stop whining John King. You all deserve that and more!

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King, a pundit for the Corporate State doesn’t like being called on his stuff.

I don’t like Gingrich, but my dislike of him is based on real issues of legislation that he pushed while he served in Congress–not whether he asked his wife for an open marriage years ago.  What the hell does that have to do with me or the quality of my life today?  What business is that of mine?  Absolutely nothing!  If I had been in that crowd of Republicans last night, I would have been giving Gingrich a standing ovation for his attack on King right along with the rest of them.

Like most Americans, I don’t have time for gossip sessions that look more like an episode of the New York Housewives than a presidential debate.  Regardless what another network was doing, CNN and John King should have risen above such topics but why would we expect anything different from the  SAME corporate media who in March of 2008 spent an entire week analyzing and dissecting a 15 second sound bite from a rant of Obama’s minister while ignoring the significance of the real news that unfolded that same week–the disintegration of Bear Stearns and the loss of 50,000 jobs for Americans in one week–now that was news that should have been discussed–instead it got barely a mention.  In fact in a study done by the Pew Research Center in March of 2008, they reported that 21% of the American people even had heard of what happened to Bear Stearns (a huge turning point in our economy) while 49% reported that they had seen the 15 second sound bite of the Reverend Wright.

The Corporate State media push these non-issues because that is the way they want to steer the discussions of the American people–away from topics that matter.

The millionaire pundits of the corporate media don’t give a damn about the 99%.  They all belong to the 1% who are obviously pushing Romney–and why?  Because Romney is the darling of the corporate state set.  He will stand up and tout Wall Street as “the American Way.”  With Obama and Romney running “against” each other it will be a case of “heads I win, tails you lose” for the 1%.

Gingrich is a wild card.  He has already dared to challenge the leadership of the Republican Party, the corporate state,  and their 1% club by daring to educate the American people regarding Private Equity companies like Bain Capital and a multimillionaire like Romney who has paid 15% of his vast income in taxes for years while railing against the 35% that is supposed to pay–as if he ever has.

You go Gingrich! I hope you carry South Carolina by a landslide!  You may be another BSer like the rest of them, but you are the closest thing the Republicans have to a Populist.  One thing is for certain:  With Gingrich as the opponent, Barack Obama would be vetted.  In fact, Gingrich might make it possible for a third party or Independent candidate to win.

Ron Paul?  Don’t make me laugh!  He is the biggest 1% hypocrite of them all. He votes against trade agreements and rails against the War on Drugs–while at the same time he stuffs his own pockets with money made possible by trade agreements and the War on Drugs.

Paul has most of his $5million personal wealth invested in mining companies all over the world.  Over the past three years, as our jobs and lives have slid into economic oblivion, Paul has made over a million dollars on his mining investments from mining companies that hire militarized police paid for with our tax dollars from the War on Drugs to murder workers who dare to strike for living wages and safe working conditions.


The Corporate State Media want Mitt so bad they are working their propaganda mill overtime trying to churn out influence.

This is a perfect example of their propaganda from AOL Huffington Post that was published yesterday, January 19 2012.  These headlines appeared just above the following video.  If you are in a hurry, as most Americans are, and  you just read the biggest print, you are left with the impression that Mitt Romney is leading in South Carolina by 36% and that’s a lie.  That screen capture that was featured in an HP article yesterday (Jan 19)  is actually from the New Hampshire primary a week ago.

This was published in AOL HUFFINGTON POST YESTERDAY for the sole purpose of deceiving the American people into thinking that Mitt Romney is leading the South Carolina Primary with 36% of the vote which is not true.  Most polls are now reporting that he is neck and neck with Gingrich and some polls such as the Rasmussen are reporting Gingrich ahead.

Example of the US Corporate State Sponsored Propaganda:

[No, Mitt Romney is NOT ahead by 36% in South Carolina.  This is a week old video from last week's New Hampshire contest repacked by AOL Huffington Post to seem as if they are reporting on the SC primary.]

This cheap shot from the January 19, 2012 AOL Huffington Post was no accident.  It was carefully calculated to leave the impression that Romney is leading by 36% in South Carolina which he is not:

Republican Candidates don’t seem to notice they are standing on a Bridge to Nowhere

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The Twisted Perspective from the Republican Podium Last Night

The crowd of millionaire yahoos who were cheering them on at the debate last night didn’t seem to notice either  that they too were standing on a bridge to nowhere with the candidates–cheering them on as they offered the American people cake instead of bread and butter.

The rhetoric sounded great.  It even had a ring of compassion to it as they offered education instead of unemployment for 99 weeks . . . as long as one ignored the most salient fact of all:  There is a huge shortage of jobs in the USA–even jobs that don’t even pay a living wage.  The problem is not that people who are out of work are not educated.  The problem isn’t that these people don’t have skills.  The problem is not that people are not willing to work sh$% jobs–just ask one of my friends who has a Masters degree in psychology and is working as a checker at WalMart.


The problem is that there are no jobs for these millions of Americans who are out of work–not that they are not educated and not that they are not willing to work for jobs that are way beneath their skill levels.  What part of the stories of 1,000 American applying for one crappy job at McDonalds are they not hearing?  What part of the stories of kids out of college (4 year schools) who can’t find jobs hasn’t Newt heard?

But then, no one can do willful blindness quite as well as the rich.  It made the candidates all look good to talk about educating people.  ”We don’t want to give handouts.  We want to give hand ups.”   Speaking of education, I noticed that there was no talk of their private school voucher plans to replace public schools. They kept their rich pieholes shut  about that, didn’t they?   If most of these asses had their way, they would completely dismantle public education, thus making education only affordable to the rich.  They are about as much for educating the multitudes as Louie XVI.

Furthermore, there is a shortage of jobs because people who agree with the Republican and Democrat Wall Street  philosophy of “the American Way” have shipped the jobs overseas.

I could only watch about 10 minutes of their bull s&% debate last night before I turned off the idiot box.  It is difficult to tell who was the most disgusting–the million dollar paid Fox pundits asking their loaded right wing questions, the millionaire candidates self-righteosly delivering the standard and irrelevant party line, or the Myrtle Beach millionaire audience cheering them on.

The quip that finally sent me over the edge and moved me to end the nonsense that was pouring into my den came from Newt Gingrich who said in response to 99 weeks of unemployment:  ”99 weeks?  that’s an Associates Degree.”   The crowd of course went wild with self-righteous applause.  Of course, none of the Fox News pundits bothered to ask:  ”And then Newt, where are the jobs that these newly educated Americans would be working at?  If my friend with a Masters degree in psychology and millions more like her with Bachelors degrees now can’t find jobs, what the hell makes you think that people with an Associates degree will have any better luck?”

This crap coming out of the mouth of a man who along with Bill Clinton, put a time limit on poverty for single parents and limited aid to their dependent children.  Oh they “educated” them all right–for sh*& jobs.  But then NAFTA, which they had passed a few years prior, kicked in just about the time these poor women got their associates degrees and certificates. Millions of the sh*% jobs that these poor people were trained for with their “education” programs were shipped out of the USA.  Of course the people could move to US border cities like El Paso and work across the border in Mexico for the USA maquiladoras for $65 a week–no not per day, per week.  That is the typical wage.



Don’t get me started.  Why don’t any of these pundits have the nerve to ask:  ”If tax breaks for the rich is the solution then why, after 11 years of the Bush tax cuts is our economy still in the toilet?”  What’s wrong with that picture, jackass?


How much more does the American taxpayer have to fork over?   Not only do many corporations like Exxon and General Electric not pay US income tax on their billions of profit, the American people give them back millions of dollars in tax rebates.  ABSURD!

Here’s another reality check.  In November of 2011 we have this report: Using information from the companies’ own corporate filings, however, the study concluded that a quarter of the 280 corporations owed less than 10 percent of profits in federal income taxes and 30 companies had no federal tax liability for the entire three-year period.  10% income tax rate!   I daresay that not a single member of the 99% who are still lucky enough to have a job have EVER only paid 10% of their income in taxes.



Please!  Where is the pundit with the balls to ask any of these jackasses–Democrats and Republican alike:  What percentage of YOUR income do you pay in federal income tax?  I doubt that any of the candidates standing on that stage last night–all of whom are multimillionaires–have EVER ONCE in their life paid the 35% of their income in taxes as they should.  But that doesn’t stop them from pretending that they and other millionaires like them pay it.

A flat rate tax is NOT an equitable tax–again another part of willful blindness of the rich.  It puts an unfair burden on the poor.  If I earn $30,000 and I am taxed at a rate of 25%, that means that I pay $7,500 of my income in Federal taxes.  This amount of money severely impacts me to meet basic needs such as food, housing, health care, education etc. and cripples my ability to rise up.

If my income is $1,000,000 and I am taxed at 25%  I pay $250,000.  I still have $750,000 left.  Does this seriously impact my food budget, my ability to send my children to private school, my ability to continue to live in my home, my current life style, etc.?

Americans are not asking for handouts.  They are asking for justice and a level playing field.



44% of Congress are multimillionaire Wall Street investors who vote for their stock portfolios instead of for the American people.  These people have been entrenched for 10, 20, and some even 30 years or more.

These people are more important than the President.  These people are more important than the goons who sit on the Supreme Court.  These are the people who write the laws.  Yes, the President can veto their laws and the Supreme Court can rule against their laws, but both of these powers are after the fact powers.  And, furthermore, Congress has the power to override their decisions and they also have the power to impeach the President and any Supreme Court justice.  The real power is in the hands of those we send to Congress.

We have the power to change the people we send to Congress with our votes.  If you want someone who will represent the 99%, then start voting for candidates from the 99% and stop voting for multimillionaire Democrats and Republicans. It really is as simple as that.

If you want someone different in the White House, then stop voting for either a Democrat or a Republican and choose someone from the 99%.  We have a choice this year and her name is Jill Stein.  You may not agree with everything she says, but I guarantee that she would be more representative of the majority than either Obama or whatever the cats drag up for the Republican candidate.

Stop doing the same thing and hoping for different results.  Take a chance and vote outside BOTH parties in 2012.  It’s the only way that the USA can be restored.