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Judges are criticizing the SEC for being too easy on Wall Street Crooks

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For the second time in the past month a federal judge has criticized the Securities and Exchange Comission for beig too soft with corporate enforcements.

A federal judge in Milwaukee told the SEC that its proposed settlement with the Koss Corp. is too vague and asked the agency to provide more facts by January 24. In October the SEC charged Koss Corp., a headphone-manufacturer, with accounting fraud.

Wednesday’s ruling from U.S. District Judge Rudolph Randa is the latest in a string of actions by federal judges to challenge the way the government agency enforces regulations.

Last February, SEC chairwoman Mary Schapiro said that the agency doesn’t have enough money to satisfactorily police Wall Street or draft new regulations required by the Dodd-Frank financial reform law.

Source for this news:  Huffington Post.

Excuse me if my sarcasm is showing, but I can’t help but wonder if these judges themselves are not putting on a show.  As far as I’m concerned, that is exactly what they are doing–trying to make it appear as if something is being done to corral the greed of Wall Street investors.   Still we can hope while still continuing with our concerted efforts to throw the majority of elected officials from both parties out of office in 2012.  Don’t let Hope dull our sensibility like it did in 2008.



ILWQ COMMENTS – Mary Schapiro who Obama put in charge of the SEC is just another one of his corporate stooges for Wall Street.  Why on earth would anyone expect anything more than a hand slap for Wall Street criminals from the former CEO of Duke Energy, one of the largest Wall Street criminals of all?

I had Mary’s number back in December of 2009, even before two years ago when I wrote in a post: “. . . Mary Schapiro–the chairman of the SEC--a woman who has been an SEC commissioner (regulator since 1988 having served Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II).  A lot of experience.  Kinda makes you wonder why SHE didn’t catch Madoff if she is so hot as a regulator.

But never mind that.  Look at her history as Director of Duke Energy since 1999.  When she took over, Duke Energy ranked 46th as the worst polluter in the USA.  Today, after 9 years of Mary’s leadership, Duke Energy now ranks as the #13 worst polluter in the USA.  That’s some regulating, Mary.  They also love cutting off the tops of mountains–another great recommendation for Mary and her respect for the environment and people.  She’ll be a perfect fit for the SEC.

Schapiro is another Wall Street toady who believes in “self regulating” markets. Right. As the head of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) she twiddled her thumbs while the financial giants increased their leverage to gigantic levels and spread their derivatives contagion to every part of the system.

Schapiro also missed the Madoff scandal, the auction-rate bond fraud, the blow up at Lehman Brothers, and the    .  .  . ”

Maybe things will change–but not before we throw them all out and replace them with non-millionaire, non-Wall Street investors.

Thanks in great part to Occupy Wall Street, most of us know that the huge problem is our financial system–especially the Wall Street Casino that is fueled by the greed of the rich. The economic woes of the USA are systemic and anyone with half a brain  knows this.  The financial system of the USA is broken for the majority of us.  It scams and robs us daily.  Wall Street is a corrupt system that works for the rich few, for 12% of Americans while it is destroying the economy of our nation and American lives with it for the rest of us who compromise the majority.

And yes, that number is 12%, not 1%.  The 1% could not do what they are doing to the rest of us without the willing assistance of the other 11% of the wealthiest who are invested in Wall Street (and that currently includes all members of Congress). The only solution for America is for Americans to take all their investments out of Wall Street and invest them locally in their communities NOW before it is too late.  If you think that Wall Street can be improved working from the inside out, then you are either uninformed or totally in denial.

The Chief Operating Officer of the SEC enforcement division is Adam Storch  a former Goldman Sachs employee.   For the five years prior to his appointment by the Obama administration in Oct of 2009, Storch worked at Goldman Sachs, most recently as vice president in Goldman’s Business Intelligence Group.  The position, along with the division, was created as a reaction to the subprime mortgage crisis.  If Storch is not a fox in the henhouse, there has never been one. If you think that the system can or will be improved from the inside out, you are dreaming.

Between the leadership of Schapiro and Storch–both backed by Barack Obama–why would anyone in their right mind expect Wall Street reform?  Just how damn gullible are we?

Furthermore, its operations are based on broken economic cliche drivel that was originated over 50 years ago in the late 1950′s by a Chicago economist by the name of Milton Friedman.  This economic ideology for the rich is so entrenched in our culture that many Americans equate it with our founding fathers instead of a loud-mouthed economics professor from the University of Chicago in the late 1950′s.  It’s time we had an economic ideology that works for the world–not just the rich from DC, New York and Chicago.





Are you a tick bird on the Rhino that is stomping the life out of our Nation?

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Goldman Sachs is Subpoenaed by Manhattan DA

The Huffington Post reported today that Goldman Sachs was subpoenaed by the Manhattan DA in relation to the credit crisis.  The subpoena follows the April release of a Senate report that showed Goldman had steered investors toward mortgage securities it knew would likely fail.


Queen’s Comments

Don’t hold your breath.  The long arm of the law as it applies to grifters like Goldman Sachs is indeed long. In fact, it is so long that it will never reach Goldman Sachs except perhaps to collect a fine–the cost of which I’m sure is already far less than what this financial firm has  ”managed” away from taxpayers and working people who can least afford it.

1) Goldman Sachs is thoroughly entrenched in the  Wall Street Casino system.  They will never get more than a hand slapping.

In October of 2009 another former Goldman Sachs executive was  tapped for a top post in the Obama administration. The Securities and Exchange Commission has named twenty-nine-year-old Adam Storch as the agency’s first-ever chief operating officer of the enforcement division. For the past five years, Storch worked at Goldman Sachs, most recently as vice president in Goldman’s Business Intelligence Group.

Adam Storch (b. 1980) serves as the current Managing Executive of the Security and Exchange Commission‘s Division of Enforcement, having been hired on October 16, 2009. The position, along with the division, was created as a reaction to the subprime mortgage crisis. He was previously the Vice President in the Business Intelligence Group at Goldman Sachs.  [Wiki]


2) And again, the focus is on a symptom and not the root cause of the problem which is the entire system of the Wall Street Casino.

Until the problem is dealt with at its systemic level, going after Goldman is about like taking an aspirin to cure a brain tumor.

3) What can you do as an individual about this? You can sell all stock that you have in Wall Street and reinvest it in your local community.*

Yep it really is that simple. And yep, what you do does make a difference. In fact, what you do as an individual is the only thing at this point that will make a difference.  One person at a time. That’s the only way.


Tell me, are you a tick bird on the rhino?

* And this is the population that hold the side show together.  Without the support of those in the upper 10% to 12% of the wealthiest in our nation, the tick birds who dine off  the back of the rhino that is stomping the life out of the rest of us, people in the upper 1% like Lloyd Blankfein, David Koch, the DeVos family, etc. could not wield their slash and burn strategies across the USA.

But unfortunately these people, with few exceptions, feed off the very back of the rhino that they condemn–but only by their rhetoric–not their actions. From time to time I read reports of “compassionate” millionaires who claim that they want fairness.

To them I say:  I’ll believe it when I see:

1)That you have pulled all your investments out of the crooked Casino and invested in your own local economy.

2) When  you pay your taxes at the full 35% of your income as the law states without resorting to your fancy tax lawyers who take advantage of every tax loophole that your other fellow rich compatriots have paid our elected officials to create.  [Every more ironic, at least 261, almost half of our elected officials personally benefit for the tax breaks for the rich that they write.]

So until you “compassionate” millionaires are willing to do this, I’m going to continue to encourage my fellow Americans to kick your asses out of office.