The Republican leadership are the ones imitating the European “Socialists”

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The Irony of who these two jerks really are seems to be missed on a lot of people–especially the base of the Republican Party

They are  the real austerity candidates, these guys will be the water boys for the banksters who are crippling Europe, and a lot of Europeans, with economic strategies that keep themselves afloat while children die of preventable diseases.

They accuse President Obama of wanting to turn the USA into a Socialist state.

President Obama and his administration have actually created 2 million jobs. [They could have/should have done better--and maybe they would have with a little more cooperation from the Republicans.  But Obama has helped to create more jobs in three years than the Republican leadership created in 8 years and that's a fact.]

The Republican leadership under Bush, while chomping at the bit to bail out Wall Street financial institutions wanted to let the American Automotive industry go to hell in a bankruptcy hand basket–which surely would have happened to GM if Obama had not stood up for them. Today GM provides jobs to 5,000 Americans.

And here is the Irony:  While they accuse Obama,  it is the Republican leadership who are imitating the socialistic European lead–not the President.

Just listen to them and their pitches for austerity:  ”cut taxes, austerity for the working people, cut public services, etc.”

Doesn’t that sound familiar?  Well it should because that’s what Europe has been hollering for the past year!  Look at what they did to Greece.  Look at their austerity program for Spain and Ireland.

And how well have these austerity programs worked?  About as well as the George Bush tax cuts for the rich have worked in the USA.  Almost a year now after the austerity measures in Ireland, they stand at 14% unemployment.  Spain? After its austerity programs have been enacted, the unemployment among their youth have risen to almost 50%.