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America’s Financial Situation.

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                It seems most are worried about debt, deficits, and spending. Yet no one seems to be wanting to attack the real problems. Our fourteen trillion dollars of debt may have been run up by many bad choices, but paying it off won’t happen if we don’t fix the underlying problems. Some think spending is the problem and cutting spending will fix it, but every dollar cut is a dollar not goimg into our economy reduces the economy by a dollar.  The economy can’t grow if it’s growth is making up for the cuts first before it can show an increase. All this means less jobs, less growth, less economis activity, and a longer recession. It also prolongs the recovery and the paying off of the debt and deficits.

                We keep hearing that the intitlements are our biggest problem. Part of that fourteen trillion of debt is the 2.7 trillion they owe Social Security that no matter how they spin it they stole from the program.

                Medicade and Madicare’s problems are not so much in their basic systems, but they operate with in our for profit healthcare system that not only makes money off the sickness of our people, but extacts huge profits as an excuse  for providing care.  It is eating up a huge part of our GDP and yet providing less and less care by the day. It extracts money from our citizens in direct healthcare insurance costs, plus all they extras  from co pays to above insurance costs. All while it milks both Medicade and Medicare for every dime it can get out of the Government. Most know the answer is National Healthcare, but many oppose that by foolish beliefs the present system is to good to be ruined by the Government taking it over.

We will spend way over the fourteen trillion dollars we now are in debt for on two items one in the budget and one out in the next ten years. This is on top of increases healthcare costs and the intitlements. They are the defense budget and buying foreign oil. The defense budget although there are talks on some cuts will continue to eat the country alive  Because most suport it and fail to see that it really doesn’t defend or protect us but is used more for a political tool.  We are spread out all over the world and are powerless against our enemies and haven’t been able to stop conflicts, win wars, or influence much of anyone. Lack of positive results in everything our military has been tasked to do should give us a hint of it’s uselessness. Ten year wars in little peanuts of countries with no end in sight is a sign.  The cost is the problem. We have spent enough on our military to have paved our streets in gold and yet on the two times we needed it Pearl Harbor and 911 it failed us both times.

Getting off foreign oil everyone says is important including many past Presidents, but yet not one little thing has really been done to even start addressing this problem.  The people complain about high gas prices but keep filling their tanks. The Government uses the excuse it will take decades and we have to wait for new technology.  So we will for the unseeable future keep spending trillions on foreign oil. There is no cry to even begin to work on the problem.  There are viable fuels that could replace most of that oil from natural gas to Ethanol,( not made from corn) but we can’t buy them even if our vehicles can use them because the oil industry has kept filling stations to suppling only their products. The government had it’s chance with both GM and Chrysler to bail them out only if they agreed to make cars that used different fuels, but it didn’t do it. It hasn’t ask or mandated that fueling stations for other fuels be available. Even with electrics there are no provision for recharging stations. e will never get away from oil unless we start someplace.

There is no reason that there couldn’t be alternating magnet strips installed in our roadways couldn’t turn generators in electric cars to charge them on the go. This would solve the need for better batteries and the problem of how far they can go on a charge. This would make electrics not only viable but preferable to gasoline cars. Are huge companies Like GE working on this, NO. Is the Government funding research in this area, NO. They are funding research on better batteries and even windmills but nothing on something like this.

Water power is the cheapest way to generate electricity, but we haven’t built a dam in years. There is no such thing as clean coal, but we keep hearing there is. We keep building plants to use oil and natural gas to make electricty, which increases our demands for foreign oil because we are using those fuels up to make electricity. Like I have said before,” there is more power in the just running water of our rivers to generate all the electricity we would ever need.” We don’t see any water whells or turbines being installed anywhere. Windmill up the ying yang but no water wheels. A country that doesn’t use what it has, and take steps to supply what it needs as cheep, safe, and friendly is asking for problems. We are one oil crisis from total depression, but are not even comprehending it could happen.

We are a country that hasn’t solved a single problem we have or even tried to hard, and yet we wonder why we aren’t doing better. We are becoming lower in almost everything compared to the rest of the world, and yet doing nothing about it. Our infrastructure is not just falling apart, but we aren’t building anything new let alone fixing the old. There is a worldwide building boom from skyscrapers roads and bridges, to dams, high speed rail, and highways. Everywhere but here.

The Government should be borrowing like three trillion dollars and asking our people companies and corporations to get us off foreign oil and rebuild the country. This would build and assure our future and put the country back to work. It is the best and only way to pay off our debts and assure we can grow to new heights as a country and people. If this sounds out of the question then why could we afford for the Fed to do this for the Banks. We have see that wasn’t very well spent because the Banks may be paying it back, but have done nothing good for the country since they were bailed out. Ther’s an old saying You must spend money to make money and it’s true. If one never puts up the money to start a business they never will have a profitable business. If you don,t fix a flat tire You can’t drive the car. If we as a country keep waiting for a miracle or someone else to fix things for us we are doomed. Hoping that Our Congress or a President will solve our problems is just as loony, because these are the people that caused every problem this country has.

The President on Immigration.

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The President Barak Obama laid out in his speaking today what He thought was needed for illegal immigrants to be required in immigration reform.

Yes we heard it before, and He said it again.

I have a simple question I wish someone would answer?

How can anyone be said to go to the back of the line?

When their in the theater door and got thier ticket, been to the consession stand, got thier popcorn a drink and candy, entered the theater, found a seat, and are already watching the movie.

Saying go to the back of the line is impossible, just as they seem to think these people starting over is.

No matter which side on the immigration debate one might be on, or whether You believe it needs fixed or not.

One thing should be abundantly clear that Our President like many in the Congress, and way to many advocation for reform think the American People are so stupid that they actually think we believe these people will end up going to the back of the line.

It’s pretty hard to go to the back of the line when Your alrady in the door.

A Final note Caldarone put His two cents into immigration today with President Obama. His words should have constituted an act of WAR, because He basically told us we should not uphold our laws and should just allow any Mexican who wants to do as they please.

Gas Prices

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The Government did absolutly nothing to the speculators last time. So it was inevidable that they would do it again.

There is no crisis or drop in the oil supply to justify the rise in prices. This means they are raising them just to make money from the suckers one more time.

The Republicans who want smaller Government think we should just let these people rip us off every year or so by raising prices, and the Government to just let them do it. Yet out of the other side of their mouths they say Governments job is to protect us. Protecting us means protecting us from the unscrupulous, the rip off artists, and the crooks just as much as it does the Terrorists.

When Dick Cheney said they kept us safe. He didn’t mention that they failed to act on the speculators on the oil prices, failed to act on the rip offs of Wall Street, failed to hold contractors to account, failed to catch the Bernie Madoffs until it was to late. So they didn’t keep us safe, but left us open to be taken to the cleaners by everybody. Much of this cost us more, and was more damaging to life and limb in this country than a Terrorist attack.

All that aside I have been warning people that some kind of oil crisis, even if it’s just much higher prices were going to hit. In answer people more or less put off what I was saying, as if it couldn’t happen here.

Guess what? Republicans and Democrats are going to be paying those high prices and hurt by them much the same.

The people now bitching about the possible offshore drilling will I’m sure keep bitching while paying those high prices.

If You think the Recession is bad now, and prices are also bad now, wait and see what all that will be at four or five dollar gas.

Good Government, not size matters. Good Government would protect us from the speculators, and not manage but control those who would just raise prices just to make enormous profits at the cost of Country and People.

The American People will someday wake up. They became up in arms over healthcare, but let the last run up in gas prices just slide. They didn’t even bother to badger their Representatives about the speculators the last time, and just ate the high prices.

Maybe this time with the Recession they won’t be quite so quiet when the prices start to eat into their way of living.

America Has Nothing

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America is left with fast talkers and manipulators.

OIl which the world runs on was basically found and made into what it is by us. Now we are at the worlds mercy for it.

Steel was basically iron before Bessemer, invented the process to cheaply make steel out of it. We were the worlds leaders.

Shipbuilding although others built ships by riviting. We in WWII showed that welding was the new age in shipbuilding. Now most of the World can build ships cheaper and faster than us.

This is true thoughout almost everything we used to do the best, and now we can’t even compete with backwards countries abroad.

This didn’t happen by accident. It happened because smart Americans found they could make more money doing nothing, than doing something. They could buy stuff cheaper from others than make it themselves. This seems like the perfect business model make lots of money, by putting less effort into doing it.

You see Wall Street not only caused the last crisis, but the crisis America has in it’s worth to the world. They took the art of making money off other peoples money to the max.

This took America usefulness along with it. They make big money, but don’t do anything worthwhile in doing it. Any Person or Country can do what they do. Now many people and Countries are much better at what they do than even they are.

Our Government bought into Wall Streets therories, and actually made things work for them at the cost to the Country.

Much of the world is doing much better than we are in many cases, because we not only allowed them to do it, but begged them to do it for us.

So ask yourself some simple questions.

What can we still do that other Countries can’t?

What can we make that other countries can’t?

What do we have that the world needs and can’t get anywhere else?

Even our agricultural production although still great can’t totally feed us, and be sold to the world also.

We have gone from a Country the World needed, to a Country that needs the world.

To recover as a Country We need to become much more independent and self sufficient. Where our Politicians keep telling us we need to be part of the Global World. What is really needed for us to become independent from the World. The world won’t help us rebuild our economy, stop selling us stuff, or rebuild us. They look out for themselves like all smart people would do.

So we have basically become a useless Country to ourselves and the World. You will here the bullshit that can’t be true, because people still want to come here. When they come here and find out it is harder everyday to make it in this Country, and the American dream is just that, "A DREAM," they most likely will stop coming.

The policies that led to all of this are not only still being promoted but expanded on. We see that people are happy that WAll Street is up, and all the markets associated with it are doing fine.

Even our President mentioned that exports will possibly be the answer to recovery and growth, and trade will make things better again. Trade policies brought on our problems, and more bad trade policies won’t fix the damage already done.

When people wanted to buy American, they were told this wasn’t right for our Country and the World.

America First is what is needed. If every Americans was working we still could hardly make everything we need. So we might aught to give it a try. Nothing should be allowed to be imported unless it can’t be produced here. Not judged by cost, because almost everything can be gotten cheaper from some where else, but on it’s ability to be made here.

You would here the cries this would start a trade war, what are they going to do refuse to sell us their stuff or buy ours. This is exactly what we need, being forced to make our own goods. We are the worlds market place they make things just to sell us, so if they want to sell us stuff do it on our terms not theirs.

The most important thing for our Nation, is for our Nation to become our Nation, and not the depository for all the worlds goods so they can make big profits on us, at our expense.

The big business and Government, and even the so called wise men will argue till the end that being protectionists is bad and that we need the World. If we fall into depression or bust the world will say, "Wam Bam Sorry Sam," and pass us off as just what used to be.

You see we are only good to them when they can use us. When they could no longer use us we will be even more useless than we are now.

The Country should collectively use their brains to think about this, and quit listening to Politicians, Business, and Market People about what this Country needs. We have listened to them and watched our Country being sold to the world, at our expense.

Security Boloney

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The Administration would have us think, that the failures to connect the dots was the problem with the underpants bomber getting on the plane.

The true reason He was able to get on the plane is He was given a Visa to do so.

This means someone in the State Dept. employ gave this guy a Visa to enter the United States. They must not have even looked at His passport, because it would have showed the traveling He had done to States like Yemen.

They are plainly covering their butts at our expense. Even while saying there were failures they keep saying everything was working great.

The main reason that the terrorists were successful on 911, wasn’t that they wanted to commit the attack, or even that our intelligence failed so miserably, but because they were also given Visa’s to freely enter the Country.

We allow people into the Country, and have no system in place to even know what they are doing, or might want to do.

So the truth is our Government and most of the people in it, and even up to our Presidents won’t admit that it is their allowing people to get Visa’s is the problem. A visa is an open invatation to enter our Country with little in restrictions. If one is a terrorist or not they will likely not be questioned much with that invatation in hand.

Trusting our Government will get it right next time when they won’t even talk about what the real problem is stupidity.

President Obama create Jobs.

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President Obama has done nothing to create jobs since He came to office, He and His keep bragging on the Recovery Act which was not His, but the Congress’s attempt to do something.

Todays summit on jobs would only do some good if He listened, and what He heard was worth it’s salt.

He also brags on His saving us from a depression. Well He saved Wall Street from a depression, but even at that only some, because even Wall Street is laying off.

I don’t think He actually wants to create jobs.

He could have started on day one if that really had been one of His goals.

You see with the bad economy and the Country doing badly the attention is on Him. If things picked up He would be of less interest.

I personally think the job went to His head, and He loves the attention so much that He is content with everybody paying attention to Him.

Please Mr. President prove me wrong and create some jobs.

You can do it. Just give the Country a goal to fix a problem, and enlist the Congress to fund it, and the Country to work to achieve the goal in a short time.

If You pick a goal like getting off foreign oil, to stop burning coal, or to truely fix all our infrastucture, being totally energy independant, any of these things would save huge amounts of money as well as fix a problem.

None off them are hard, can’t be done, or out of the realm of posibility. None of them need years of development of new technology, and commissions to deside if they’ll work. Just get after your choice and do it.

Those that complain about spending the money can be put in thier places, by showing them it would save money and be the best thing to increased money coming into the Government to offset the deficits and debt.

Letting the Country suffer, while going deaper in debt, and doing nothing to correct the problem is worse than spending money to make money.

It’s a simple prospect put the Country back to work, to make people have jobs, business’s have business, and the Government to take in more money in taxes.

Everything the Country needs, want’s, and must have would come much easier if the Country was booming and actually doing something to make us better off. You want Healthcare bring in the taxes to pay for it, You want the wars bring in the money to pay for them, You want the Dow to be at 20.000 give the Country some hope and outlook rather than the uncertaincy that was expressed to You today at Your summit.

Sell recovery bonds that will pay six percent federally guaranteed interest, so You don’t have to borrow the money from China.

For God’s sake do something Mr. President, instead of listening to the people You have around you.

For God’s sake fire Your economic team.

For God’s sake and ours be a Good President.


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A Consitution for Congress

We the people of the United States of America do here by declare. The Congress of the United States to adopt and make into law the following Constutution For Congress. All members to be held to all provisions in it.

First the declaration that the Capitol and it’s halls, are our building, and you are sent there to use it in our work. You do not own it and therefore are there at our bequest.

It should not be used as a bastion for party politics. All members should be seated equally, and no more shall there be any mention of party with in it’s halls. No more minority or majority, no right or left, no cacuses, no party whips, and any attempt to break these rules shall mean immediate dismembership. A replacement to be chozen by their state.

Members should know that their being elected, is to represent the people, and any ingretiating of themselves shall be considered a crime.

No member shall except anything from anyone other than their salary.
They shall not except any paid speaking ingagements, or except money for their presence at any event. Proceeds from books shall be allowed.
Even a candy bar from any lobbist shall be grounds for immediate removal of office.

No member shall be allowed to run for any office, while in office. The Practice of being elected, then using our time to run for another office should be strictly against the law. If wishing to be re-elected they shall be allowed to have their name placed on the ballot, and must run totally on their record. No adds, mailers, people working for them or any campaigning while in office. If they wish to run for another office they must resign the office they hold to do that. This to be strictly upheld with no exception.

No member should be allowed to meet with with anyone in private. All conversations while in office should be recorded, and placed into the Congressional Record. The only exclution being with family and friends. Anyone who may in anyway want to influence them shall not be excluded. They are our servants, and there is no reason that anything they do while in office should not be known to the people.

All of their finances shall be an open book to the people while they hold office. They shall be free to invest, and partake in any business deals as long as they are willing to make them public.

They shall not be allowed to raise money for themselves, packs, parties, or other candidates while in office. They shall not be allowed to campaign for themselves or anyone else while in office. They shall not partake in party politics once elected to any office of Congress. They shall not speak for their party, or hold any party office while elected.

They shall be held to a moral and legal standard to be respectful of their office, at anytime their peers or the people petition their peers to hold a ethics review to decide if they broke this trust.
The outcome if declared broken shall be immediate dismembership. If any member is indited for any crime they shall not be allowed to in any way raise money for a defense fund. If convicted all pay, pensions, and benefits shall be immediately lost.

All members shall be there for every vote, no exceptions other than sickness that can be varified. They are being paid to do a job for us, and should do that job. No trips junkets, fact finding trips, or vacations while either body is in session. No afternoon golf outings, no lunch or dinner meetings, attending events while the houses are in session.

These people may be elected by their respective States, but in taking office they are paid by all the people, and should represent their constituents, and all the people of the Country in honor and repect.

Signed the people of the United States of America

If anyone wishes to add someting I missed feel free.

Nationalize the Health Insurance Industry

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Nationalization is the best, cheapest, and most intelligent way to solve the problems. Take it over and send the profiteers packing.

You see by nationalizing it, the Government could take over the Companies, and keep their people, plans, administratives, and use them toward national healthcare. By sending the profiteers, investors packing, even if forced to offer a severance, it would be cheaper than allowing them to continue to run the show.

The gains are great and the losses few. With the present things working through Congress we will only be worse off after their done than before.

Once the switch was done the Government would have everything they had to work with, not needing new agencies, people, and systems. There could still be the same choices we have by continuing all their companies and plans just as now, but the difference would be the Government could control the money, costs, and negotiate with everybody for lower costs. They could control prices and use those plans or offer more to cover the now uninsured.

They would have what had been profits, advertizing expeditures, and costs of people used to not cover people, and dividends that had been paid to investors to pay for covering the now uninsured. Meaning we wouldn’t be talking of eight hundred and ninty billion tax dollars and service cuts to pay for the the rediculous bill they are now working on.

Our premiums wouldn’t be guaranteed to go up, and the taxes, fines and forced complience with the new act wouldn’t be needed.

We would have a new, with much the same Health Insurance System, yet single payer, with single control, and not for profit Health insurance. Goverernment controlled, overseen, and yet diversified.

It would be good for us, and the health industry, because the changes wouldn’t be made to reduce care for profits, like it is now. The government could make the individual companies correct the pre-existing conditions, the dropping of peoples care, and the refusal to supply insurance, if these companies wanted to continue to be seperated and continue. If they chose not to they could be conformed into a new entity, of a national care program.

This could aventually be melded into Medicare and Medicade, being as they use the insurance industry, and providers the same as the private industry used to

With the supliments, and additional care programs, and medicare Part D, they already use these same companies.

Everything from childrens healthcare, and many other government programs, could now be melded into the system, at great cost savings of our tax dollars.

It sounds complicated, but believe me it is way less complicated then what is being proposed now, by the Congress.

Yes everybody would be against this, because if everybody knew what was right and good for us, we wouldn’t have the messes we have now.

If they would have done this many years ago, we wouldn’t have the problems and the need to do it now. Our Government has failed us, is still failing us, and will continue to fail us, unless we start demanding they do what’s right.

Had they Nationalized the Banks, we would have been way better off than than we are today, with them back in business as usual. When our government fails to do the right things we all pay, as the National debt, deficts, and all the problems we have show.

The nation is unsustainable, and they are still talking spending money, rather than fixing problems. Yes their healthcare bill spends money, and gives it in profits to the insurance companies that are the problem. What we will get is far less than what they are giving away.

Unless you like all our problems, and want to pay for them, start yelling Nationalize.


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It amazes me that all the so-called smart people, or at least the ones in Washington, in the think tanks, the Economists, and those in places where their voices can be heard, are talking about the unemployment problem, but have no answers.
There is only one answer, and that is to put the Country and it’s people back to work. Sounds simple, well it really is, but none of these people can see past their opinions.

The best way to put the Country back to work, is select a problem, then put the money up to fix it, and to encourage business, the Government and the people to work toward that goal.

Personally I think the best one is to get off foreign oil, using natural gas and ethanol, which are two available fuels. This would not only put the Country to work making the change but save trillons over the years.

There are many others. We all know, and it is much talked about is rebuilding our infrastructure. It could be done like the WPA instead of hiring high priced construction firms.

We know we have a problem burning coal for power, and the Congress’s answer is to tax the shit out of us hoping it will start slowing that. The real answer is to use water power, by putting turbines in all our flowing rivers and streems. Instead we are hoping windmills and solar arays will save us.

We know importing everything from the rest of the world, is bad for our economy. So be like the Chinese and copy what they do. They make our products cheap for us, but make better products for their people. They say we can compete, but won’t back us doing it.

The point is that solving this problem is simple. It will take leadership from our Government to do it. We have none of that, and none of us are demanding that we do.

We have see their answers in bailouts, the Recovery Act, and spending to help the unemployed with food stamps and unemployment. All the Government spending they are doing, is not helping much.

Unemployment is not a job, it is a drain on the Government, and only is temporary help. Most would rather have a job than an unemployment check.

They instead of solving the problem which is no job, they addressing it by giving aid not a replacement job. The fact that person has no job, and needs the aid, only compounds the problems. While they have no job they are not paying taxes, buying things and helping the Nations economy. They are a drain to the economy, and hurting themselves and the Country.

You see Washington is ass backwards, instead of a job they give aid. Aid does not create jobs, or help the economy which has to be healthy to create jobs.

Demand, You know that other part of supply and demand we learned about, has to be there to require people to hire people to create jobs. The balony about tax credits, tax cuts, and tax advantages creating jobs is stupid. Business needs demand for their products and sevices to create jobs. What creates demand, is people having jobs and buying things. So the answer to the demand problem, is jobs so people are working. If their working paying taxes, the Government won’t have the high deficits, and be shelling out all that aid in food stamps and unemployment.

like I say the answer to all our problems is to put the Country back to work. What will that take? Try a Presidential declaration, like Kennedy did with going to the moon. A declaration to the Congress to fund it, and the backing of the people for it. Business would gladly jump on the band wagon, because what better for them then to have something to work toward, supply for, and be involved in. Simple yes, but brains that seem to be lacking in the right places now. It would be far better to spend money to solve any of our Nations problems, than to keep throwing more money down the rat hole of hoping the economy will fix itself. If you get a flat tire you get it fixed or you walk. Our economy is the same way either we fix it, or we wait for the next ride.

Listening to the Generals on the Ground

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In world war two, the Generals, won by sending our fighting men into the machine guns of the enemy. We haven’t won a wars since. N Korea was a mess, and ended in an amnesty, leaving hundreds of our solders behind to be tortured a Killed. We all know what a mess Veitnam was, thousands of our guys died, and we left with our tails between our legs.
All of our adventures in war since, have cost us many dead, no wins, and poor endings. Yet we continue to rave over our great Generals. The Generals of yesteryear led their men into battle, and won their wars. Ours cower in some secure compound or bunker, while sending our men to die.
We bragged up Swartskoff, in the first Gulf war, but He needed over five hundred thousand men, and twenty how many Countries, to back Him up to do it. We didn’t win that one either, and set ourselves up for Iraq II.
We pinned a metal on Tommy Franks for losing Osama, and leaving us the mess in Afghanistan we have today. We let Him start the Iraq war, then retire before He could be held to account. All of them since have been jokes, because they just managed to hang on with no wins.
The republicans turned General Patraus into some kind of God. Yet we forget He was in Iraq before He became a General, supposedly trianing the Iraqies, and we didn’t see any great shakes from that. His great strategy to win the insurgency, was to use our money to buy the Iraqies to our side. We raved over Him and put Him incharge of both wars, and we aren’t winning either. Some great General, when there aren’t great results. They say the surge worked, but it may have made things somewhat better, but we haven’t won. We are still being told that when we leave there is no guarantee’s what we fought and died for will turn out good.
Great Generals do great things, and few of what we have had in all the past have done great things. I’m not saying they all were bad, but even our best ones won what they did on the backs of our soldiers, not what they did.
Admirals weren’t much better, in WW II many of them made bad decisions, and things were saved by lower ranked officers and again our fighting men.
So we are supposed to listen to the Gererals on the Ground. When has one actually given us a plan to win, a strategy that will have an ending, and a way out of the messes were in. Not recently. They say we must stay, commit more troops, more time, more money, if we ever want to leave. Not win, but be able to leave. If the Generals of the past came to the Kings and Rulers and told them this they would have been exicuted. They come to us and tell us these things, and we give them what they want, and ask if they need more.
We fail to see what our love of Generals has cost us. We should be a Country paved with Gold, but we have wasted that gold on what Generals wanted. They have spent us into the poorhouse, with their actions in our wars, and military equipment, and rediculous schemes. They outspent the Russians in the cold war and about drove them into bankruptcy, and thats who we so-called won the cold war. All the stuff they bought for the cold war could not have won that war millitarily. It only insured we could have killed the Russians, if they killed us. All of it could not have defended us, had the Russians made the decision to shoot first. We fail to remember that our armed forces are the Defence Department of the United States of America. Their sworn job is to defend the United States of America. That means us. They failed to defend us at Pearl Harbor. They failed to defend us on 9-11. They do not defend our borders, or much of anything in this Country. They are stationed all over the world defending other Countries, and haven’t managed to get rid of any bad guys. Their are bad actors all over the world, from Countries, to pirates, to terrorists, and all that Military hasn’t stopped, controlled, or even intimidated anyone.
So every time I hear "WE," need to listen to the Generals on the Ground, I want to puke, or go postal, but am intelligent enough to know it’s not My problem. If the American People are so dumb to listen to the Politicains, and back them up by paying for the Generals mistakes, it’s for them to deal with.
The greatest Military in the world, hasn’t been able to handle two little peanuts of Countries in our wars, this aught to tell us we better pray a big guy doesn’t start something, because we have already lost. The world doesn’t respect foolish wars not being won, this doesn’t impress, restrain, or deter people from thinking about fighting us. We lost the high ground, and are in the valley praying we don’t get ambushed, from those on the ridges above us. All because our great Generals have made us look like the fools we are.