The most troubling aspect of the news of the day and the play on ‘US’

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The top line propaganda piece of the last few days has been the dismal job growth numbers. Secondarily, it updates the previous numbers put out in months prior, revising them downward. In essence, saying that what was put out before was not nearly as accurate as it should have been.  Now if you are conscious of what is going on, then you would remember that it was only a few weeks ago that several states were no longer eligible for federal assistance for unemployment insurance, California and Michigan being the two most populist and populated states being cut.  The most logical thing to do  is to review the economic data that reported these states were no longer eligible for federal assistance of unemployment insurance.  Surely they must have based their findings on the same economic data that was just revised?

The conscience reader will already come to the conclusion that this will not happen.  The simple reason is that this is what American austerity looks like. The bankers are pulling the strings in front of our faces.  In one hand they handle the puppet Obama, in the other, Romney.  The puppets fight over a pile of campaign cash, while we look upon like amused children choosing which puppet we like best.  In the cartoonish drama for what most Americans think of, when they think of  American History ; we are in Act 2 of a cyclic play named ‘US’.  In this scene of the second act the term recession is used . Perhaps the bankers don’t want to frighten the children to much yet with the word depression? That word is left for Act 3 .

In Act 3 the world stage will be filled with all sorts of characters, heroes and villains and many of the children will be asked to join in this play. Many will go willingly, because children want to be like their heroes and vanquish the same villains. The puppet masters tell us that in the story of ‘US’. Human freedom is intertwine with capitalism that at times we must sacrifice even in blood to keep it alive and that we must pray that this sacrifice is worthy enough.  The story ends with many children dieing.

More children are brought into the audience and the play begins again, Act 1. The most troubling aspect about this play is not the dead children but that there are some children in the the audience who have seen this play already and cheer the new children along. The older children sometimes get permanent roles in the play and become puppet masters themselves never asking why. The story of ‘US’ has been told to children around the world.

The news of the day is never really new. The plutocrats in charge of human society have been feeding us the same story for a long time. The older children just retell the story and highlight the parts they like best.  The cyclic madness is hidden behind the curtain of  continued economic expansion, some would call it empire building.  Our media is part and parcel to continuing this idiocy that retards human progress.  Critical thinking and a society based on reason should be the goal not this emotionally crippled, easily led by the nose society, which listens to the mantra of “consume, kill, pray.”