Natural Gas Commercials are Full of Crap! Total Breakdown of Corporate Responsibility Exposed by Satire: Ironic News Report

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The Fossil Fuel and Natural Gas industries have launched an all out publicity blitz to skew the conversation around the highly controversial practice of Hydraulic Fracturing (Hydrofracking). Their targeted commercial spots on Fox, CNN, MSNBC and other channels during the main news casts are insidious in how they seek to make the sheep feel good about being lead to slaughter. The spots expertly lull viewers into a feeling of safety, security, and hope by focusing on ‘creating jobs’ and having ‘energy independence’ and enough energy to last for ’100 years’. They FAIL to mention a few, pesky details that might dampen public opinion and get in the way of the 3 trillion dollars the fossil fuel industry stands to make in the process.

Comedian and satirist Julianna Forlano hosts this special edition of The Ironic News Report. Watch it while you can! (Like before it gets suppressed for being true.)