Mohammed Omer . . .

In Gaza the nights are longer than any night in the world. Night in the world is supposed to be for sleep, but here the night is for horror.

The Guardian . . .

United Nations officials described the killing of sleeping children as a disgrace to the world and accused Israel of a serious violation of international law after a school in Gaza being used to shelter Palestinian families was shelled on Wednesday. At least 15 people, mostly children and women, died when the school in Jabaliya refugee camp was hit by five shells during a night of relentless bombardment across Gaza. More than 100 people were injured. Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, said the attack was ‘outrageous and unjustifiable’ and demanded “accountability and justice”. The UN said its officials had repeatedly given details of the school and its refugee population to Israel.

1,422 Palestinians have been killed.

8,265 have been injured.

And Gaza’s long night is far from over.

We’re told that Israel has no choice but to defend itself. NBC keeps telling us that. ABC keeps telling us that. CNN and CBS keep telling us that, Fox keeps bellowing that dogma day in and day out, but their attempts to justify the IDF’s rampage in Gaza, their relentless efforts to blame Hamas for the carnage are not succeeding. Because of the reports of independent journalists, because of the courage of the people of Gaza and their use of social media, the world is seeing how Israel “defends itself”.

This is how . . .

Rashid Khalidi, The New Yorker . . .

What Israel is doing in Gaza now is collective punishment. It is punishment for Gaza’s refusal to be a docile ghetto. It is punishment for the gall of Palestinians in unifying, and of Hamas and other factions in responding to Israel’s siege and its provocations with resistance, armed or otherwise, after Israel repeatedly reacted to unarmed protest with crushing force. Despite years of ceasefires and truces, the siege of Gaza has never been lifted.

The siege, the blockade, a life sentence imposed by Israel, a life sentence for each unharmful, gentle soul misplaced inside that jail.

Bibi always peddles the same propaganda about Gaza . . .

Benjamin Netanyahu




He must think the world is blind. Well it’s not blind, hundreds of millions of people have seen who’s doing all the killing. The Prime Psychopath of Israel can point his finger at Hamas until it falls off, but the world has seen his guilt in the charred ruins of Gaza’s refugee shelters, in the twisted wreckage of schools and places of worship, in the bodies of children buried in the rubble of the world’s largest prison.

Netanyahu is a war criminal. I’m not telling you that, reality is telling you that, your own eyes are telling you that, the innocent blood staining the Star of David is telling you that, the images of horror haunting the conscience of the world are telling you that.

War crimes. Three weeks of Israeli war crimes, with more on the way. A nation of killers, that is what Israel has become.

This is a turning point, Israel has crossed all the red lines and the world will hold them accountable for it. This long night for the people of Gaza will end, the light of justice will finally shine on them, and there will be no more darkness. In the names of the slain, in the names of everyone who speaks out for those who have been silenced, in the names of the outcasts of Gaza, burning constantly at stake, the Chimes of Freedom are going to ring.

At long last, they are going to ring . . .

Please visit the website Humanize Palestine, it has been set up in remembrance of the men, women and children of Gaza who have been killed by the Israeli military.