My New Year's Resolution is to find inner peace.What’s Your “better” New Year’s Resolution?

Casting aside the ‘traditionalism” for What’s Best, I have downsized my Hope and Aspiration to one of what’s “better” for me and my Extended Family, and thusly, the politics that I will encounter and address, when it comes to the Big Transition, or the inevitable move from a white Democracy and into a brown Democracy, suggests to me that a “pool” of talent for the Oval Office, requires that I consider, not populism, but prudence.

Therefore, I will commence advocating “for the Presidency,” of both Labor Secretary’s Robert Reich and Hilda Solis for the Democratic Party’s nomination to become the President of this good old United States.  And in doing so, moving our national politics to the Center-Left, and where Jobs become the defining moment for this Transition.  In doing so, I will be 30 years ahead of America’s Power Curve.  And if you join me in this Endeavor, our crafting the American Dream in the form of a national Test of Ambition, will prove beneficial to the next generation of smart voters.

Note:  My Tip-of-the-Hat to Elliott.



Picture from Adam Rifkin licensed under Creative Commons