And Yes, I am a “turista”

For many long years, here in the Sonoran Desert and at its northern geographical zone, the Big Hole, as we affectionately call the Grand Canyon, our political opposition to radiological mining has been impressive, and thusly, prohibiting the contamination of the low amounts of available  groundwater, makes me an inveterate “turista.”  As such and as a tourist, I am “protecting” the Tourism Industry.  Imagine that?

So, when I look out and beyond the boundaries of the Sonoran Desert and to our foreign policy, I find that our political dispensation is “geared” to “protecting” Israel’s Tourism Industry.  Therefore, the FAA’s restriction on flights into Israel, were quickly lifted and which no longer denies their Tourism Industry their foreign monies, given that the War in Gaza, must not discourage any of easily-complying companions or “turistas.” 

And the national news media is crediting former Mayor Bloomberg with being a Hero for being a “turista” too.