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Republicans Are Caught With Their Pants Down

By: jaango Saturday April 26, 2014 7:27 am


Republicans are caught with their pants down

Within this past week’s national obsession that is now focused on Nevada’s Cliven Bundy, doing a take down on Bundy and his Patriot buddies, is just too easy to pass up. 
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However, I prefer to spend my time writing about this political nonsense, and starting from a much neglected direction.  Take, for example, the following and as provided by our local and statewide conservative newspaper here in Arizona.

“…A handful of lawmakers started work afire with the Bundy Ranch fever.  Several Republicans traveled to Nevada, where rancher Cliven Bundy has been in a standoff with federal officials over his two-decade old practice of not paying his grazing fees.

“Representative David Livingston, who tweeted photos of himself at a pro-Bundy news conference, returned to the House a changed man, or so he told fellow lawmakers, ‘We do not have the power’ he said, complaining about the state’s inability to control land within its borders.

“But Representative Albert Hale reminded lawmakers who really owns much of the Western land.  Hale, a member of the Navajo Nation, concluded a floor speech by noting that he was in Tuba City on the same day Livingston and Co. were in Nevada.  ‘Thanks for trying to get my land back,’ Hale said, looking at Livingston, as lawmakers burst into laughter.”

And from this standpoint of an indigenous person, need more be said?


 Note:  Originally posted on the web site for the Chicano Veterans Organization



NSA & The Clueless

By: jaango Sunday March 23, 2014 11:10 am

NSA & The Clueless  

History, from the perspective of the Native Americans here in the Sonoran Desert, does “inform” when the Majority refuse to recognize our erstwhile history.

And from bobbozebell.net, Bell, the consummate historian writes of the parable “Named By Their Enemies.”

“The Spanish asked the Zunis who those renegades were who were running off with all their horses and a Zuni said, ‘Enemies,” which sounded to the Spaniards like ‘Apache.’ When the Navajos were asked who built the abandoned pueblos, they said, ‘ancient enemies,’ which ended up as ‘Anasazis.’ When the Pima were asked who their neighbors were, they said, as a joke, the ‘bean eaters,’ which became the ‘Papago.’ The Pima got their handle when they repeatedly answered, ‘I don’t know’ to the Europeans who were questioning them. By this standard, Anglos should be called Clueless.”

And on this past Saturday, over at the well-known website of Firedoglake.com, their august Book Salon was hosted by Kevin Gosztola, a national security reporter of ever-increasing renown and where the author, Luke Harding, of his book and titled, “The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man” was competently and aggressively discussed by those with considerable familiarity on the subject area of  National Security.

And for those of us military vets and who ascribe to the mantra for “to inform and to educate,” serious subject areas are a regular occurrence at this Book Salon. With time permitting, check out the Book Salon and have some fun by participating.

Note:  Originally posted on the web site of the Chicano Veterans Organization.



The Latest Public Opinion Polling on Chicano Voting Behavior

By: jaango Wednesday March 5, 2014 7:44 pm

The Latest Public Opinion Polling on Chicano Voting Behavior


One of my joys in writing a regular column on business/politics for the Chicano Veterans Organization over these many years, is that I have the opportunity to express my views in a variety of political venues, as well. Therefore, a public opinion poll that is focused on the voting behavior of Latinos in Arizona seems quite appropriate, and given that the off-year election of this November, will reaffirm this “status quo.” Or, maybe not?

However, my only critique of any public opinion poll on this subject area, never, and I mean “never” is that the history of the Democratic Party, is virtually ignored, thusly, best expressed when the following is considered. To wit, in their book of 1991 and titled, “The Democratic Façade,” authors Daniel Hellinger and Dennis Judd had this to say:

“The financial edge enjoyed by corporations, conservatives, and Republicans has a qualitative dimensions not readily grasped from a superficial analysis of the data on contributions. Corporate capital has managed to organize itself in such a way as to maximize its influence on critical pressure points in the system. Business PAC’s have effectively targeted members of key congressional committees and sub-comittees vital to their particular interests. A good example is the House Energy and Commerce Committee. In 1982, labor PACs contributed the sizable sum of $665, 757 to members of this Committee. However, the combined PAC contributions solely from energy companies ($468,820) and from the real estate and construction industry ($223,223) surpassed total labor contributions. Additional contributions to committee members from PACs linked to banking and finance and corporations involved in food, automobiles, communications, doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical, insurance, aerospace, and other firms together matched the labor contributions a second time over. The situation was similar for other key committees, such as the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee, where business PACs accounted for 68% ($11 million) of all PAC contributions made to committee members in1984.

“The need to attract more corporate PAC contributions has strengthened the hand of Democratic leaders who seek to cure the party’s ill by loosening its ties to minorities, the unions, and the working class and poor. Stung by their loss of the presidency and the control of the Senate in 1980, the Democrats decided to seek corporate PAC contributions aggressively. Rep. Tony Coelho (D-Calif.) persuaded big Democratic financiers to contribute to the party’s congressional fund and at the same time helped the Democrats organize more effectively to solicit corporate PAC donations. Both major parties and politicians within each party established “clubs” to facilitate interaction between wealth contributors and politicians. (Richard Gephardt’s “Democratic Leadership Council” is an example.) Major Party figures gave speeches and held conferences for such clubs, but Coelho indicated that political education was hardly the driving motivations for joining. “Access. Access,” he told columnist Elizabeth Drew, “that’s the name of the game. They meet with the leadership and with the chairmen of the committees. We don’t sell legislation: we sell the opportunity to be heard.””

Therefore, and over these many years, Latinos have adapted to these changing political behaviors and which has reaffirmed the notional of the age-old mantra for the “vendidos” of political persuasion and which is applicable and amply “re-invented” when another and prevalent notional is understood for the criticality that is in “protecting the community.”

Of course, another seminal critique when viewing political opinion polls and which tendentiously excludes the Native American communities, given that the majority of Native Americans are urban dwellers in these metropolitan locations. As such, in Arizona, the majority of these populations of the 17 tribal societies, are easily identifying as living in our urban locations and subsequently return to the Rez on most weekends with a preponderance of “citified” good s and services found and located in the wallet or purse.

Now, to this latest Poll and done from the confines of the State of Washington and as applicable to Chicanos here in the Sonoran Desert.

For our astute readers, this, the latest public opinion poll, identifies Immigration Reform as the first and foremost issue that is of importance to any Spanish-speaking person and to a salient community-wide political issue. Not so, of course, given that in the prior presidential cycle, the “agenda” consisted of: 1)Jobs, 2)More Jobs, 3) Education, and 4) Immigration Reform. But this poll, is, indeed correct in one of its conclusions, and that being that Latinos are failing to tap their voting potential, given that Latinos do not match the Anglo Standard of 72% registered and 64% voting while among Latinos, 52% were registered and 40% voted. And yet, every public opinion poll conducted since time immemorial in Arizona, has achieved this almost identical conclusion. As such, an always un-concretized “potential.”

And to more “subtlety and nuance” found in Latino Decision’s poll and done for the America’s Voice, an immigrant rights and advocacy organization, is the following:

1. Latino voters in Arizona place a higher priority on immigration reform than Latinos in the rest of the country.

2. Arizona Latinos are more likely to vote to support their community than a political party.

3. Arizona Latinos say they are more likely than their counterparts in other states to reward Republicans who support immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

Additional notes include that today’s Arizona Latino population is at 30% and in 2050 will achieve or constitute a 44% of the total population. Moreover, the median age of Latinos is at 27 years-of-age, while the median age of Anglos is at 45 years-of-age. Unfortunately, no attention was given to the influx of those souls moving to Arizona from throughout the United States, even though two out of three persons return to their state of origin and done within the first year of arrival.

And yet, the “status quo” demonstrates the following:

In last year’s election cycle, Democratic Congresswoman Anne Kirkpatrick was returned to Congress due to the Native American and Chicano voters, despite this District being a Republican voter-majority district. Also, Congresswoman Kyrstin Sinema was elected due to Native American and Chicano voters despite this District being a Republican voter-majority district. Further, Democratic Congressman Ron Barber was elected due to Native American and Chicano voters despite this District being a Republican voter-majority district.

Consequently, in the final analysis, will the Democratic PACs and their attendant political operatives come to realize that wasting monies on ‘messaging’ via communications outlets such as television ads, be re-directed into numerous voter registration drives as well as GOTV efforts, and done in order to “move the votes” in a progressive direction, become the new “status quo”?

Not likely and which hasn’t occurred for the most part, since 1984. And given today’s political exigencies in our white Democracy, tax rates will continued to be reduced benefiting the wealthy, but the YOYO or the “you’re on your own” economics will never happen when “protecting the community” is employed, writ large, as a political Offense Mechanism.

Consequently, in the final analysis, will the Democratic PACs and their attendant political operatives come to realize that wasting monies on ‘messaging’ via communications outlets such as television ads, be re-directed into numerous voter registration drives as well as GOTV efforts, and done in order to “move the votes” in a progressive direction, become the new “status quo”? Not likely and which hasn’t occurred for the most part, since 1984.

And given today’s political exigencies in our white Democracy, tax rates will continued to be reduced benefiting the wealthy, but the YOYO or the “you’re on your own” economics will never happen when “protecting the community” is employed, writ large, as a political Offense Mechanism.

Now, on to the next public opinion poll–soon to arrive over the transom, and at the behest of the NSA! on to the next public opinion poll–soon to arrive over the transom, and at the behest of the NSA!


“Voters can suppress the suppressors”

By: jaango Tuesday February 18, 2014 9:35 am

“Voters can suppress the suppressors”

Back in June of 2011 and after the SCOTUS rendered their decisions regarding the elimination of one of Arizona’s citizen initiatives and which governed public financing campaign laws and followed by their establishment of Citizens United as the now Public Law, we, here at the Chicano Veterans Organization, called for the public resignations of Roberts, Kennedy, Alito, Scalia and Thomas.  We, continue to call for their resignations, yet again, given the consistent and the constant ‘smoldering embers’ among Republican officials here in Arizona. As such, these embers have grown into a full-fledged fire predicated on blatant political animosity.

And one among the many of my favorite writers and columnists is E.J. Montini, of the Arizona Republic newspaper here in Phoenix, and he starts his regular column on the “Voters can suppress the suppressors” and which can be located in the Valley and State section or Page 2, and dated today, February 18, 2014, as well as found on the website of azcentral.com.  

As such, he goes on to demonstrate that the Republican-led legislature and in the Senate Chamber, has the requisite 19 votes necessary for approval on the referendum of Senate Concurrent  Resolution 1003, and if approved by voters in November, will be  added to the Arizona Constitution.  If approved, all voter-centric citizen initiatives will have to come before the voters every 8 years and for “re-approved” in order to remain germane to public law.  Long story short, the Republican leaders went out and hired a cabal of smart and savvy election lawyers, and this was the best they could come up with and done in order to :circumvent” the voters without perpetuating the ongoing stink and ugly smell of and for any political taint.

And now to the short history!  In the waning hours of last year’s legislative session, the Republicans approved and the Governor signed legislation on a two-pronged approach to the future.  Thus, third party candidates would undergo a sizable increase in voter signatures to acquire ballot status.  Moreover, signed and sealed mail-in ballots could not be collected by political operatives and delivered to election officials. Sadly, no one in the Republican Party can support an “only a mail-in ballot system.”  And from this HB 2305, this firestorm escalated.  Shortly after the vote was taken, the Chairman of the Libertarian Party had this to say:  “It’s unbelievable.  It’s bizarre. These people (Republican legislators) don’t seem to understand that to win by exclusion isn’t to win. It’s to cheat.  It’s a lack of moral character

Since then, a large swath of community organizations came together and created the Protect Your Right to Vote and went on to spend thousands of hours, and thereby acquiring well over 100,000 signatures.  This effort culminated on putting another citizen initiative onto the ballot for this November’s voter consideration

In closing, the Republican “dagger to the heart” at the voter is that all citizen-initiatives will be jeopardized. And more so, when the voters have, over all these past years, approved citizen initiatives that include medicinal marijuana, clean elections law, our Independent Redistricting Commission, and just as important, First Things First which enhances our children’s educational successes– from expanding health care and to greater financial funding for education.



Ahhh, the GOP’s Immigration Principles*

By: jaango Friday January 31, 2014 3:03 pm

Obviously, the Republicans in the House, have now “outed” themselves for being thoroughly against any sensible Comprehensive Immigration Reform effort, and with the full understanding that any future Republican administration owes nothing to Latino and Asian American voters.  Now, that’s American politics in its most thorough-going effort that contradicts the GOP’s “reaching out to Chicano military vets” and as advocated by Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry.  But will these Principles satisfy the “base”?

Of course it will, knowing that this year’s off-year election cycle requires that the GOP must wholeheartedly animate the Republican voter, otherwise their self-perceived “wave election” in November will collapse inward from lack of enthusiasm, despite their considerable financial investment in getting voters to the ballot box.

Consequently, Romney’s “self-deportation” remains intact even though the higher deportations numbers have been increasing, and therefore, ignoring reality, is just another guise and where “tricking the base” will become notable given the level of rhetoric being utilized and as in the underscored vitriol for “amnesty.”

And sad to say, these Republicans aren’t listening to their fellow stalwart Hispanic Republicans and which means that Hispanic Republicans will have to open the door, as well as roll up the windows in order to let the stink waft itself out of these Republican rooms.

* Originally posted on the web site of the Chicano Veterans Organization



State of the Union Speech–Chicano Style

By: jaango Monday January 27, 2014 4:41 pm

For the many among us and who’ve heard this circumspect Annual Speech after Annual Speech, won’t find much to appreciate via new Ideas, given that this History won’t speak to any recognizable Progressive Agenda. 

And as for my being a staunch Democrat for all these many years, President Obama’s presidential behavior is just more of this “circumspect” via the past six presidents for preaching the “conservative” nostrums, albeit Clinton and Obama for their somewhat lackluster “camouflaged” conservatism of the suspect Neo-Liberalism or Third Way.  But in even more precise terms, the national debt was at $375 billion when Jimmy Carter left the Oval Office and of course, next month, our national debt will reach an approximate $27 trillion. Thusly, so much for what animates conservatism, Republicans and Democrats alike. 

And given that America’s political “power cycle” of a standardized 30 years and which reinvents itself, it’s always propitious to recognize that today’s “power cycle” commenced with the AUMF, and therefore, another twenty years will bring forth the transition from a white Democracy and into a brown Democracy and where the proverbial “argument” commences with the nostrum of:  “Should this brown Democracy renege on the white Democracy’s National Debt?”

Obviously, President Obama’s “crickets” won’t be speaking to me any longer.




Our Kudos to the ACLU and MALDEF

By: jaango Monday January 20, 2014 8:40 am


Our Kudos to the ACLU and MALDEF*

Today, we offer our Kudos to the American Civil Liberties Union and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund for their continuing and arduous legal work when it comes to their effective results concerning one of our top priorities, and that being the civil rights of our Spanish-speaking communities, not only here in Arizona but throughout our United States.

And the ACLU’s latest and respective effort is premised on the presumptive politics of “border security.”  Take, for example, here in our Sonoran Desert and outside our nation’s capitol, Arizona has the most depressing of all political statistics and that is in being the foremost among the fifty states for the ‘wealth’ of armed government agents.  As such, the ACLU is now demanding of Homeland Security and the Border Patrol Bureau begin a constructive investigation that is in keeping with a 1976 SCOTUS decision in which immigration checkpoints were permissible if the stops were brief, involved a “limited enquiry into residence status,” and a visual inspection of the exterior of the vehicle.  Today, border security is now running amok.

To wit, any appeal to Homeland Security, evident its past behavior and which does not respond to personal or individualized appeals, and thusly, the ACLU is making a formal appeal via the appropriate legal channels.  Consequently, the federal courts will have to sort out the “unassailable” facts and where travelers are being stopped, being delayed well beyond reason, and some have even been temporarily incarcerated, especially in Southern Arizona.  More so, since small business entrepreneurs are not complaining that the tourism is being hampered.  And obviously, border security’s failing to ask for any residency document, has become quite prevalent.  And perhaps, the most egregious example of this behavior, an American resident/driver and occupants was asked to permit an interior check of his vehicle, he refused, and of course, the agent’s drug-sniffing dog had selected the wrong vehicle for further attention, but this did not dissuade the armed agent.  Furthermore, the driver and occupants were detained in steel cells inside a trailer for an approximate 45 minutes.  What the Hell?

In addition and as per the usual, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, has been up to the legal challenge for protecting our existing civil rights and for our unwillingness to accept our further disenfranchisement at the ballot box.  The Arizona State Legislature passed legislation, and further, signed by Governor Jan Brewer, and since Section Four of the Voting Rights Act no longer exists and which means that we, the “racial and ethnics” are not required to prove that actualized “intent to discriminate” existed at the time this legislation was crafted and approved.   Therefore, only Section 2 can be utilized to address our concerns. 

Enter MALDEF, and is now in court seeking all relevant documents (public and private) by and between Republican members of the State Legislature as well as any communications initiated by and possibly received by the Governor’s Office.  More so, should the Courts make these “communications” available to MALDEF, and we find a Hate that has spilled over and beyond the Walls of the Political Arena, Hell will “break loose” in our Spanish-speaking communities.  And in what form will this take place?  An national campaign to “Boycott Republicans” will come to fruition and will last for many years, and led by America’s Spanish-speaking military vets.  And that’s us.

*Originally posted on the website of the Chicano Veterans Organization



What’s your “better” New Year’s Resolution?

By: jaango Saturday December 28, 2013 4:37 am

My New Year's Resolution is to find inner peace.What’s Your “better” New Year’s Resolution?

Casting aside the ‘traditionalism” for What’s Best, I have downsized my Hope and Aspiration to one of what’s “better” for me and my Extended Family, and thusly, the politics that I will encounter and address, when it comes to the Big Transition, or the inevitable move from a white Democracy and into a brown Democracy, suggests to me that a “pool” of talent for the Oval Office, requires that I consider, not populism, but prudence.

Therefore, I will commence advocating “for the Presidency,” of both Labor Secretary’s Robert Reich and Hilda Solis for the Democratic Party’s nomination to become the President of this good old United States.  And in doing so, moving our national politics to the Center-Left, and where Jobs become the defining moment for this Transition.  In doing so, I will be 30 years ahead of America’s Power Curve.  And if you join me in this Endeavor, our crafting the American Dream in the form of a national Test of Ambition, will prove beneficial to the next generation of smart voters.

Note:  My Tip-of-the-Hat to Elliott.