This week, in Thursday’s “RedState” subscriber e-mail, Erick Erickson, the Conservative Christian pundit, told his followers that if Congress passes the bipartisan deal to expand background checks, hashed out by Sen. Joe Manchin and Sen. Pat Toomey, it will lead to the federal government taking the guns of everyone  “…who believe in the physical resurrection of Christ…”

Wayne LaPierre - Lobbyist Loaded for Bear

Wayne LaPierre – Lobbyist Loaded for Bear

I snicker every time I see “Morning Briefing” next to Erick’s name in my inbox, as if the mail’s quality rises to the level of truth or current events by simply calling it a briefing, but, even for RedState, that persecuted Christian fantasy was too much!

Starting, he ensnared his devout readers with his time-honored brand of conservative ecstasy, making this statement in his catch line, “Morning Briefing: Believe in Jesus?  Hand in your gun!”
Then, he brought his message to climax by penetrating conservative rationality with the use of the alluring  concept of confiscation, while quieting any possible outrage by caressing those inane fears of gun control.

After, he moaned and watched with republican primary pleasure as his seed multiplied and spread through the one-sided thread.

Can you tell I felt violated reading his article?  How can it not be intellectual rape when Erick drives believers by corrupting and inflaming their fears using fantasy and faith?

Because of twisted messages like Erick’s we’ve been desensitized to gun violence, like the shooting last weekend in Tennessee, and need a taste of reality… WHEN A FOUR-YEAR-OLD, SURROUNDED BY ADULTS, KILLS A PERSON WITH A FIREARM… IT IS NOT A TERRIBLE ACCIDENT!

Who doesn’t wonder about alcohol when someone dies in a car crash?  But, did Tennessee law enforcement analyze anyone’s sobriety while investigating the shooting at a backyard cookout last weekend?  In my world, weekend cookouts include alcohol and should not include loaded firearms, but the mainstream media, even the media we’re constantly told holds a liberal bias, hasn’t connected the dots.

Without alcohol, for which I only have suspicions, someone was terribly negligent.  With alcohol, by any standard other than the one we use in regard to firearms, someone was criminally negligent.

We need to examine what we think we know and understand about The second Amendment.  We need to treat guns and gun violence with the same scrutiny as every other thing in this world.

I believe the Second Amendment became dated when we stopped leaving the rifle by the door on our way in the house.  Society will never see that while being bombarded by such mind numbing ridiculousness exemplified by assuming that shooting could ever be an accident.

While conservative pundits and politicians, with the help of the NRA, mire our country two or three centuries in the past and shroud the logic of that with words like liberty and freedom, the rest of us are making our best efforts to solve the realities of today’s world.

To face those puzzles honestly, we need to review everything we take for granted about firearms, the Second Amendment and gun law reform.  Most importantly we have to face the absurd reality of what pundits like Erick Erickson have done to people who believe in Conservatism.

Caricature from DonkeyHotey licensed under Creative Commons