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Some quick info about the devastating earthquake which took place today in Haiti. Keeping in touch with family online on Facebook–all in the US have not been able to reach family in Haiti. The UN building has reportedly been heavily damaged. UN has not accounted for many employees. No word on casualty numbers. CNN predicting half of the population of Port-au-Prince may perish. Populations PAP estimated at 2,000,000. A radio station covering the situation live is reporting that the whole neighborhood of  Carrefour, Haiti is gone.

Aftershocks reverberating, People can only see dust, US sending in military troops, Tsumani warming is no longer in effect.

Listen Live via Radio (Creole) here

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Live CNN coverage of earthquake in Haiti: Watch CNN Live

Donate to the Red Cross here.

It looks like awful devastation. What else to folks here suggest to do to help?