Not inevitable.

What has just occurred on Syria, the aversion of another mainstream media (MSM) “Inevitable War”, despite the absolute, uniform certitude of the MSM that it must and will occur … yada yada yada, is such a rare thing. It was so important that the American people, along with the Brits and the World, have uniformly, and with certitude, absolutely rejected that MSM’s advocacy for more war.

Starting with the Brits’ rejection of doing Syria like we did Libya  – a British PM has not been denied the right to use military force since the 1800′s.

This has so shocked the MSM, they were indignant. Many have called for a campaign to ban English muffins, yes, rename them Freedom Muffins, and since the French are bloodlusting with us, we bring back the French fry.

But seriously, the steadfast rejection by the American People of another war, despite the MSM, is the most important event for the following reasons.

The most important reason is the people’s understanding, rejection of the hyped-up rationales for war the MSM forwarded. As the debate started from information people had obtained from the internet, best exemplified by the massive increase in traffic to the Guardian, revealed a much less clear picture for war.

At that point, small segments of the MSM, who had been roaring like church mice (Maddow&Hayes), were forced to speak up. But we all experienced the MSM’s advocacy for war. It became apparent that it was not even advocacy journalism, it was just advocacy. Joe Public understood what the MSM was selling and they did not buy. What does that mean?

It demonstrates the huge credibility gap with the American People. The MSM in its current form will be here forever. That people understand what it is, an advocate, is incredibly important. Venezuela gives us the best example of what is possible. The MSM there has 93% viewership and uniformly, for over a decade, degrade and belittle the leftist government. The people watch the news but reject most of the assertions made by the MSM. I image they may be getting their news from the Guardian, I don’t know.

Here in the US where the the MSM continues its warmongering, calls to cut Social Security, calls to cut Medicare, and never mentions Wall Street prosecutions, or having the rich and the corporations pay their fair share will continue to lose credibility, that’s a good thing. We are seeing the results of a public that remembers how they war-mongered on Iraq, advocated for the Iraq war, made sure they never asked any questions of import nor engaged in anything related to journalism–just advocacy. We see the same thing on Syria.

If we are to start trending toward a better America, the American People must disregard much of what the MSM is advocating, this is starting to happen and will be almost impossible to reverse.  This issue of bombing Syria clarified for so many what the MSM is. If change is to come, what is more important than that?

The MSM and The MSM Theory of Inevitable War are badly wounded, we should rejoice and redouble our efforts to spread the word. Peace, give it a chance you might like it.

Photo by Jonathan Kos-Read under Creative Commons license