I have always enjoyed Bill Maher’s humor. If you have not seen his documentary “Religious” you should.  One of the reasons I enjoy his stuff is that it is fact based. It always bothered me that he that adopted the position that Muslims and the Muslim religion breeds more violence, crazier than Christianity or the belief in the Great Amazonian Ju-Ju under the sea.

The beauty of Bill Maher’s evolution, as demonstrated by the following video clips, is the message that good debate based on fact with opposing opinions changes minds.

As he transitions in the two clips from “Muslims, the religion are inherently violent” to, as we are trying to bomb another Muslim country “don’t ask why they hate us” we should appreciate that transition as the most important evolution necessary to rein in the war machine.

This is one of the many things, of late, that give me hope that we will leave our children a more peaceful world than we inherited. Spread the word, Peace. It appears to have worked on Maher