I long for the days when  Noam would take down conservative icon, William Buckely, and rub his face in the facts. That debate does not happen on any  Main Stream Media  I am aware of.

Amy Goodman is an excellent example of a moderator fostering good debate. She often brings on individuals that have opposing opinions and introduces topics within that format that are relevant to the debated subject.

The MSM only discusses an topic  from  the position it is advocating for. It invites guests who largely agree with the advocated position on the topic, and each other and are only there to validate each others advocacy of the  issue being advocated for, usually war or cutting Social security. Then they make sure that only the facts that support their advocacy of that issue are discussed.

In their number one time slot, as demonstration of the depth of the we-have-completely-sold-out in the MSM, the supposed liberal progressive station, MSNBC,  has an insanely right-wing line up that advocates lunacy. ” Mika” who is Joe Scarborough’s   Combs(Hannity & Combs), is stupid on steroids reflecting  MSNBC’s desired image of progressives as stupid liberals.

I was going to stop here , but as a complete example of the righteous fear the MSM has of real debate.

How debate destroys Morning Joe’s, MSNBC’s credibility: 1)  Anthony Weiner destroys Joe on Public Option 2) Brezninski destroys Joe’s advocacy to bomb the Palestinians 3) Greenwald’s Take down of the Morning Joe crew

For additional entertainment watch Jeremy Scahill take down MSNBC shill Chris Hayes on drones and assinations of American citizens.


how do they have any credibility left , who is watching these clowns?