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VIDEO: George Orwell’s Final Warning

By: jbade Sunday July 6, 2014 2:47 pm

Saw this BBC clip posted at the Daily Paul. Didn’t know it existed.

From George Orwell: A Life in Pictures.


VIDEO: CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin, Anti-War Superhero

By: jbade Thursday July 3, 2014 9:33 pm

One of my top ten superheroes. CODEPINK never do what’s easy, but always what’s right . It is hard to imagine how one individual could do more. She is a continuing inspiration to all of us who look for peaceful resolutions to conflicts. I am going to be a Patriot and call on the fourth. If we don’t heed the call of leaders like Medea, we will continue to pay the unbearable costs of war.

At the end when she grabs the door frame, priceless!

More on MyFDL: “July 4, Be a Patriot And Stop Another Military Intervention” by Medea Benjamin.

Immigration, Automation and The Next Generation

By: jbade Thursday July 3, 2014 4:45 am

As automation increasingly decreases the need for human labor in the chain of production the introduction of more human labor, in a capitalist society, is adverse to interests of the next generation.

Immigration Detective Magazine

Immigration Detective Magazine

On this issue of immigration, Multi-national corporations, the US chamber of commerce( not worthy of capitalization), Liberals and Libertarians  are flying the same kite. They are open borders zealots one and all. This cabal of “well meaning” groups give no evidence to support that importing massive amounts of labor is good for labor’s ability to obtain better life for him/her and their families. The opposite is manifest. How does an open borders policy effect the next generation? How does putting another million immigrants in that pressure cooker they call L.A. benefit the residents?

Immigrants that come to this country are looking for a better life is a given. That they are good people also a given. Those facts do not alter the hard reality that pumping unlimited amounts of labor into a labor market, in which real wages have been going down for over 40 years and on an accelerated trajectory, is detrimental labor’s progress.

I can understand why the US chamber wants open borders, they want to suppress wages. I can understand why the Multi-national corporations want open borders they want to suppress wages and the desire for globalization and open borders facilitates that. I can understand why libertarians are for open borders as they believe that if an employee and employer should agree on a loaf of bread and a tree to sleep under as payment for 14 hours work thats OK you need open borders to facilitate that. I understand why liberals support open borders as a compassionate desire to help the needy a truly noble cause and one fully support.

I am not an open borders advocate. I am not because in an age of automation importing massive amounts of labor to a labor market that has labor on its knees is clearly adverse to the  labor movement of the next generation. We have already screwed the next generation so bad I am unwilling to support further decimation of their standard of living.

The liberal argument for open borders should address this issue of labor, automation and the next generation. If it did it would be hard pressed to show any victories that would indicate that they can have open borders and forward the labor movement from unlimited open border labor.  Their is no moral safe harbor for liberals on the issue of supporting open borders and unlimited immigration. That liberals are willing to sacrifice the next generation’s standard of living also has moral implications.

We have already left them 16 trillion in debt. Had wars only because we did not have to pay for them. We have raided the 2.8 trillion SS fund so that  we would not need to have additional tax burden. We killed the unions in every way possible. Must expensive health care in the world. Insane incarceration rates. On every metric  that addresses standard of living we have immorally screwed the next generation. Open borders is just another way of not considering their interests on an issue that will dramatically, negatively effect their standard of living.

Suppression of wages impossible without mass immigration into the labor market.

How does unlimited amounts of labor work in labor’s interests? Only in some liberal fantasy-land.

VIDEO: John Kerry Pulls a Clinton on Iraq

By: jbade Tuesday July 1, 2014 11:12 am

Kerry’s in China claiming he opposed the Iraq War?!

If you look in Webster’s Dictionary under politician you will find a picture of John Kerry. Coming from wealth, influence, ingrained family political power, yes, he’s Democrat Royalty. Kerry morphs his vote to destroy Iraq into a ” I was against Iraq from the first day.” The fine gentleman debating him brings up one of the two seminal issues few people ever challenged when discussing the Iraq debacle. That issue: that Kerry and (97%) of the US Senators did not bother to look at the intelligence on Iraq before sending our young men and women to shed blood in another land.

The second, the Saudi Arabia is always given a pass despite their obvious involvement in 9/11, suicide bombings in Iraq, the Saudi funded Wahhabi/ Tarkifiri — or whatever — jihadist movement in the Syria/Iraq region. The lead 9/11 commissioner refused to sign-off on the final report because the White House refused to include the conclusions on Saudi financing of 9/11.

Also, almost all the 9/11 suicide bombers were Saudi.

Also, 65% of the suicide bombers in Iraq were Saudi Arabians yet, we said not a word about it to them — they just continued let our kids get slaughtered.

Also, they are fueling almost all the Sunni terrorism in that region.

Also, they are right behind North Korea in being brutally repressive to their people.

Now more American blood and treasure to be spilled, without a word to the Saudis, and having to suffer the indignity of John Kerry’s bullshit about being against what he intentionally facilitated.

Bill, Cheney, Hillary, the Johns (McCain & Kerry), Bush — not a dimes worth of difference between these clowns.

Video: Slick Willy “I’m Back”

By: jbade Saturday June 28, 2014 1:37 pm

Bill Clinton is the epitome of what is wrong with this country. He was the deregulator-in-chief, he is the PRIMARY cause, as the instigator who mid-wifed the destruction of  mass protections afforded the American people through Glass-Stegall. Yet, Slick Willy points the accusing finger at others holding himself blameless. The precursor to Lybia, Syria, Iraq was Clinton’s “Bosnia Bombing ”  of a group of people in which our national security interests  were not an issue. This opened the flood gates of  intervention mischief. Making war, not to defend yourself, but to force your will on others by military force. Then supports the Iraq invasion,yet, Slick willy points the accusing finger at others and holds himself blameless.(video) corporate welfare? Military Industrial complex? marijuana?  Social security(video)?

Slick Willy, the ultimate Blue Dog Democrat, in other words, a Republican. But he is worse than a Republican who openly assaults the poor and middle class while serving as hand-maiden to the wealthy.  Look at his record not his rhetoric. welfare to work? Democrat Royalty.

Therein lies my despair. Slick Willy was, is just a placeholder to prevent a real social justice movement from having any effect. The Slick part is supporting the wars while slickly implying you don’t, when it serves your purpose. Slick Willy effectively replaced meaningful legislation with words and the sheep grazed on those words even as the middle class grass turned brown.

With an overwhelming tsunami of  knowledge, voters, enthusiastically, went to the polls in huge numbers to elect the next Slick Willy, Barrack Obama. Any evaluation that would have involved the  facts at bay, rather than worn out rhetoric, would have lead any reasonable individual to be embarrassed about their enthusiasm and support for the next Slick Willy. Twas not the case. That is the clearest example of why any meaningful reform is so elusive. If you voted for Obama first time around, wasn’t the massive amount of fact enough to stop you from drinking the Obama kool-aid.

That Slick Willy is back is the surest sign nothing has changed. Hillary is the next Slick Willy.



VIDEO: Dr. Carl’s Congressional Cannabis Clinic

By: jbade Tuesday June 24, 2014 6:48 pm

Look whats happening in Congress. They usually try to keep this stuff out of the record, times are a changin’.

Dr. Carl Hart, a neuroscientist, is the go-to expert on marijuana use and effect on adult consumers. His congressional testimony is worth your time if this issue interests you. The government’s labored response is indicative of  policies so failed they are indefensible. To establish the Professor’s bona fides, I offer a clip from the Daily Show in which the Professor makes a memorable appearance.

A couple very funny clips:

VIDEO: John Oliver Takes Down Dr. Oz

By: jbade Monday June 23, 2014 8:24 pm

From the video description:

John Oliver outlines what, exactly is problematic about Dr. Oz and the nutrition supplement industry. Then he invites George R.R. Martin, Steve Buscemi, the Black and Gold Marching Elite, and some fake real housewives on the show to illustrate how to pander to an audience without hurting anyone.

More on MyFDL: FTC Busts Company For Using Dr. Oz To Sell Products — Is Halliburton Next? from Spocko’s Brain

VIDEO: Maher vs. Glennzilla

By: jbade Sunday June 22, 2014 1:24 pm

I enjoyed Glenn calling bullshit on the Vet’s Snowden attack. Bill Maher has this MO of attacking the Muslim religion as uniquely violent. All the Abrahamic religions are based on an angry vengeful god. Did western civilization’s actions in the Middle East foster religious hatred? We, as common practice, selected rulers from minority sects. This was done so that the Ruler would require “our” continued assistance to keep the majority at bay and stay in power.

“We” also, upon departure, divided up these mid-east colonies into countries with no regard toward the people who occupied those areas. The Afghanistan/Pakistan dispute arises from such arbitrary divining of a countries borders. The Pashtuns, Taliban and other tribes have lived in the vast region of area between the two countries. They have never been ruled by either country. For over 5,000 years they have remained ungoverned. You gotta respect that, but it will not be tolerated.

At the end of the first round, Bill is so frustrated with Glennzilla he is attempting to belittle him by calling him a liberal. Glenn responded with a profound comment that is used to rationalize the continued assault on Muslim countries — he charged Bill as follows: “you get to ignore the responsibility your government has for the violence and instability in the world by saying it’s that primitive religion over there that is to blame.” That is exactly the rationale “we” use to forward more violence; you hear it when you speak yo people — thanks Glenn for speaking out against it.

Would the Muslim world have so much violence, this day, had “we” not done what we did? We will never know, that does not mean we are not somewhat responsible, it’s just a way to shift accountability away from ourselves.

Round 2: