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Video: Bill Maher on the Police, Militarization, No-Knock ect.

By: jbade Saturday July 26, 2014 2:53 am

I live in a rural area. The police are more likely to give you a warning than a ticket if you have violated the law in some small way. The last time I had interaction with an officer it was at my son’s school’s dad comes to eat the tasty cafeteria food event. They were there to sit and eat with the kids who did not have a father or the father was unable to attend the function, good stuff. Lot of great cops out there. But this militarization, no-knock track that is forwarded by so many police departments despite the steady decline of most crimes gives me pause.

Lapel camera on every police officer and in each car to protect the good cops and the citizenry against the bad. Maher makes some very good points.


Video: Ukrainian Update, Neo-Con Isolationists Isolating Russia

By: jbade Saturday July 19, 2014 12:22 pm

They are methodically isolating Russia. The intent is, as always, to empower multi-national corporations (the they) by eliminating any possible challenge to the corporate empire. They could care less about the Ukrainian people or their plight, most on this site accept that. The empire does care about the natural resources and having the ability to exploit the people of Ukraine through taxation, but most importantly to isolate Russia.

Russia and China present the last two challenges to that empire. They must be isolated, forced to capitulate to the demands of the controlling corporations. That machine is adept at isolating Countries, incorporating their natural resources and controlling said countries politics.  As a second option and by example, Libya, Syria, Iraq where a nation is left in ruins for humanitarian reasons rendering it impotent, again eliminating any challenge to the empire while serving  corporate desires.(Chomsky)

It is very important to understand that it is not an American Empire, it is a Corporate empire. If it were an American Empire our manufacturing base would not be overseas. The rules they made over the years would have empowered America, they don’t, they empower off-shoring, job export, tax evasion etc etc – all corporate friendly, all adverse to America and its well-being.

That empire will one day isolate the American people. That process has already begun by trashing our reputation around the world. Polls have us ranked with North Korea as perceived threat to world peace. At least the Koreans aren’t bombing countries on false premise, occupying them for a decade, only leaving after the corporate  empire had forced the country to give its oil to the corporations during it’s military occupation-left destroyed, not a threat to the empire. Do you think the world believes we need to be isolated?

I fear that when the story of this generation of Americans is written it will read – ” Never have a people had so much, only to give it all away for nothing and without a whimper of a challenge.” We are already there, I could not be more ashamed. Our conduct seems to fall into the “you’ve made your bed now sleep in it” category. Only we have made the bed for our children, grandchildren. very nice.

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton the Neo-Con-Artist

By: jbade Thursday July 17, 2014 9:29 pm

I can not remember when Hillary did not advocate for more war more aggression. What is the difference between John McCain and Hillary Clinton? Just style. John McCain is bellicose, Hillary mealy-mouths her desire for war aggression. On Iraq, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine she is distorts, lies in hopes of more war, aggression.

Video: Congressman 9/11 Disclosure Bombshell- “release the Kracken”

By: jbade Saturday July 12, 2014 4:11 pm

The infamous, redacted, 28 pages of the 9/11 commission propaganda report. One of the co-chairs of the committee refused to sign off on the commission’s report because these 28 pages were redacted.  That chairs issue has always been Saudi involvement in 9/11. His concerns were directed at the funding sources involved in 9/11. The report concluded that the financing issue was not relevant. Not relevant!  Yes, and not a peep from the sheeple.

I have always been perplexed and dismayed by the reaction of the  American people as it related to their being presented with the magic bullet theory. How could they have been such sheeple to accept that theory? On an issue with such mass ramifications. I found things like Dan Rather, all news people, making knowingly false statements that would dramatically mislead the populace. It was more understandable how they were misled.

We have the internet.

On 9/11 the american people’s interest in issues like- Who financed 9/11?  is non-existent, it just is not important- but it is. That same Saudi mechanism is fueling the violence and instability in Syria/Iraq. It is the same terrorist  funding mechanism that the government holds out as the need to let your roads, schools and standard of living deteriorate because of  need to fight the terrorists.

On second thought, your right, it should not bother me that the sheep are grazing so peacefully and they should not be bothered with a feeling of  any civic duty to understand that the issue exists. As a part of the solution rather than part of the problem thing.

I would like to see that 28 pages, but then again, I’m not a sheeple.


Want Open Borders? Elect a Republican President

By: jbade Saturday July 12, 2014 2:59 pm
Rally For Immigration Reform

Rally For Immigration Reform

Historically the parties have passed unpopular legislation by placing the dissenting party in the presidency. The list is long.

Bill Clinton passed welfare reform – to save it, deregulated Wall Street for Banksters in the name of regulating, sold out Democrat principles of defending workers - as he supported them by hopping in wall street’s back pocket, trying to take down medicare and Social Security, something dems claim to oppose, dramatic surveillance escalation, assassinating Americans without due process. Etc., etc.

Bush passed PHARMA’s  prescription drug benefit as entitlement, something the GOP opposes. the ownership society HUD, etc., increased funding for schools through No child left behind, etc., etc.

You see most of the unpopular legislation get passed by the party who, “supposedly”, is opposed to such legislation,who should be the defender of whatever the unpopular legislation is meant to destroy/facilitate.

Immigration did not pass under Bush despite his efforts. It does not alter the fact that it will need to be a Republican president who “brings his party along” on the issue of immigration.

Only rarely have the American people risen up and successfully opposed the establishment  on an issue that they so deeply desire, open borders. The vilification of anyone who challenges the concept of open borders is from the establishment’s handbook.  The big media, big business, big labor, big politicians, big environmentalists, big churches, big immigrant right’s groups, etc., etc. demand reform, open borders, now.

When has the establishment ever advocated in your best interests? Just on this issue of immigration.

VIDEO: George Orwell’s Final Warning

By: jbade Sunday July 6, 2014 2:47 pm

Saw this BBC clip posted at the Daily Paul. Didn’t know it existed.

From George Orwell: A Life in Pictures.

VIDEO: CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin, Anti-War Superhero

By: jbade Thursday July 3, 2014 9:33 pm

One of my top ten superheroes. CODEPINK never do what’s easy, but always what’s right . It is hard to imagine how one individual could do more. She is a continuing inspiration to all of us who look for peaceful resolutions to conflicts. I am going to be a Patriot and call on the fourth. If we don’t heed the call of leaders like Medea, we will continue to pay the unbearable costs of war.

At the end when she grabs the door frame, priceless!

More on MyFDL: “July 4, Be a Patriot And Stop Another Military Intervention” by Medea Benjamin.

Immigration, Automation and The Next Generation

By: jbade Thursday July 3, 2014 4:45 am

As automation increasingly decreases the need for human labor in the chain of production the introduction of more human labor, in a capitalist society, is adverse to interests of the next generation.

Immigration Detective Magazine

Immigration Detective Magazine

On this issue of immigration, Multi-national corporations, the US chamber of commerce( not worthy of capitalization), Liberals and Libertarians  are flying the same kite. They are open borders zealots one and all. This cabal of “well meaning” groups give no evidence to support that importing massive amounts of labor is good for labor’s ability to obtain better life for him/her and their families. The opposite is manifest. How does an open borders policy effect the next generation? How does putting another million immigrants in that pressure cooker they call L.A. benefit the residents?

Immigrants that come to this country are looking for a better life is a given. That they are good people also a given. Those facts do not alter the hard reality that pumping unlimited amounts of labor into a labor market, in which real wages have been going down for over 40 years and on an accelerated trajectory, is detrimental labor’s progress.

I can understand why the US chamber wants open borders, they want to suppress wages. I can understand why the Multi-national corporations want open borders they want to suppress wages and the desire for globalization and open borders facilitates that. I can understand why libertarians are for open borders as they believe that if an employee and employer should agree on a loaf of bread and a tree to sleep under as payment for 14 hours work thats OK you need open borders to facilitate that. I understand why liberals support open borders as a compassionate desire to help the needy a truly noble cause and one fully support.

I am not an open borders advocate. I am not because in an age of automation importing massive amounts of labor to a labor market that has labor on its knees is clearly adverse to the  labor movement of the next generation. We have already screwed the next generation so bad I am unwilling to support further decimation of their standard of living.

The liberal argument for open borders should address this issue of labor, automation and the next generation. If it did it would be hard pressed to show any victories that would indicate that they can have open borders and forward the labor movement from unlimited open border labor.  Their is no moral safe harbor for liberals on the issue of supporting open borders and unlimited immigration. That liberals are willing to sacrifice the next generation’s standard of living also has moral implications.

We have already left them 16 trillion in debt. Had wars only because we did not have to pay for them. We have raided the 2.8 trillion SS fund so that  we would not need to have additional tax burden. We killed the unions in every way possible. Must expensive health care in the world. Insane incarceration rates. On every metric  that addresses standard of living we have immorally screwed the next generation. Open borders is just another way of not considering their interests on an issue that will dramatically, negatively effect their standard of living.

Suppression of wages impossible without mass immigration into the labor market.

How does unlimited amounts of labor work in labor’s interests? Only in some liberal fantasy-land.