Bank Vs America: Thousands protest BofA in Charlotte

On Friday, Mitt Romney once again displayed his utter contempt for young voters. Reacting to the massive demonstration against Bank of America in Charlotte last week, Romney told WBTV that the protestors were simply too young to understand the economy or how banks work:

Asked what message he had for the protestors, Romney said, “Unfortunately, a lot of young folks haven’t had the opportunity to really understand how the economy works, and what it takes to put people to work in real jobs, and why we have banks, and what banks do. I understand — it’s a very understandable sentiment if you don’t find a job, and you can’t see rising incomes. You’re going to be angry and looking at someone to blame.

As one of the nearly 1,000 people (young and old) participating in the protests, I have a message for Mitt Romney: Dismiss us if you want, but young voters are not going away. We took to the streets in Charlotte because we know exactly what banks do, and we will not stand by while Bank of America is destroying our environment and our economy.

Mr. Romney, here’s a few things we know about what Bank of America does:

• Bank of America is the #1 funder of dirty coal, underwriting $4.3 billion over two years for the industry that poses the greatest threat to our health and the climate;

• Bank of America invests heavily in devastating mountaintop removal mining which poisons communities and kills jobs;

• Bank of America has foreclosed on more homes than any other financial institution in the country;

• Bank of America required a $45 billion taxpayer bailout to prevent the collapse of the American economy, and then gave CEO Brian Moynihan a “performance bonus” of $9.05 million.

Mitt, you want to talk about creating real jobs? Here’s a suggestion: instead of giving billions of dollars in government handouts to the fossil fuel industry, let’s invest in clean energy solutions that will not only protect our health and the climate, but will create 5 million clean energy jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.

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