It has now been thoroughly documented that

"top CIA officials have concealed significant actions from all members of Congress" and "misled members" from 2001 until this week.

Marcy had multiple posts on this topic yesterday. However, what is missing from the press coverage is an explanation of just what subjects were involved when the CIA misled Congress. Here’s Bloomberg again:

The letter, released by the lawmakers yesterday, didn’t describe what Central Intelligence Agency actions were at issue.

The timing of when the misdirection began and the admission that it relates to "CIA action" may provide some clues. Although the Bloomberg article references at length the controversy over briefing of Nancy Pelosi on torture, note that the torture probably didn’t begin in earnest until 2002 (although it does appear John Walker Lindh was tortured in 2001) and the first briefings were even later.

Also, most of the manipulation of intelligence on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction probably was a later development.

One "action" that definitely took place in 2001 was the anthrax attack. My money had always been on Cheney’s "Team B" within the Department of Defense as taking the lead on the anthrax attacks in a successful attempt to achieve passage of the Patriot Act. However, if Cheney did manage to have at least some level of CIA involvement in the anthrax operation, that would explain quite a bit.

I’ve always puzzled over the CIA’s relative silence over the false Iraq intelligence generated at DoD, when CIA clearly had evidence to contradict those claims. Having Cheney holding the trump card of evidence of CIA assistance in the anthrax attacks would explain very well their token levels of protest at the false Iraq intelligence and even the mild response to the Valerie Plame outing.

I welcome any evidence that can be provided to dispute this speculation, along with alternative theories of the subject of the CIA lies.