Joe LIEberman (Insurance-CON) went on Fox News Sunday this morning and in addition to promising to block the public option, he announced that he was finally planning to hold hearings in the Homeland Security Committee. Recall that LIEberman steadfastly refused to hold oversight hearings on the Bush failures in Katrina, but was still allowed to continue chairing the committee even after campaigning for John McCain (Old-GetOffMyYard) in the 2008 presidential election. What will be the topic for the hearings? Nothing other than a big round of "booga booga there’s Mooslums in the military!"

Here are some snippets from the transcript of the appearance:

WALLACE: I’m going to pursue that in a second. But any evidence so far that what you or your staff have heard in briefings that he — because we know he was on some radical Islamic Web sites…

LIEBERMAN: Right, right.

WALLACE: … that he was exchanging communications either in this country or overseas with other Islamic radicals?

LIEBERMAN: Yeah. Nothing I can confirm at this point. I think it’s very important to let the Army and the FBI go forward with this investigation before we reach any conclusions.

But what we do know on the record from third parties reporting over the last two or three years — that he made a series of statements justifying suicide bombing, comparing it to the bravery of an American soldier who would throw himself on a grenade to protect his colleagues, that he said that — well, he shouted out, according to bystanders at that — while killing the other day at Fort Hood, the words Allah Akbar, an expression of faith in Islam which the Islamist extremists have corrupted.

And the fact that he did that at the moment of these murders — if that’s confirmed, of course — raises genuine concerns that this was a terrorist act.

I will add to this, Chris, this is not the first attempt by Islamist extremists to strike at American military bases. We’ve broken up plots to go after Fort Dix, Quantico Marine base in Virginia.

In fact, the one successful, if I can put it that way, terrorist act that was done in recent years was the individual in Little Rock, Arkansas who walked into an Army recruiting station and killed a recruiter.

And there is testimony that Dr. Hasan actually said that he understood that and supported that act.


LIEBERMAN: I am intending to begin a congressional investigation of my Homeland Security Committee into what were the motives, what were the motives of Hasan in carrying out this brutal mass murder, if a terrorist attack, the worst terrorist attack since 9/11, and to ask whether the Army missed warning signs that should have led them to essentially discharge him.

Really, in the U.S. Army, this is not a matter of constitutional freedom of speech. If Hasan was showing signs, saying to people that he had become an Islamist extremist, the U.S. Army has to have zero tolerance. He should have been gone.

Of course, there are absolutely zero grounds for holding such hearings. As reported by AFP, all evidence points to Hasan working alone and having no contact with terrorists:

"All evidence at this point indicates the suspect allegedly acted alone," said army investigation spokesman, Chris Grey, appearing to strike down any theories that Hasan was part of a radical Islamist sleeper-cell.


An initial search of Hasan’s computer revealed no direct exchanges with known extremists, but US Army and FBI officials had yet to rule out completely possible links to terrorist groups, US media reported.

Joe LIEberman will never ask for one bit of accountability from his BFF’s in the Republican Party, but is entirely willing to LIE while convening hearings aimed at whipping up anti-Muslim hysteria. There really is no limit to how low LIEberman will go.