While those who monitor the live feed of the oil spill are debating (see especially the comment thread for this diary by Mason) whether the flow worsened on Sunday, the sad reality of what Gulf residents now face is driven home by the fact that along with weather forecasts, forecasts of the oil spread are now a daily event. Television station WKRG in Mobile, Alabama now hosts the spill live web cam, but also is posting a daily "Oil Forecast". Here is the most recent:

WKRG.com News

Note especially how large the area inside the "uncertain" line is in the forecast. This zone seems to be taking on the shape of the Mississippi, Alabama and Florida coastlines it now threatens, and although it remains far offshore, extends well south of Tampa.

Here is a look at the live feed, also from WKRG:

wkrg_oil_spill on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free

As the oil continues to invade the marshes along the coast of Louisiana, wildlife rescue becomes a priority. The International Bird Rescue Research Center is claiming some success in cleaning oiled brown pelicans, and has posted this before and after photo on Flickr, with the caption "Before and After oiled Brown Pelican washed at the Fort Jackson, LA Oiled Wildlife Center. May 14, 2010":

IBRRC pelican before and after