Appearing Saturday at the US embassy in Kabul, General David Petraeus spouted platitudes about "teams" and "missions" without ever stating just what mission it is that our team is attempting to carry out.

Here is how described his short speech:

Petraeus, the new U.S. commander in Afghanistan, addressed a group of about 1,700 at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

"I’m reminded we must achieve unity of effort and common purpose," Petraeus told the crowd. "Civilian and military, Afghan and international. We are part of one team with one mission."

They even provided video:

I looked at stories from all the news sources I could find and none mentioned Petraeus stating just what mission he hoped to achieve. I was struck by how Petraeus could place such emphasis on the team and the common mission without even mentioning just what that mission might be. But it seemed possible that the press reports left out a statement by Petraeus on what the mission might be, so I went looking for a more complete version of his comments. ISAFMedia released a YouTube with a still photo from the event and a very bad audio recording of Petraeus’ remarks:

After listening to the audio, it does indeed appear that Petraeus is touting teamwork while dancing around defining the mission. Doesn’t it seem that the new commanding General of an effort should state the shared mission explicitly when he is touting the unity of the team he is about to lead?

Just what is your mission, General Petraeus?