Can you spot the war-mongering Republican in this photo? (ISAFMedia photo)

In a presidency that has been marked by actions in direct opposition to his high-minded campaign, Barack Obama appears poised on the precipice of a move that could do more material damage to the US than his refusal to prosecute torturers, coddling of big business, healthcare sellout, escalation of existing wars and starting of a new one all combined. Rumors started on Twitter last night that, in a strange exchange of places, the potential nomination of Leon Panetta as Secretary of Defense could be coupled with nominating General David Petraeus to head CIA. This is so wrong, so stupid, so downright evil that I hardly know where to start.

First, the rumors. Michael Goldfarb tweeted last night “@stephenfhayes @lrozen Same here–also hearing Petraeus to replace Panetta…….which would be a way easier confirmation than Hagel.” Laura Rozen responded “I swear, I heard 2nd hand petraeus too for CIA but have a hard time as yet believing it. @thegoldfarb @stephenfhayes”. What should be everyone’s response was uttered by bmaz “WTF?…” And as if that is not enough, Rozen followed with evidence that Petraeus’ office seems to be taking it seriously “Indeed, I wrote his spokesman this AM expecting cackling laughter wave off from Tampa, but heard nothing @bmaz @thegoldfarb @stephenfhayes”.

Just last June, I actually praised Obama for choosing to put Petraeus in Afghanistan to replace the fired Stanley McChrystal. I saw that as a strategic move intended to burden Petraeus with owning the failure of the war in Afghanistan, thereby stripping Petraeus of the political future he has so clearly been angling to arrange. Allowing Petraeus to cut and run from Afghanistan now would accomplish exactly the opposite. The fraudulent nature of Petraeus’ never-ending claims of “training” troops to take over the future of their countries, whether it is in Iraq or Afghanistan is becoming so clear that even the brain-dead US press seems destined to stumble across the story soon.

If Petraeus is allowed to move to CIA, look for him to once again wipe his failure-laden slate clean and jump onto the drone bandwagon. The role of training local troops will disappear from what will “save” our efforts in Afghanistan, and the entire US press will be filled with adulation for the brave keyboard warriors in CIA who kill evil brown people from afar with missiles fired from drones. The reason for this is that Petraeus’ entire career has been built by leaks that he himself has fashioned in self-promotion. And now the guy who has built his career on leaks is being considered to head CIA? Say it ain’t so!

Why does Obama feel such a need to put war-mongering Republicans in positions of responsibility in his government?  Is it because in his heart of hearts, Obama is a war-mongering Republican?  Putting Petraeus in charge of CIA would make that statement loud and clear.

Why is Admiral William Fallon the only public figure who was able to see Petreaus for what he truly is?