Occupy Finance Webinar

Our next Occupy Supply Skill Share Webinar is tonight May 2nd, 2012 @ 8pm Eastern.

Tonight’s Occupy Supply Skill Share will feature a discussion on Finance in the Occupy Movement with Edwin M. Walker. Ed is a Notre Dame grad, and got his law degree from Indiana University. He began his career as a corporate and securities lawyer in Columbus, Ohio. He was an Assistant Attorney General in Tennessee, working on consumer protection and securities cases for several years. He was the securities commissioner of Tennessee for three and a half years, where he focused on criminal prosecutions and abusive tax shelters. He practiced business and bankruptcy law for 25 years. His experience can be a valuable resource for Occupations dealing with current financial issues. Finance is an general complex issue in the life of any individual or organization and the model of direct democracy and financial accountability don’t make it any easier. Occupier have a difficult task in generating, distributing and managing funds. Ideas of resource based economies and other new forms of exchange make it tough to deal with the need for money to sustain the Occupy Movement.

On tonight’s Skill Share Webinar we will go over some of the best practices from different Occupy Finance Working Groups and some simple ideas your Occupation can use to start creating revenue streams to become more self sufficient.

Then Ed Walker will go into the technical side of what kinds of entities Occupations can create to manage their finances, how to do record keeping and responsible money management. At the end we will open the floor up for you to ask questions about the finance Issues in your Occupation. Please join us tonight with any questions or issues you finance working group has been dealing with

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