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Occupy The Press: Alternative Media


“The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” — Gil Scott Heron said it best, we cannot rely on so called journalists in the Mainstream Media to share our stories. Fortunately we don’t have to rely on the Media, because blogging and social media have given the individual the power to create his/her own media. Blogging allows for the instant publication of your story according to you, and with social media you can spread that information to millions of people instantaneously.

A lot of Occupations have twitter and Facebook and do some blogging, but the key is understanding how to maximize these resources. Coordinating the written story with video and sharing it in a way that reaches the most people is the goal, and we have a panel that knows how to get you there

Kit O’Connell (Occupy Austin/MyFDL Editor) will give an editor’s perspective on what makes a good blog post and how to frame your message to get the attention of editors. He also manages the Occupy Austin Twitter account and has added over 1,000 followers since he started.  Kit will go over ways to grow your online base and spread information quickly

Dean Edwards (Occupy Oregon Media Team) will go over using blogs to clarify your message from the Occupiers’ perspective and touch on some tips for getting your message out on Facebook.

Harry Fleckenstein (Occupy Philadelphia) will cover how to get and edit video of your actions. Getting a days worth of action into a concise and interesting video to be shared through social media is important in developing interest in your actions

All are welcome to join the presentation and discussion.  You can register below

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