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Occupy Supply Skill Share: NATO 5 Occupy & The War on Terror

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The next Occupy Supply Skill Share NATO 5 Occupy & The War Terror is on Wednesday 5/23 @ 8pm est.

The 2012 NATO Summit in Chicago has been on of the most anticipated events in the Occupy Movement since it started. Mimicking the tactics of the NATO representatives in Chicago, police raided an apartment in Bridgeport with out a warrant.

FDL Dissenter’s Kevin Gosztola will give us some background information based on his coverage of the five activists arrested during a raid on a South Side Chicago apartment and held without charge. They were arrested during the night around 1 a.m. on May 17, along with four other activists who have since been released.

Join our discussion on The NATO 5: Occupy & The War On Terror on Wednesday 5/23 at 8:00pm

Among the activists arrested were MyFDL Blogger TarheelDem and Darrin Annussek who walked to Chicago as part of “Occupy The Highway.” The remaining group, now being called the NATO 5, was held under suspicion of terrorism without trial.

Kevin Gostola will be joined by TarheelDem and others involved in this weekend’s protests, to talk in-detail about what happened.

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M21 Day 2:NATO Summit Live Blog

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Welcome to Day 2 of our Live Blog of The NATO Summit in Chicago.

Yesterday was an action packed day. Thousands of people rallied in Grant Park speakers inspired crowds to take to the streets against unjust NATO wars. Reports indicated that close to 10,000 people participated in yesterdays’ actions which remained peaceful in the face of vicious police brutality.

The colossal police presence was fully outfitted with riot gear,  pepper spray and LRAD’s.  According to CPD 45 arrests where made yesterday. While protesters where outside battling with cops Obama was meeting with President of Afghanistan  Hamid Karzai and delegates from the EU and 62 other countries to discuss NATO’s future in Afghanistan and missile defense among other topics.

Today Occupy Chicago is rallying against Boeing who is one of the largest benefactors of perpetual war and NATO policy. Boeing made over 4 billion dollars in revenue in 2010 and recieved a 1.56 billion dollar tax refund. Occupy Chicago is calling for them to pay their fair share. A March will begin from Union Park at 10 am CST and a day full of non violent direct action is planned. We will be bringing you the action as it happens all day.

If you want to see the action live Check to see who is up and broadcasting

If you are looking to follow on Twitter, follow the hashtags

#NATO #CANG8 #nonato #M21 #occupynato #getlostnato #protestnato #ochi #natotips #natosummit #OCAM #NATOCam

11:22am est – Occupy Chicago is gathering in Union Square celebrating Boeing shut down and preparing to March. While Obama is meeting with NATO Secretary General and International Security Assistance Force

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