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And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

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WWe all know that Washingtonians love a good photo op. It’s been said that the most dangerous place on Capitol Hill is the no-man’s-land between oncoming Senators and a newly staked out camera.

Fair enough.

But what the hell was "the government" thinking yesterday when it ran a strange replay of 9/11, complete with a jetliner and a fighter jet? For a photo op?

Excuse me, but what the hell kinda photo did they need? How much money went down the public relations drain for that glossy 8×10? Do we all get a copy of Air Force One’s understudy set against the backdrop of Lady Liberty?

We’re all paying for this bizarre glamour shot, after all.

Then there is the money authorities in NYC and NJ had to shell out to deal with the fallout of this cruel stunt–police, ambulances and firefighters all deployed to manage the masses of frightened folks pouring out of buildings, a.k.a. targets. All while we are in a financial crisis.

Funny, but this psychological slap in the face of fear-conditioned veterans of that terrible day happened at the same time as the media spent hour after hour on the Swine Flu.

A plane menacing Lower Manhattan. Deadly outbreak of a virus. Tami-Flu. Media in a frenzy. Fear.
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Obama Releases a Long-Held Detainee…Information

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Many have been dismayed by the signals then-President-Elect Obama was sending about his Administration’s future role in investigating and prosecuting members of the Bush Administration.

Everything pointed to a "let’s move on" attitude.

But Obama has also spent a lot of time and energy telling us all that it is we…it is us…who will have to participate in the "change" he is leading.

Within hours of entering the Oval Office, Obama threw down the gauntlet.

“Starting today,” Mr. Obama said, “every agency and department should know that this administration stands on the side not of those who seek to withhold information, but those who seek to make it known.”

One of the first acts of the Obama Presidency was to reverse post 9/11 rules erring on the side of secrecy… a policy that clamped down on the Freedom of Information Act.

It was a crucial move by Team Bush, anticipating the crimes and misdemeanors they planned…and still working to pull a veil over the fun and games of previous Administrations…like those of the Reagan and Bush years. This effectively covered up the sins of the father, and the sins of so many working for the son.

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Whoa. Let the Lawsuits Fly.

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I was driving to work when I saw the blackish mini-mushroom cloud rise off of the Pentagon.

I was in NYC the next day to do a story. The stench was unforgettable, as was the fact that I stood in the middle of 43rd St at Times Square…at 10pm…and there wasn’t a single car on the road.

But Army Spc. April Gallop was IN the Pentagon.

And now she is suing Dick and Don.

You have to read the entire document to get the full force of the argument she and her lawyers are making. The holes in the official story are bigger than the initial hole in the Pentagon, that’s for sure.

Be agnostic, and think about the lies in the led up to the invasion of Iraq. If nothing else, she can demonstrate a pattern on the part of those she is charging.