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WWe all know that Washingtonians love a good photo op. It’s been said that the most dangerous place on Capitol Hill is the no-man’s-land between oncoming Senators and a newly staked out camera.

Fair enough.

But what the hell was "the government" thinking yesterday when it ran a strange replay of 9/11, complete with a jetliner and a fighter jet? For a photo op?

Excuse me, but what the hell kinda photo did they need? How much money went down the public relations drain for that glossy 8×10? Do we all get a copy of Air Force One’s understudy set against the backdrop of Lady Liberty?

We’re all paying for this bizarre glamour shot, after all.

Then there is the money authorities in NYC and NJ had to shell out to deal with the fallout of this cruel stunt–police, ambulances and firefighters all deployed to manage the masses of frightened folks pouring out of buildings, a.k.a. targets. All while we are in a financial crisis.

Funny, but this psychological slap in the face of fear-conditioned veterans of that terrible day happened at the same time as the media spent hour after hour on the Swine Flu.

A plane menacing Lower Manhattan. Deadly outbreak of a virus. Tami-Flu. Media in a frenzy. Fear.
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