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Whoa. Let the Lawsuits Fly.

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I was driving to work when I saw the blackish mini-mushroom cloud rise off of the Pentagon.

I was in NYC the next day to do a story. The stench was unforgettable, as was the fact that I stood in the middle of 43rd St at Times Square…at 10pm…and there wasn’t a single car on the road.

But Army Spc. April Gallop was IN the Pentagon.

And now she is suing Dick and Don.

You have to read the entire document to get the full force of the argument she and her lawyers are making. The holes in the official story are bigger than the initial hole in the Pentagon, that’s for sure.

Be agnostic, and think about the lies in the led up to the invasion of Iraq. If nothing else, she can demonstrate a pattern on the part of those she is charging.

The War Behind Us is Ahead of Us

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Generals always fall into the trap of fighting the last war.

That is a well-known adage of military history. Adages, like clichés, have a funny way of being true.

A new book, The War Behind Me, chronicles the heretofore hidden excesses and abuses the Vietnamese people suffered at the hands of the American military machine and the effort made by the Pentagon to keep those abuses away from public view.

This was particularly true after Seymour Hersh famously blew the lid off of the massacre at My Lai. The massacre was an outgrowth of the “Strategic Hamlet” program, a Pentagon brainchild that determined that “saving” a village from going Communist might very well mean destroying it.

Kinda like spreading democracy at gunpoint or keeping the peace by starting pre-emptive wars…it requires serious mental gymnastics to keep these contradictions straight.

In the case of My Lai, a young lieutenant—Lt. Calley—took the blame and the fall for being on the front lines of a bankrupt policy. The policy-makers sacrificed him to quell the public outcry and got away scot-free.

A lower-level cog in the machine was removed as a bad actor, a “bad apple,” while those who put him in an untenable situation blithely move on. Read the rest of this entry →