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the TPP contract for a corps-appointed tribunal

By: karenjj2 Wednesday February 5, 2014 12:28 pm

These pretend Constitutional “trade agreements” are just that. They are corporate contracts between Incorporateds and nations.

NAFTA granted Incorporateds equality to nations and the ability to sue nations via the World Trade Organization.

TPP makes Incorporateds superior to nations and substitutes a corps-appointed Global Tribunal for established human law and courts in the capitalist nations. The TPP contract abrogates national sovreignity and negates the body of law established by humans to benefit human life.

Nations will have the same “rights” as individual humans have under Incorporateds’ contracts which mandate a corps’ appointed “arbitrator” in a dispute except:

the capitalist nations will have a corps-appointed “Global Tribunal” to interpret the 2000+ page TPP contract provisions

It is important to note that this TPP contract written in secret by 600 Incorporateds’ human representatives over the past 9 years does not present any benefit to nations nor to the people of nations.

There are 1400+ Incorporateds vs nations lawsuits pending in the WTO; the corps-appointed Global Tribunal would expedite those especially using the TPP contract as global law in the capitalist nations.

The question to ask is: What benefit will nations and their people obtain by agreeing to the TPP contract?


Email to Senator Rubio re S.1900 — edits invited

By: karenjj2 Sunday January 19, 2014 10:07 pm

I called Senator Rubio and Congressman DeSantis offices to reaffirm my concern about S.1900/HR.3830 as well as be sure they had the number and name of the “fast track” bills. I also asked if I could email my concerns in full and how I would go about doing so. Yes, go to their websites and they would be sure to direct the email by my subject line to the proper staff member. Worth a shot. The following is what I plan on sending/posting at Senator Rubio’s .gov address. The same email with HR.3830 to Representative DeSantis. Helpful suggestions welcomed. Will attach (below this post) Bill Nelson’s response to my email last week–his staff don’t take calls.

Subj: S.1900 “Trade Promotion Authority”

S.1900 “Trade Promotion Authority” a/k/a “fast track” gives the President unilateral power to present contracts a/k/a “agreements” for consent only.

S.1900 will abdicate the responsibility of the Senate to deliberate and examine legislation in a thorough manner to determine the benefit for the people of the United States and the promotion of their general welfare.

S.1900 uses the word “Trade” in the title as a way to subvert the Constitutional Treaty provision Article II, Section II, paragraph 2 that calls for the “Advice and Consent of the Senate” on Treaties between the United States and other Nations to present contracts written by corporations as Treaties with corporations.

The Presidential “fast track authority” that may have unConstitutionally abdicated the Senate’s authority of Advice on Treaties expired in 2007. It is the duty of the current Senate to deliberate the Constitutional merit of abdicating their “Advice” responsibility in light of the damage the Nation has incurred from “Trade Agreements” commencing with NAFTA.

When the United States Congress abdicated its responsibility to examine and give “Advice” on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and consented to it as though it was a Treaty between the Nations of Canada, Mexico and the United States, the Congress also conferred the status of “borderless Nations” upon corporations with equality to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Corporate nationhood status enabled corporations to use the World Trade Organization to bring suit against the three Nations together or separately and obtain rulings that struck down National laws under the guise of restraint of trade.

An example is the proudly displayed “Dolphin Safe Tuna” words and logo. Spurred by citizens and Congressional legislation, it took many years of effort by the United States tuna fishermen to invent ways to reduce or eliminate the drowning of dolphins while netting tuna. The label was ruled an unfair trade practice by the WTO as customers would naturally prefer a dolphin friendly product versus one that was not.

Another example is the “Country of Origin” label on food. Obviously, customers prefer food from countries that have strong regulation and oversight of food from the farm to their grocery store purchase. Here, too, the “corporate nations” objected to the “unfair trade practice” that catered to customers’ bias toward Nations that have strong regulations on food.

Another infamous example is the “giant sucking sound of jobs and industries leaving the United States.” The United States trade deficit has increased through importing goods that were once manufactured in the 50,000 factories closed and shipped overseas since 2000.

The damage of NAFTA pales in comparison with TPP.

S.1900 paves the way for a quick “Aye/Nay” vote on the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) contract/agreement that elevates corporations above Nations.

The 2000-page contract written by representatives of global corporations bypasses laws enacted by Congress and judicial review by the courts of individual Nations and substitutes a corporate-appointed tribunal to resolve disputes between Nations and corporations.

Please vote NAY on S.1900


From: Bill@billnelson.senate.gov
Subject: RE: Your response from Senator Bill Nelson
Date: 01/17/2014 04:47 PM

Thank you for contacting me regarding Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which expired in 2007.

Under TPA, the President is able to enter free trade agreement negotiations that would benefit the U.S. economy and boost our exports. But Congress maintains its constitutional authority to review any trade deal negotiated under TPA and ultimately approve or reject it. Recently, Senators Baucus and Hatch introduced legislation that would renew TPA authority through 2018. The bill, the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act of 2014 (S. 1900), is currently pending before the Finance Committee. An identical bill was introduced in the House by Representative Camp (H.R. 3830).

I believe we should do all that we can to strengthen our economy. That includes enacting only those trade agreements that are in the best interests of American workers and stopping tax breaks for big corporations that ship jobs overseas. If managed wisely, I believe the benefits of trade expansion far outweigh the disadvantages.

While I support opening foreign markets to U.S. exporters, I believe it is imperative that as we negotiate new trade agreements with other nations, we don’t compromise our core values for our trade objectives. This means ensuring that fair labor standards and environmental protection provisions in trade agreements are consistent with U.S. laws and U.S. sovereignty. Please know that I will work with the President, the Secretary of Commerce, and the U.S. Trade Representative to address these issues.

I appreciate your taking the time to inform me of your views on this issue. I’ll keep your thoughts in mind as the Senate considers relevant legislation. Please feel free to contact me in the future.

Bill Nelson

Just say NO! to S.1900 “Trade Promotion Authority” and HR.3830 “Congressional Trade Priorities Act”

By: karenjj2 Wednesday January 15, 2014 11:06 pm

It will be helpful when calling your senators and representative to have the specific number and title for “fast track.”

When I speak with staff, I try to explain that S.1900 “Trade Promotion Authority” HR.3830 “Congressional Trade Priorities Act” is fast track for the TPP Contract created in secret by corporations.

The TPP Contract abdicates national sovereignity to a corporate appointed tribunal. This is very simililar to the corporate appointed arbitrator that is now standard in contracts between humans and bank corps, phone corps, isp corps, credit card corps, etc. The TPP Contract is over 2000+ pages but essentially elevates corporations above nations and bypasses all human enacted law and courts.

Basically, NAFTA made corporations equal to nations. TPP makes corporations superior to nations.

Florida Senator Nelson(D) office does not accept calls; message says to go to his web site and email:

Drop down list topic: Trade
Subject: Vote Against S.1900 “Trade Promotion Authority”

This is fast track for the TPP Contract written in secret by 600 corporations.

The TPP Contract abdicates national sovereignity to the corps’ appointed tribunal.

The TPP Contract elevates corporations above the laws enacted by Congress and is
a betrayal of government of the people, by the people and FOR the people.

Please, Senator Nelson, REJECT this S.1900 bill which is a fast track to national suicide.


Senator Rubio’s office answered on second ring. Staff listened politely, sounded interested when I suggested that Senator Rubio(R) put a “hold” on the bill; and he made a point of confirming the bill title, “Trade Promotion Authority.” I didn’t have the number S.1900 so it gives me a good excuse to call again. Same for Representative DeSantis(R) whose staff also answered promptly and listened attentively.

I wonder if a good arguement with republicans would be “Remember how Clinton rammed through NAFTA? Obama’s doing the same with TPP!”

Could mention to democrats that TPP was started up in 2005 while Bush-Cheney had us distracted with wars.

Public comment period on the Keystone XL SEIS expires on April 22, Earth Day

By: karenjj2 Friday April 19, 2013 6:06 pm

The public comment period on the Keystone XL SEIS expires on April 22, Earth Day.
Comments can be sent to: keystonecomments@state.gov

The only State Dept public hearing on the XL pipeline that would bisect America was held in Nebraska yesterday:


Keystone XL Pipeline Protest at White House

Keystone XL Pipeline Protest at White House


Alberta-based TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, LP has applied for a Presidential Permit authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline to cross the U.S.-Canada border carrying 830,000 barrels of diluted bitumen per day from the tar sands of northern Alberta to an existing pipeline in Steele City, Nebraska.

The proposed pipeline would run 1,204 miles of 36-inch-diameter pipe, with 329 miles in Canada and 875 miles in the United States. It would cross the international border between Saskatchewan and Montana.

This June 11, 2010 link has additional links at bottom of the page re the conventional oil pipeline rupture in wisconsin and the bitumen ruptures in Kalamazoo Michigan July 2010 and Mayflower Arkansas March 29, 2013:


More information:




The public comment period is scheduled to end on April 22, a day already important to the environmentalists who oppose Keystone because it is Earth Day and the day that the BP Plc (BP) rig Deepwater Horizon sank in 2010 after an explosion set off the world’s largest accidental marine oil spill.

A second department official said the agency has received formal requests to extend the public comment period to 120 days from the current 45 days. The State Department is considering that request now. It has already received more than 800,000 comments responding to the review, Jones said.

Further information:




Not Just a Climate Threat

In the summer of 2010 Enbridge was responsible for the largest and costliest inland oil spill in U.S. history, when a pipeline rupture sending over a million gallons of tar sands into the Kalamazoo River system poisoning people and wildlife for miles around. This disaster underscored the weakness of our state and federal safety regulations, but also showed how unprepared the industry is to respond to a toxic spill: almost three years later the river remains polluted despite Enbridge spending nearly $1 billion on the cleanup.

Many photos of what tarsands bitumen does to environment:


March, 29 – Lake Conoway, Arkansas – 156,000 gallons of tar sands crude oil spilled

In an incident that should make anyone question the “safety and efficiency” of oil pipelines, Exxon’s Pegasus Pipeline spilled 157,000 gallons of tar sands crude into Lake Conway and surrounding neighborhoods in Arkansas.

I emailed this comment to keystonecomments@state.gov

subj: REJECT Presidential Permit authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline

Friday, 19 April 2013

my name

Dear State Department Employee,

I firmly object to and OPPOSE the keystone XL bitumen pipeline expansion across the U.S. – Canadian border.

Based on the rupture of the Enbridge bitumen pipeline that occurred July 2010 in Kalamazoo Michigan and Exxon-Mobil’s March 29, 2013 bitumen pipeline rupture in Mayflower Arkansas, it is confirmed that:

There is no effective cleanup process for bitumen; and conventional oil cleanup does not work as evidenced by the ongoing process in Kalamazoo Michigan more than 2 1/2 years later and the ongoing process in Mayflower Arkansas.

Bitumen is not biodegradeable and is mixed with unknown toxic solvents to make it flow through pipes that are proving incapable of handling the high pressure required to “pump” the highly corrosive bitumen through them.

The corrosive solvents exposed by the bitumen rupture in Mayflower Arkansas rendered the air toxic to the residents requiring evacuations. The effects of the poisons on the land, wildlife and water will be ongoing for an unknown period of time.

Currently bitumen is not subject to contributions to the conventional oil cleanup fund; and, in addition, we will be relying on the goodwill of foreign corporations to cleanup bitumen ruptures forevermore.

Bisecting the United States across farmlands, rivers and streams as well as towns like Mayflower and Kalamazoo to reach TX refineries for global export is detrimental to the people of America and the air, land and water on which they depend.

Reject the bitumen pipeline expansion and address the existing problems caused by the ongoing bitumen pipeline ruptures.


my name


From: Mailbox, KeyStoneComments
Subject: Comment Received
Date: 04/19/2013 05:30 PM
To: karenjj2

Thank you for your comment. The US Department of State will review all of the comments received on this site. Your participation in this process is appreciated.

Dear Abby

By: karenjj2 Sunday April 7, 2013 5:41 pm

Dear Abby

Our son, an unemployed roofer, is an avid gun collector and spends any money he earns from odd jobs acquiring more; it worries me that with each new weapon, his aggressiveness is increasing toward our neighbors and people in a town not far from here. Our daughter, an unemployed plumber, has become increasingly withdrawn and moody — especially after late night weekend parties with her friends who are busy at work during the week.

Our family budget is strained to the limit. We have a huge low interest 30-year mortgage with only 10 years remaining. Due to our excellent credit rating, we are eligible for a 2nd mortgage at less than 2%.

Our house is deteriorating from the leaky roof; and we’ve also noticed that our water bill has doubled over the past year although the city has not increased the rates.

Our question is: should we wait on having the roof fixed and solving the water mystery until we pay off the 30-year mortgage?

the Us family

p.s. We have CD’s in which we’ve all invested over 40 years that provide income to my mother and her disabled brother so that they can live in their own apartment; we could use part of that income to speed up our mortgage payments, but that would mean they’d have to move in with us; and I’m afraid that the mildew in the back bedroom would aggravate my mothers’ medical condition.

called FL senators’ offices re brennan today

By: karenjj2 Wednesday February 27, 2013 10:43 pm

After I called Senator Nelson’s DC office, listened to his long (40-seconds) pre-recorded message prior to being put on hold, I hung up; and “ixquicked” Senator Nelson and Rubio’s nearest local office phone number and address. Both have Jacksonville offices so that is where I called a few minutes after noon. Both office assistants answered on the first or second ring. I identified myself, and they listened to my request-statement to their senator:

Please vote against Brennan’s confirmation. His direct involvement in torture under Bush and assassination under Obama demonstrates his complete lack of Christian values and total failure to uphold his oath to the Constitution of the United States and the values enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

I ended the call by stating that I would be sending a copy of my request to their office.

The postcards are ready mail with the preface: “confirming my phone message on Wednesday, 27 February 2013 @ 12.05p to Senator Nelson (Rubio): Please vote against Brennan’s CIA confirm ….. etc.” my signature, phone number (my address is on the face of the card)

If you are inclined to call or write your senators or reps, I highly recommend using their nearest local office. Remember the Maytag repairman? I strongly suspect that these assistants may be delighted to have something to report; and they probably have a direct number to call. Can you imagine the reaction if people started calling the local offices when the DC numbers are busy or unanswered?

SOS John Kerry urges EU to sign “free trade” pact SOS

By: karenjj2 Tuesday February 26, 2013 2:13 pm

Will the EU read the fine print of this “nafta” deal? the part where they elevate global corps’ interests above their EU and member countries?

Will they subject their established policies regarding the environment, no GMOs, data privacy, GE crops, etc., etc., to the WTO tribunal?

If/when the EU signs this (nafta) “free trade” (treaty) agreement, there “will be a giant sucking sound as all their jobs leave the EU countries” –H.R. Perot.

And the first suit against EU countries will be by Monsanto before the WTO tribunal.

The current EU problems will be insignifigant once they relinquish sovernity to the corps’ WTO tribunal.

if a climate change protest is taking place right now in D.C. and no media is reporting it,

By: karenjj2 Sunday February 17, 2013 2:53 pm

has it happened? 350.org has livestream.

by the way, interesting that the pResident had an urgent “press free” golf game to play in Florida today.