He Tried to Blow Up the Plane with a Condom Bomb & Why Getting Hysterical About Airport Security is Wrong

5:30 pm in Uncategorized by Kevin Gosztola

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Sheer hysteria or the illusion of hysteria dominates the conversation in the media right now.

The public is being subject to fear that those in power hope will trickle-down and influence Americans as they continue to grapple with the thought that a bomber carried explosives in his underwear on to an airplane.

Americans continue to be fed moving images of a political freak show starring Republicans who if you didn’t know better would lead you to think they were drawing from a secret admiration of Vlad the Impaler as they suggest what should be done to the underwear bomber, chide Obama for what measures he has taken similar to Bush that weren’t as draconian as the party wishes they would have been, and fan the flames of fear that the terrorist industrial-complex wish to keep alive so they can sell more body scanners to airports around the nation and the world.

Americans continue to be fed less than satisfying details on the future as Democrats and Obama push an expansion of detection procedures and terror watch lists as a pragmatic way forward or a compromise between the insanity, which will put greenbacks in the pockets of security industry lobbyists who constantly go in and out of the revolving door of Congress, and the unpleasant sanity of wholly rejecting the homeland security complex (a complex which must bring joy and delight to members of al Qaeda cells all over the world).

The tip of the iceberg is that Americans in airports are now becoming engulfed in situations that make them feel like they are in an Indian marketplace after a school shooting. Except, it doesn’t take them long to figure out that there really wasn’t any shooting at all. Nobody died. The reason why everything has been brought to a standstill really is unexplainable.

Americans do not stop to think of how security corporations are pleased that the political climate of hysteria is being replenished.

But, the climate isn’t just hysterical. It’s satirical. It’s a farce of epic proportions. Read the rest of this entry →