Hi y’all. Been editing MyFDL again today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my selections. I really enjoyed chatting with you in yesterday’s watercooler thread, so please jump in here too.

Tonight in Austin I’m hosting the first Occupy Austin Conscious Relationships Discussion. One thing I’ve noticed in both my time as an activist and in my explorations of various countercultures is that once you start to question one thing — like corporate control over money — it becomes easier to question other things (such as corporate media’s influence over our life choices). Since the topic keeps coming up when Occupy gathers after meetings or actions in our favorite watering holes, I decided to turn it into a formal discussion group.

The current Newsweek cover story is controversial for many reasons, but in part because it ignores the element of choice. Women who engage in non-normative sexual relationships have made a choice to seek out the specific kind of intimate fulfillment they crave, regardless of society’s perceptions of it — a radical, feminist choice in many cases, whatever it might look like to mainstream media.

Choosing to take active control of our lives, or our politics, is scary because it always results in changes. The almost six months I’ve been part of Occupy Austin have changed my life more than almost anything I’ve experienced. It’s been exhilirating, exhausting, and transforming.

Leonard Cohen is included here because, well, he’s Leonard Cohen. Let’s chat about choices you’ve made, politics, social media (my pet topic), or whatever is on your mind.