Hi y’all.

Today started out hard. I felt pretty low when I woke up. I won’t go into the details, but it is a day when I feel especially frustrated with my limitations. Despite having a chronic health condition for a decade and a half, there are days I don’t feel at all “used” to it. I want to rail against my limitations, an act that only further drains my spoons.

A loved one listened to me whine for a while, then helped pour me into a car for diner breakfast & coffee (she drove, I paid).

Somehow this afternoon I found the energy to work in the garden. The weird thing is that this physical labor drains me like any other, which should leave me with less. Most days, though, the improvement on my mood seems to make up for the cost. I feel better about myself, even when the work makes me dizzy and I have to sit and rest frequently.

I actually enjoy weeding. It’s a classified as a chore, sure, but it’s a satisfying one. It should be done every day, but it’s the most satisfying when I discover a neglected patch and can really rip & tear into some plants. Pretty violent for a dirty occupier hippie, huh?

What is replenishing you today? What’s on your mind? This is today’s open thread, so speak up.