Hi, y’all.

Not a lot of brilliant thoughts in my head today. A few days of rainy weather in Austin means I didn’t have a lot of spoons. But we need the rain. My garden will be happy; I picked the first tomato from it the other day. If the current state of our plants is any indication, we’ll be overflowing with cucurbits in some weeks. My household has so many plants from this family that they overflow from our plots to line the privacy fence along one side of the back yard.

Tomorrow I’ll be part of the Occupy Supply webinar about social media and activism. I’ll be talking a little about what makes a good blog post and how to get the word out through sites like Twitter & Facebook. I enjoy talking about twitter and social media in general, so I am always happy to answer questions here in these open threads.

I plan to cover a few intermediate topics, but if you’re looking for a basic introduction to Twitter check out the Twitter 101 Guide I wrote for Occupy Austin. It includes a simple introduction to using Twitter, but focuses on using SMS text messages from your phone. This is the simplest and perhaps most accessible way to Tweet, because all you need are unlimited text messages. It is also the most reliable, working even when wireless networks become overloaded or their signal is weak.

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