Hi y’all!

Today reminded me how powerful we can be with just a few people. The #WeCantWait action was small, thanks to steady rain that lasted right up until it was time to begin. We still took the streets in an impromptu march even tough we only had about 5 people.

After we spoke with Obama For America (look for more on this tomorrow), we dropped in on a neighboring bar, Rio Rita’s. A woman was fascinated with our livestreamer & medic Corey’s gas mask. We let her try it on, then used it as an outreach opportunity. Her face lit up when she found out we were part of Occupy. By the time we finished our drinks, tables at the Patio were talking about the occupation and our issues, just by virtue of our presence.

Our chant today was ‘We Can’t Wait! Take the Streets!’ It wasn’t just a message about queer workers’ rights, but an expression of our eagerness to act. There seems to be a new resolve in Occupy Austin to focus on action again, regardless of our numbers, because even small actions are so effective and the Occupy “brand” is so very compelling.

Whose streets? Our streets, whether we have 5 people or 500.

Today’s video is by the occupy-supporting, unique musical act Wheelchair Sports Camp.

What’s on your mind? This is today’s open thread.