Hi, y’all.

Wheatpasting is an act of civil disobedience where an activist puts up posters or other visual media in public spaces using a hard to remove homemade glue. During May Day, posters appeared nationwide urging a general strike. Many of them are still in Austin even though that day has come and gone.

But last night as I cycled passed a popular wheatpaste location under a IH-35 highway overpass, I did a literal double take then turned my bike right around to get a third look and snap a photo.

Some prankster has decided to grace our city’s transportation infrastructure with Michaelangelo’s David’s Penis (link NSFW if your work will fire you for looking at the disembodied genitalia of great art).

Why would someone risk arrest to wheatpaste the world’s most famous junk?

Many people have heard the phrase ‘Keep Austin Weird.’ It’s a noble aim, but the slogan itself is actually a trademark of a local business association. When it comes to David’s junk,┬áI really hope this isn’t some weird guerilla marketing campaign, but our true local┬áirreverence. A crazy idea some anonymous (or Anonymous) weirdo came up with late at night, decidedly not sober in any sense, and had to make happen.

I think it adds a bit of class to the city, don’t you?

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