Hi, y’all.

Want to broaden your reading material a little? This weekend I stumbled across an excellent reading list of books by queer people of color by Zahrawithaz:

Thus far it’s 32 authors and 66 books. This list is obviously partial–it skews American, Anglophone, African-American, and bisexual, just to start, because of my own experiences, though I haven’t read every book on it myself. I would really love to add to it, and welcome additions. … this list is about the author’s identity, rather than content, so it includes books in which everyone is white (Giovanni’s Room) and no one is obviously queer (A Raisin in the Sun).

Nalo Hopkinson is featured on the list, and she’s a favorite of mine. Though the original post is from 2010, people continue to add recommendations in the comments.

Lately I’ve been reading the Clockwork Phoenix anthology series which have recently been released on Kindle. These books are bizarre fiction, some science fiction, fantasy, and some horror, which feature a truly diverse array of characters, situations, and themes. I definitely recommend them. Read any good books lately?

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