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Interruptions are frustrating for any journalist, but much less so when the interruption is as delightful as the Minor Mishap Marching Band. On Saturday of Art Outside while conducting interviews with members of 999 Eyes, the nearby stilt-walking workshop was invaded by this beautiful madness. I had no choice but to pause my interview and record the above video instead!

The Minor Mishap Marching Band are part of a trend toward modern ‘freak’ marching bands — what happens when band geeks grow up and get exposed to Burning Man, psychedelics, and other alternative culture. Perhaps the most well known is the Bay Area’s Extra-Action Marching Band. New York City has the Hungry March Band, which appears in the finalé to John Cameron Mitchell’s delightful Shortbus. Minor Mishap hosts the annual Honk TX! festival which draws in street bands from around the country.

Here’s a short film on Minor Mishap from the Zgraphix.org / Austin Indymedia Center team:

For more from Minor Mishap Marching Band, see minormishap.com

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