Hi, y’all.

Here’s a bit of cuteness inspired by the It Gets Better project. Puppets make everything better, I figure!

Earlier tonight I spoke on the program Speaking In Tongues on KDVS Radio, 90.3 out of the University of California at Davis. We talked about my  Firedoglake article on Burning Man and the Death of Paul Addis. You can listen to the archive here; I appear on the second half of the program starting at about 30 minutes.

I’m hoping to travel to Nagadoches, Texas to cover Monday’s mass Tarsands action if I can find a ride on Sunday. Otherwise, I’ll be attending the Austin Solidarity action. Tomorrow, I’m taking in the East Austin Studio Tour, now in its second weekend. It will be the subject of Saturday Art features to come.

What are your weekend plans? What’s on your mind?

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