Hi, y’all.

I had a good, though somewhat lazy weekend where I did just what I needed to get where I need to be. It was lovely that way. I also attended the Austin rally for Forward on Climate… more thoughts on that soon.

The Austin International Day of Privacy action meets Feb 23 9pm at the Angelina Eberly Statue on 6th & Congress.

Saturday is the International Day of Privacy and some members of Occupy Austin will be participating in a bit of street theater to raise awareness of the growing surveillance state. It’s also the Save Texas Schools rally that day. The two issues are linked, in reality — look at the growing use of RFID chips to track students.

Here’s the Nine Inch Nails video for “Survivalism” from their dystopian theme album, Year Zero.

How was your weekend? What’s on your mind tonight? This is our latest MyFDL open thread.

Update: Per @OccupyAustin, for those Texas firepups wanting to participate:

International Day of Privacy action Sat Feb23 9pm at Angelina Eberly statue 6th & Congress #idp13 #oatx #anonymous http://yfrog.com/kfy4yzlk