The fight for women’s rights continues in the Texas Legislature, as Governor Perry’s second special session begins today at 2pm. Republican legislators will do everything they can to force these bills through in the next 30 days. Thousands of prochoice protestors are gathering at the Capitol today. A grassroots rally began this morning, while the official nonprofit organization coalition rally (NARAL, Planned Parenthood, Texas Dems, etc) begins formally at noon. Anti-abortion protestors are also present dressed in blue. There is a massive police presence including hundreds of Troopers and even mounted police brought in from Houston (some of whom were especially brutal at #D12).

Current bills we know about are #HB2, reintroduced by “Rape Kit Abortion” Laubenberg, which closes abortion clinics with extreme restrictions (ambulatory surgical center requirements, etc). #SB9, introduced in the Senate, adds new restrictions on RU-486 medication abortion.

I’ll be in and out of the Capitol throughout the coming days, livetweeting when I am present and retweeting others when I am not. There are many ways to keep up online — the RiseUp Texas collective can be found online, as well as Twitter and Facebook. The @UnrulyMobTX are still reporting. If you’re local and want to get free phone updates on actions and events, just send a txt message to 23559 containing the word ‘@RiseUpTX’ (no quotes).

Below are my tweets from today: