It’s Cartoon Friday, again!

A chainsaw wielding lego minfig with a chopped up minifig victim and another minifig hiding under a table.

Don’t come between a fiend and her morning caffeine fix.

Just feel like you can’t function without some coffee? That’s not how I am every day, but this afternoon I definitely had a coffee emergency, of the drink some or pass out kind.

Tonight’s cartoon is “Apocalatte.” Thanks to the talented M. Christian for sharing it.

From the YouTube description:

Third Year Group Film – Sheridan College
That’s Boss Productions (no longer a production team, but all great artist, look us up)

James Ghio | Kanako Iwata | Nathan Dewey | Luke Smith | Aaron Fryer | Emily Choi | Jason Burch | Anton Wong | Chris Gallant | Ibrahim El-Dulaimi | Michael Huerto

Mentor: Tony Tarantini
Music: Nick Randall

Seen any good cartoons lately? Tell me about them in the comments below.

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Photo by Pasukuru76 released under a Creative Commons license.