Dr. Marc Siegel, Fox News Medical Contributor and Propagandist
Dr. Marc Siegel, Fox News Medical Contributor, appeared this morning on Fox and Friends Sunday to scare Americans, especially seniors, in an effort to generate unfounded fears and gin up hatred towards those who know that a public health insurance option would make the system work better, not worse.

We can read more from the good propagandist in his recent opinion piece at Forbes.com.

In his “Why Doctors Are Worried: The troubles of the impending health care reform are upon us” (10/22/09), Dr. Marc Siegel presents for our consideration a very frightened patient named Julia and says that he’s angry – ANGRY, he says – because

the very art of medicine that I rely on to take care of her is in mortal jeopardy.

Yes, “mortal jeopardy,” Dr. Siegel says.

What in the world could he possibly mean by that?

Well, you see, Julia, who just wants the help that she believes her current private insurer will provide her,

is not worrying that the government is plotting to spread expensive insurance to pay for low-tech care for the entire population.

At the same time Dr. Siegel says that she just wants help with her medical condition, he drops the fallacy that a public health insurance option is a government “plot” to replace quality care with low-tech care, a “plot” to ensure that he as a doctor will have less time to spend treating each of his patients.


In Dr. Siegel’s worldview, the American Medical Association isn’t supporting health care reform because doctors want to help more patients. The “spineless” American Medical Association, Dr. Siegel says, is only thinking about short-term financial gains that he says are protected in the current proposals.

Dr. Siegel, on the other hand, isn’t worried about finacial gains in his medical practice. Not at all. Of course not.

He only cares about Julia, right?

Dr. Siegel’s nonsense about a government “plot” to replace quality care with low-tech care is ridiculous.

The question for Dr.Siegel is why he appears on Faux ‘news’ to frighten Americans by twisting the truth in an effort to get them to think real competition for private health insurers is a problem.

Dr. Siegel, Sunday-morning friend of Faux ‘news’ and all-around a$$hole, is just another primary care physician who has become far too comfortable in bed with private insurers.

And it’s the private insurers who are frightened. They’re scared sh*tless that the American people have had enough of their “products” and “profits” and have had enough of paying more and more year after year while getting less and less.

Dr. Siegel isn’t angry because he believes that health care reform will mean that he can’t help Julia deal with her medical condition.

His goal is create new and wholly unfounded fears in Julia and others like her.

His goal is to protect the profits of his private insurance friends.

And the best way to achieve that goal is to trick the few who actually have access to high-quality health care into fearing that they’re going to lose it – though they will not – if others get access to quality health care, too.