Mae West LATGood morning firedogs, and happy Tuesday! Time for another stirring installment of This Day in History.

On this day in history -

Pope Constantine died (715).

Henry V, of the House of Lancaster, was crowned King of England (1413).

The Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in France held what is thought to be the first public art exhibition (1667).

The Peterborough, New Hampshire town library was founded (1833). This was the first public library supported through taxation.

General Robert E Lee and 26,765 Confederate troops surrendered to Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant in Appomattox, Virginia (1865).

The very first game at Fenway Park, an exhibition between the Red Sox and Harvard College, was played (1912).

Sacco and Vanzetti were sentenced to death (1927).

Mae West made her New York City debut in the play Diamond Lil (1928).

Bob Hope made his first television appearance (1950).

NASA announced the names of the first ever astronauts, 7 in all, for Project Mercury (1959).

And finally, the Beatles’ Ticket to Ride was released in the UK (1965).

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