First let me preface this by opining that putting up a diary with comments turned off is disrespectful to both the readership and the spirit of a participatory site like MyFDL.

Can a serious candidate run in the primary without challenging Obama? Why not combine the announcement of a positive issue-oriented campaign with an endorsement of Obama?

How about combining the announcement of a “positive issue-oriented campaign” with an endorsement of Romney? Because it makes about equal sense insofar as he is essentially equally as likely to ‘move our way’ as Obama.

I welcome feedback.

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I know that comments are sunsetted after two days, Kit and if you’d read the comments you’d know that I do. I clicked on the original diary ( ) from the MyFDL list of most recommended topics that appears in the right column of every MyFDL page. My question is, why are moribund non-current diaries over one year old seemingly randomly appearing on that list of most recommended topics?