17 March Legislative Plaza

I’ve got nothing to report from Occupy Nashville for this week, but I figure it’s better to report nothing and keep people up to date, than to leave a vacuum. Yesterday, Nashville held a rally for Trayvon Martin, and most of the Occupiers were among the 600 or so that attended, so with only a small handful at the Plaza, GA was canceled.

ON 24 March

Following up on a couple of stories from earlier in the week, Nashville Occupier Chris Humphrey had been arrested Tuesday, for failure to be booked on a trespassing charge from October. Chris was released and at the Plaza yesterday.

In other Tennessee Occupy news, be sure to welcome Occupy Vanderbilt.
I posted about them here. Occupy Chattanooga was also in the news with an eviction. Occupy Murfreesboro has been under the radar, but under scrutiny, as well.

Don’t forget about the No Fooling, National Day of Action for the Right to Exist, on 1 April. ON plans a sleepover that night, after teach-ins and workshops.