Why are “all” politicians playing dumb in regard to certain facts.  After Barack Obama had been elected president, the 30 year T-Bond went from 118 on 13 NOV 08 to 145 in DEC 08.  If you were “long” just 1, T-Bond contract, you would have a profit of $27,000, after that move, provided you knew what was going to happen in a matter of days while Barack Obama was celebrating his election victory.  This was going on at the same time we saw all those upturned faces with tears of joy streaming down their rosy cheeks.  That was also at about the same time gold began a dramatic 3 year climb.

China owned 450 billion dollars in 30 year T-Bonds before that move past 140.  Those very same bonds were worth 75 billion dollars more after that move.  It dumped billions of dollars into every foreign treasury that owned T-Bonds.  Planet Earth was instantly flooded with US Dollars, enough to put the dollar in trouble for years.  Republicans were “sniggling” and buying gold when this happened.  That also helped the price of gasoline go over $4.00 at the pump.

George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Ben Bernanke sabotaged Barack Obama’s economy while he was celebrating his election victory, by printing trillions of dollars and buying 30 year T-Bonds; he in turn rewarded Ben Bernanke by making him Chairman of The Federal Reserve.  While over $4.00 at the pump caused us much pain, it didn’t cost Barack Obama one red cent to cross this country many times over in Air Force One.

I’ve asked many politicians, many questions in regard to this very strange event, but never gotten an answer.  Maybe you’ll have better luck?